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Tips for driving heavy-duty trucks

  Driving has many entrenched risks that the driver ought to reduce insofar as possible. These increase in the case of heavy goods transport. Therefore, truck drivers shall bear in mind a series of recommendations that will be really useful on a daily basis:    As a general tip, the first thing you have to […]

Andamur renews its image and its service areas

  At Andamur, we started a very demanding race 30 years ago: to offer our customers the best services on their daily life and their fleet’s on the road. Throughout these years, we have striven every day to enhance the security and comfort of those who trust us. In brief, we strive to look after […]


Andamur and Fundación Jesús Abandonado together for a good cause

This is the second year in a row that Andamur and Fundación Jesús Abandonado have signed a collaboration agreement for Andamur to provide the community kitchen with all the bread consumed during the month of May. Therefore, as part of our CSR programme #WeLookAfterWhatMatters, a group of Andamur employees have participated as volunteers at the […]

Tips to help drivers lead a healthy life

The fact that drivers spend hours driving, even if it is their lifestyle and passion, can influence their health in a negative way. During long-lasting routes, drivers do not get enough or proper rest, and following a balanced diet might not be easy to achieve. We are sharing some tips that will help you lead […]

Key factors for efficient driving

Driving efficiently provides more advantages in itself than we actually think. This is an ideal tool for drivers and companies to improve competitiveness. But, what does efficient driving exactly mean? This involves a series of adequate techniques to be adopted by drivers when they are in route and they depend on both internal and external […]

Garages predict an excellent future

There are numerous myths in the automobile sector that are frequently debunked. This is the case of the myth ensuring that thousands of garages would shut down in the next few years. Not only was this statement proved wrong, but the future predicted for garages is actually excellent. The data of the Spanish Federation of […]

Traffic changes to be borne in mind in 2019

Being well informed about the latest changes affecting our daily routines is essential to optimise fleets’ and drivers’ resources and work. 2019 has brought many modifications that have already been implemented and that are going to be explained in this article. These are some of the changes that the Spanish Directorate General for Traffic (DGT) […]