Like every 8th March since 2019, at Andamur we want to make the work of female truck drivers more visible for International Women’s Day. That’s why, for the 4th year running, we are launching the #I’mAFemaleTruckDriver campaign, under the slogan “Strong, Able, Truck Drivers: WOMEN”.

Although the professional transport sector is mostly made up of men, more and more women are choosing this profession to become professional drivers and fight against gender inequalities. According to data from the European Commission Women in Transport-EU Platform for Change, 22% of transport professionals in Europe are women.

Andamur and International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day and our commitment to equality and the visibility of women in the workplace, every year at Andamur we launch our #I’mATruckDriver campaign and carry out a series of actions in our service areas and social media.

In 2020, we had the opportunity to hear the story of three women truck drivers: Cruz, Vanessa and Luz. In this series of videos entitled Truck Drivers. They told us about their beginnings, the difficulties and situations they have experienced working as women, their passion for professional transport… Also, in 2021 we were able to learn about the perspective of their truck driving colleagues by telling us about their professional experience with them, the value of women in this sector and how they see the future of women in their profession..

This year, the main stars of the video are very different but still very important to them: they are the sons and daughters of the truck drivers telling us about the work that their mothers do. With this, we want to know how they see their mothers’ profession, how they value their work and how they feel when they start a new route or when they know they are coming home.

This week, our Service Areas have dressed up for the occasion. Also, truck drivers who refuel at our stations on 8th March will receive a gift, which has become something of a tradition. This time it is a sweatshirt with the campaign slogan.

These International Women’s Day initiatives are part of our CSR Plan #TakingCareOfWhatMatters, in which we are committed to making the daily lives of professional drivers easier. And this week we are focussing on women.

With the International Women’s Day campaign and our commitment to an inclusive and diverse corporate culture, at Andamur we are working and doing our bit to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 5 on Gender Equality established by the UN.

35 years ago, the Andamur Family started providing hauliers with everything they needed while driving around Europe.

This year, we are celebrating our 35th anniversary. 35 years in which commitment, complicity and improvement have been constant in every step of Andamur’s journey. A journey we set off on in 1987 and in which we have undertaken to ensure the safety and well-being of hauliers at every turn, at every stop.

To celebrate these 35 years, throughout 2022 we’ll share a total of 35 reasons to place your trust in Andamur in video format. This year, we’ll be giving a voice to everyone that accompanies us on this special journey. Founders, customers, partners, employees, associations, etc.…

Our history

Our journey got underway in 1987 with the El Límite Service Area in Huércal-Overa (Almería) opened by Mª Dolores  Sánchez  and  Fulgencio  López, together with their son Juan Carlos López.

In 1996, we expanded to La Junquera (Catalonia), setting up what is now believed to be the most strategic enclave on international road transport routes with a wide range of services such as secure parking, supermarket, showers and even the first Service Area to have a gym. Here we created a real ‘home away from home’ for professionals of all nationalities and cultures.

Around the same time, we launched the Andamur Card: the first private bank card for professional hauliers.

Slowly but surely, the Andamur brand branched out to other strategic national and international locations, with the aim of providing the best service and accompanying our customers on their journeys. Currently, our network has more than 700 service stations in 9 European countries.

As a company, our secret is to remember where we came from by holding onto the values and essence of our origins.

At Andamur, we recognise how tough road transport can be and demonstrate this every time a driver refuels, buys a product or uses one of our services. We have one purpose in mind: to make our drivers feel at home at Andamur.

We’ve recently opened Andamur La Junquera – Llers, the largest Service Area for lorries in Europe where hauliers can make the most of their time. It has 36 multi-product lanes with 6 hoses so several lorries can refuel with different products at the same time which, in turn, cuts down on waiting and refuelling times.

At Andamur, Every Trip Matters and, over the course of the last 35 years, there have been many reasons that have united us with those who accompany us day after day along the way.


