Haulage in Germany: what you need to know to manage your fleet on German soil

Transport companies with international routes in Europe have a significant workload managing all aspects related to their routes, requiring a great deal of organisation and control, as well as good documentation management to save time and cost. Companies must keep abreast of all the traffic information and the taxes levied in each countries in order to optimise their operations.

Germany, with its geostrategic position, is a place of transit for many transport companies.

Service station network in Germany

At Andamur our commitment to transport companies is to offer the highest standard of products and services, meeting any needs that may arise on journeys through Europe. To do this we have a huge network of service stations across the continent.

Germany, given its geostrategic position for haulage, has a very large network with a total of 548 partner service stations.

Nine of these stations are also part of our special scheme Top Europe. With this initiative we recommend a selection of European service stations with the most competitive prices within the most secure network, with security as a key element. At Andamur we’re aware of the importance of being able to operate on routes with the best possible security, which is why we’ve developed a system that 100% guarantees totally secure refuelling: airCODE. Thanks to airCODE, all fuel payments are secured because we encrypt every transaction end-to-end during refuelling.

These are the nine German service stations selected as part of the Top Europe scheme: IDS Rehren, IDS Neuenburg, IDS Vechta, TAP24 Handewitt, IDS Rosbach, IDS Hamburg, IDS Sisheim 2, IDS Augsburg and IDS Ziesar.

Tolls in Germany

For your fleet’s European journeys, you need to consider whether there are tolls in order to choose the most convenient, fastest and safest route for your drivers.

Although European countries share some similarities and laws, road management is a domestic matter.

German roads are generally free to use. However, there are some tunnels and bridges that have toll systems for vehicles over 7.5 tons. Since 2005, Germany has also had a mandatory toll system for heavy goods vehicles.

Electronic toll devices are useful tools for professional carriers. They allow faster and more convenient journeys for a fleet.

Andamur offers its customers a comprehensive toll device: ServiBOX.

As a single satellite device for 12 European countries, ServiBOX simplifies international transport operations. An easy and intuitive device. It also delivers maximum fleet security and control thanks to the KMASTER fleet management system.

Tax and special tax recovery

If you’re a haulage company and your fleet travels through the European Union, you can request refunds on the VAT paid on the products and services related to your operations during your journeys. This rebate is applicable to products and services like hotels, tolls, fuel, taxis, ferries, repairs, trade fairs… The amount varies depending on the country and the type of purchase.

At Andamur we manage recovery of the VAT you pay, whether you’re a company or self-employed, on purchases made in European Union countries where you’re not based for tax purposes.

Andamur ProEurope Card

Andamur ProEurope can be used for refuelling at more than 650 service stations in 9 European countries, including Germany, with a single card.

The card offers advantages for haulage companies such as flexible terms thanks to the two payment methods (credit via bank transfer or online top-ups). It also enables VAT recovery.

At Andamur we know how important it is to stay informed on your routes through Europe, because it’s essential for ensuring that your fleet can travel safely. Knowing the laws, taxes, routes, etc. of each country and managing tax recovery can be a complicated task for transport companies. Andamur works to provide the information you need, offering services to our customers that simplify these processes. At Andamur we take care of our customers, at Andamur we like #TakingCareofWhatMatters.

10 tips for professional drivers during the summer

Professional driving is an incredibly hard job, especially when summer arrives with its high temperatures and long journeys. During these hot months, it’s important to keep a lorry ready for its journeys, as well as to follow some recommendations for avoiding heat stress (or heat stroke) caused by the high temperatures.

Lorry maintenance tips

The heat can wreak havoc on a lorry, which is why it’s important that professional drivers carry out some checks in order to maintain their vehicles.

  1. Check the cooling and air-conditioning system. Checking your refrigerant concentration levels is essential for making sure the cooling system works properly.
  2. Check the condition of the brakes. Though it’s something you should always check, in summer it becomes indispensable. The heat can cause brake failure due to loss of friction.
  3. Inspect the wheels. Hot asphalt wears out the rubber on the tyres. It’s therefore important to check wheel condition and air pressure.
  4. Examine the drive belts. Drives belts are often forgotten when it comes to inspecting the parts of a lorry. To make sure they’re in good condition, professional drivers should check that they can be bent while they rotate.

Tips for professional drivers

A professional driver’s health is as important as maintaining the lorry. The following tips will reduce the chances of experiencing problems such as heat stress during the journey.

  1. Hydration. Be sure that you always have a bottle of cold water in the cab. Staying hydrated is essential for coping with the summer heat.
  2. Rest. Rest is key to avoiding sleepiness at the wheel. In addition to sleeping 7-8 hours a day, it’s important that you rest during your journeys. If you notice any symptoms of drowsiness as you drive, park in a safe place and rest as much as possible.
  3. Drive in light clothing. Wearing clothes made of lightweight fabrics that allow the skin to breathe will help you combat the heat during the summer months. Very heavy fabrics increase body temperature and the chances of heat stroke.
  4. Keep the vehicle ventilated. The lorry cab must be ventilated when you start your journey. Open all the doors and windows before getting in the vehicle so the heat can leave the lorry. Then turn on the air conditioning to keep the cab cool.
  5. Protect your skin and eyes. Sunscreen and good-quality sunglasses are essential for your journeys. The sun can cause burns and increase body temperature, leading to heat stress, as well as irritate the eyes and make drivers more tired and more likely to fall asleep.
  6. Night is better than day. If your route allows it, you’re well rested and you’re someone who can stay awake at night, driving after nightfall when the temperatures are lower will reduce the chances of heat stroke. Driving is also less tiring in the early hours when the roads are clear and traffic flows more easily. If this is not possible, another good time to travel is early in the morning (from 6 to 11 am) or late in the evening. Try not to drive at the hottest time of day (between 12 noon and 6 pm).

