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We explain the new European regulation on tyre labelling and control

On 1 May, a new regulation on tyre labelling came into force in Europe. The regulation sets out the changes to the informative sticker used on tyres since 2012. The purpose of this amendment is to make the information on the tyre’s status and manufacture as accessible as possible both for drivers and professionals. Changes […]


Andamur shares its iAndamur Innovation program with startups

<<Through an innovation workshop, we showed them our RD&I programme, iAndamur, and how it’s possible to grow and improve with new models based on innovation, networking and creativity>> The first iAndamur Workshop for Start-Ups took place last July at our headquarters in Lorca. Start-ups from various sectors participated:  ihelpU, Sevensystem, Yohumanize, Reparaciones Técnicas del Plástico, […]

These are the changes in the regulations for perishable goods transportation vehicles

On 1 July, the new Order ICT/370/2021 came into force, establishing the technical specifications that all temperature-controlled freight vehicles (for perishable goods) must comply with. This Order implements an amendment to the annexes of Spanish Royal Decree 237/2000, which regulates aspects such as the procedures for complying with the ATP agreement (inspections, conformity of mass […]


Andamur presents its first Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019-2020

>> In cooperation with the University of Murcia CSR Department, Andamur has completed a full structure cycle in the form of a materiality assessment, CSR Plan and statement via this report. Andamur has presented its first Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019-2020 in cooperation with the Murcia CSR Department. The report outlines the company’s commitment, actions […]

Haulage in Germany: what you need to know to manage your fleet on German soil

Transport companies with international routes in Europe have a significant workload managing all aspects related to their routes, requiring a great deal of organisation and control, as well as good documentation management to save time and cost. Companies must keep abreast of all the traffic information and the taxes levied in each countries in order […]

10 tips for professional drivers during the summer

Professional driving is an incredibly hard job, especially when summer arrives with its high temperatures and long journeys. During these hot months, it’s important to keep a lorry ready for its journeys, as well as to follow some recommendations for avoiding heat stress (or heat stroke) caused by the high temperatures. Lorry maintenance tips The […]

Haulage in France: what you need to know to manage your fleet on French soil

For a haulage firm, European routes involve a lot of organisation and documentation for the country your fleet is travelling through. Tolls, transportation routes, tax recovery, mandatory signs, certificates of posting… France is one of the countries that Spanish carriers travel through most frequently. Almost any haulage in Europe must pass through our neighbouring country […]

Andamur Connect, a new digital environment in one click

At Andamur, we know how important it is to simplify processes to help our customers save time. And a linchpin of our work is our commitment to offering you the best products and services to meet all your needs as transport companies. Which is why we’ve taken another step forward in digitisation, launching a simple […]