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Why you should change your truck’s air filter

Your truck’s air filter is key to the operation of your engine, yet we often overlook its maintenance. The function of the air filter is to prevent dust and dirt from entering the engine, which in turn causes it to become clogged over time and needs to be replaced. Modern trucks generally have two air […]

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Tips for optimizing transport routes

The transport sector is moving in an increasingly competitive environment. Professionalization and process optimization are no longer a possibility but an obligation. Every part of the supply chain must be analysed and measured in detail. It is nothing new to say that the use of technology has allowed great improvements in terms of quality of […]

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Tips to combat heat stress in the cabin

Heat is one of the biggest problems for professional drivers in summer. High temperatures over long days and journeys can lead to ‘heat stress’, commonly called ‘heat stroke’. Some symptoms of heat stress are: tiredness, weakness, dizziness, headache, vomiting or loss of consciousness. To avoid heat stress in the cabin during the route, it is […]

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Andamur maintains its collaboration with “Jesús Abandonado” and makes a financial contribution to the Covid-19

For the third consecutive year, Andamur maintains its collaboration with the “Jesús Abandonado” foundation, this year focused on the actions that the foundation is carrying out regarding the health emergency in the Covid-19. From Andamur we have made an economic contribution to collaborate in the 400 daily services that are being offered and that include […]

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10 tips for managing stress at the wheel caused by COVID-19

At present, stress is more present in the work of professional drivers and many transporters may suffer it due to the uncertainty and pressure caused by the health crisis of COVID-19. To help control this problem, the Foundation for Road Safety (FESVIAL) has published 10 recommendations to try to manage the stress that can be […]