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4 things to be borne in mind when transporting fragile goods

In Spain, nearly 95% of freight transport is carried out by road thanks to the speediness and comfort of this means of transport. But transporting fragile goods entails a big effort for companies and drivers. It is always essential that the goods reach their destination with no damage, and in the case of fragile goods […]

Tips for driving heavy-duty trucks

  Driving has many entrenched risks that the driver ought to reduce insofar as possible. These increase in the case of heavy goods transport. Therefore, truck drivers shall bear in mind a series of recommendations that will be really useful on a daily basis:    As a general tip, the first thing you have to […]

We analyse all the advantages of Andamur fuel cards

Fuel cards, also known as fleet cards, are payment cards that work as credit cards and have a secure system to monitor the expenses of drivers along their routes. Many of them also offer discounts.     At Andamur we have 6 types of cards that make daily operations easier both for drivers and employers. […]

Everything you should know about electronic toll collection

  Electronic toll collection systems are simple and easy to use, you can travel across all of Europe’s toll roads without worrying about regulations or how much you have to pay in each country, you just have to adapt to the speed limits and focus on your trip. Drivers spend so much time on the […]

Andamur renews its image and its service areas

  At Andamur, we started a very demanding race 30 years ago: to offer our customers the best services on their daily life and their fleet’s on the road. Throughout these years, we have striven every day to enhance the security and comfort of those who trust us. In brief, we strive to look after […]

Tips for enhanced truck reliability in the summer

Summer is here and with it the temperatures start to rise, so it is time for you to check that your truck is in perfect condition. High temperatures not only have a negative effect on vehicle maintenance, but they also undermine the driver’s capability. Thus, you ought to be well-rested before your journey begins and […]


Andamur and Fundación Jesús Abandonado together for a good cause

This is the second year in a row that Andamur and Fundación Jesús Abandonado have signed a collaboration agreement for Andamur to provide the community kitchen with all the bread consumed during the month of May. Therefore, as part of our CSR programme #WeLookAfterWhatMatters, a group of Andamur employees have participated as volunteers at the […]