#EveryTripMatters   #35ReasonsThatUniteUs

iandamur el programa de innovacion de andamur

iandamur el programa de innovacion de andamur

Since the beginning of Andamur we have been an innovative company, being leaders in the implementation of products and services that until then were not offered in the sector (the construction of the Andamur La Junquera Service Area, the launch of the first bank card for the Transport sector, the construction of the first safety parking for trucks or airCODE, the only system that guarantees total security when refuelling).

Today we continue to be committed to innovation by launching iAndamur, a programme to systematise innovation, encourage the capture of business ideas and the culture of innovation, promoting intrapreneurship and relying on relationships with external collaborators to multiply our R&D&I.


With this programme, through workshops to stimulate innovation, we will generate a large number of ideas. Those selected will become part of our incubator and will be carried out following our own methodology that we have developed based on Lean Star Up.

In Andamur we understand the R&D process as a strategic variable that must be unique for all areas of the company. Therefore, the main objective of the iAndamur programme is to promote and facilitate innovation at all levels of the organisation, focusing on covering the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.

iAndamur’s policy is based on four basic principles: to foster a culture of innovation throughout the organisation, to promote collaboration with external innovation organisations (universities, technology centres, startups and companies), to implement an innovation management system to collect, validate, plan and develop business ideas and, finally, to disseminate the knowledge generated by R&D&I activities inside and outside the organisation.

Aware of this responsibility, we are committed to disseminating this policy among all interested parties and implementing it at all levels of the organisation.  All this in order to reach and maintain a prominent position in the market of integral solutions for transporters and individuals.


Experience, Quality and Innovation at the Service of the Portuguese Transportation Field


To Andamur, Spain is the market we have always worked in since our beginnings, where the keys of our business are. In 2020, we want to go beyond our frontiers and so, we have started to be present in other countries that are strategic to international transportation. We believe that our experience, an exhaustive selection of local professionals and a deep knowledge of the sector needs are the perfect combination to be transferred to other markets. In this sense, Portugal is our first destiny and our objective is to continue expanding in the coming years through the internationalisation of our services and products.

Andamur arrives to offer a great experience to the Portuguese transportation companies with the goal of bringing a bigger profit and security to our clients’ business by implementing demanding quality standards.

We present a safe value with personalised proposals that are adapted to our client’s specific needs. Our broad products and services range such as fuel cards, toll devices and taxes recovery management allow us to be agile and flexible to each of the transportation field companies. For this reason, we count on a specialised team and our own office located in Coimbra’s city centre.

Andamur has a presence in the main Portuguese professional transportation route to Europe going through Irún since Andamur Araia and Andamur Pamplona Service Stations are located in this itinerary.

In Andamur, we provide innovation to our clients to achieve a better efficiency. Likewise, Andamur airCODE is the only system in the transportation market that grants total safety in the refuelling and also has been recognised by AENOR as such.

Ultimately, Andamur is an innovative company in constant evolution that puts its experience in this sector at the service of new markets.

Andamur renueva su imagen y sus áreas de servicio


At Andamur, we started a very demanding race 30 years ago: to offer our customers the best services on their daily life and their fleet’s on the road. Throughout these years, we have striven every day to enhance the security and comfort of those who trust us. In brief, we strive to look after what really matters: to contribute to the security of your business, to strengthen our relationship with you and to foster our bond whenever you need us on the road. We offer you refuelling options which adapt to your needs, a break, healthy food and the possibility of working out, taking a shower, getting on the Internet or washing your clothes.

As a result, and since we still have a long way to go, we start a new stage today: We renew ourselves, we improve and we grow for you and your business. Our stations are different as of today: they are newer, more modern, more updated but they still keep their essence. And the essence for us is to continue being loyal to our original values; those upon which we based our small local business that has more than 650 stations across Europe now.

Throughout the summer, we will implement our makeover in all our service stations. The first one has been our biggest station: Andamur La Junquera. In a few days we will complete the renovation of Andamur Guarromán and, throughout the summer, Andamur Pamplona, Andamur San Román, Andamur El Límite and Andamur Lorca will follow suit.

Andamur, #EveryTripMatters and we want to share it with you.