Our History

Our history is based on commitment, involvement and improvement; it is the story of a family that over the years has become a very big family: the Andamur team.

Everything started in 1987, with El Límite Service Station. We started from scratch and thanks to everyone’s work we have been moving forward to reach the situation we find ourselves in today.  Now, looking back, it seems incredible to think that there were just 3 of us working together at that point, and that there are more than 130 today.

Many landmarks have fostered our development as a company. A clear example is the construction in 1996 of Andamur La Junquera Service Area, the first station for lorries in this strategic location for international transport.

But, how could we face a project of this size? That is how we came up with the idea of creating the first private bank card for professional transport, the Andamur Card, which helped us in taking risks and growing as a company.

At that crucial moment, we knew that we could do something big, we were very motivated and Andamur La Junquera and the Andamur Card gradually became a reality.

And that is how we have managed to grow and grow, always with an idea in mind: to provide an integrated service for drivers, offering them whatever they might need. To this end, we have opened Service Stations in strategic places, complementing them with diverse services, such as restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, security car parks… Everything for drivers to feel at home when they arrive at Andamur, with everything they might need to complete their trip and make the most of their stop.  As years go by, we stick firmly to this idea, which points the way forward in our daily work.

We have spent more than 30 years with our long-lasting customers, and other new customers have been joining the Andamur family. You have evolved and so have we, right by your side.  Thanks to you we remain pioneers in the creation of services for drivers.

We hope to continue travelling with you in your trips across Europe for many years to come, because Every Trip Matters.

Our Mission

Andamur is a family, professional and friendly company focusing on en-route services, and its mission is to make transport companies as profitable as possible, complying with high level requirements and acquiring a firm commitment with individuals, families, drivers and companies.

Our View

To provide people and companies with profitable, innovative, simple and secure solutions
to reach their destination across Europe in a digital, multi-energy and sustainable environment.

Our Values