iandamur el programa de innovacion de andamur

Since the beginning of Andamur we have been an innovative company, being leaders in the implementation of products and services that until then were not offered in the sector (the construction of the Andamur La Junquera Service Area, the launch of the first bank card for the Transport sector, the construction of the first safety parking for trucks or airCODE, the only system that guarantees total security when refuelling).

Today we continue to be committed to innovation by launching iAndamur, a programme to systematise innovation, encourage the capture of business ideas and the culture of innovation, promoting intrapreneurship and relying on relationships with external collaborators to multiply our R&D&I.


With this programme, through workshops to stimulate innovation, we will generate a large number of ideas. Those selected will become part of our incubator and will be carried out following our own methodology that we have developed based on Lean Star Up.

In Andamur we understand the R&D process as a strategic variable that must be unique for all areas of the company. Therefore, the main objective of the iAndamur programme is to promote and facilitate innovation at all levels of the organisation, focusing on covering the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.

iAndamur’s policy is based on four basic principles: to foster a culture of innovation throughout the organisation, to promote collaboration with external innovation organisations (universities, technology centres, startups and companies), to implement an innovation management system to collect, validate, plan and develop business ideas and, finally, to disseminate the knowledge generated by R&D&I activities inside and outside the organisation.

Aware of this responsibility, we are committed to disseminating this policy among all interested parties and implementing it at all levels of the organisation.  All this in order to reach and maintain a prominent position in the market of integral solutions for transporters and individuals.