At Andamur we like #TakingCareOfWhatMatters and we’re committed to the wellbeing of professional drivers. At the wheel, taking care of yourself is a priority. Not only should you look after your vehicle, but also your health. Take care!

Andamur and AT Academia del Transportista launch a new Training School: a training space for drivers

At Andamur, self-improvement is one of our core values: we work every day with enthusiasm, ambition and talent, adapting to new scenarios to achieve our goals and aspirations. We’re a company committed to quality, safety and innovation in products and services. Our main goal is to offer our customers a comprehensive, high-quality service.

As part of this commitment, we created our Training School, a project born from the partnership between Andamur and AT Academia del Transportista.

We share the same philosophy and values, and we’re both established companies with extensive experience offering friendly customer service based on a relationship of trust.

At both Andamur and Academia del Transportista, drivers and transport companies are at the centre of our work and philosophy. They are what keep our organisations going and drive us to improve every day. Which is why their role is essential to our goals and we’re committed to providing training for them and giving visibility to professional drivers.

The Training School has been conceived as a space where drivers can make use of their breaks from their routes to undertake online training, thanks to the launch of our multi-device digital platform.

With this partnership, we want to add value to transport companies and drivers, enabling both to benefit from the opportunities that the Training School offers them.

Benefits for transport companies

  • Training adapted to the needs of drivers and transport companies.
  • Multi-device training, adapted for smartphone, tablet and PC.
  • Free and premium training.
  • Add value and improve company image through employee training.

Benefits for the driver

  • Improves work-life balance with training undertaken during breaks on routes.
  • Multi-device training to suit the driver’s schedule and resources.
  • Wide variety of courses.

One of our cornerstones is the principle of #TakingCareOfWhatMatters, focusing on professional drivers and taking a step further in our commitment to adding value for our customers, whether companies or drivers.

Six new partner stations join our network in Spain

Andamur now has 57 service stations in its national network. With six new additions this June, we have significantly expanded the locations where we’re available to our customers.

Our six new stations are:

  • Nanclares de Oca in Vitoria
  • La Isla in Dos Hermanas, Seville
  • Hospitalet De L’Infant in Tarragona
  • Two new stations in Navarra: Tudela and Pamplona
  • Logroño in La Rioja

At Andamur we know that you spend a lot of time on the road, and we want to be by your side on your journeys to offer you the best products and services.

To find out their exact location and all the services they offer, check out our Online Interactive Map.


Haulage in France: what you need to know to manage your fleet on French soil

For a haulage firm, European routes involve a lot of organisation and documentation for the country your fleet is travelling through. Tolls, transportation routes, tax recovery, mandatory signs, certificates of posting…

France is one of the countries that Spanish carriers travel through most frequently. Almost any haulage in Europe must pass through our neighbouring country first. An in-depth and accurate knowledge of what to expect when travelling in France is therefore key to preparing and organising your fleet’s route.

Service station network in France

Andamur has a network of service stations around Europe to provide coverage to professional drivers travelling through the continent. France is one of the countries in this network with 54 Andamur service stations.

Of these 54 stations on French soil, 6 are part of Top Europe: a selection of the most competitive stations on the Andamur international network today, with strategic locations.

These are the 6 service stations in France that are part of Top Europe: C4T Calais, IDS Maisons-Blanches, IDS Orleans / Saran, IDS Le Muy, IDS Limoges and IDS Beaune.

Tolls in France

If your fleet is travelling in Europe, you need to consider whether there are tolls in order to choose the most convenient, fastest and safest route for your drivers.

Though there are some countries in Europe without tolls such as Belgium or Sweden, this is not the case of France. Its roads are well known for their large number of tolls (as well as for busy traffic, particularly at weekends and on holidays). France has a motorway network stretching for 11,000 km.

Payment options for French tolls are the same as in the rest of Europe: they can be paid in cash, by credit or debit card, or using toll devices. Although there may be some tolls where only cash is accepted, it’s not common.

Electronic toll devices are essential for those who consider the road their second home and spend many hours at the wheel. They allow faster and more convenient journeys without needing to stop the vehicle each time a toll must be paid.

At Andamur we offer our customers two toll devices suitable for France: ServiBox and EU Interoperable.

ServiBox is Andamur’s most advanced satellite device. It uses the KMASTER management system and it works in 12 European countries, including France.

The EU Interoperable is an easy-to-install device that uses radio frequency technology. It is available in 7 European countries, including France.

Tax and special tax recovery

If you’re a haulage company and your fleet travels through France, you can request refunds on the VAT paid on the products and services related to your operations during your journeys. This rebate is applicable to products and services like hotels, tolls, fuel, taxis, ferries, repairs, trade fairs… The amount varies depending on the country and the type of purchase.

At Andamur we manage recovery of the VAT you pay, whether you’re a company or self-employed, on purchases made in European Union countries where you’re not based for tax purposes.

When your fleet travels in France, you’ll be able to apply to recover the special tax TICPE (Inland Tax on Energy Product Consumption). In this case, a partial refund of the tax on energy products set by the French government is offered. The refund is applicable to freight and passenger vehicles, and there is a refund limit set per vehicle and per six-month period.

Certificate of Posting (Macron Law)

France’s Macron Law requires haulage companies based outside of France to formalise several mandatory documents for their French routes. Required since 2016, the certificate of posting is one of them. This document must include details of the employer, the company director and a representative in France, as well as travel, food and accommodation expenses during the journey in France.

At Andamur we help companies process the certificate of posting they need for their fleets on their journeys in France in a simple way.

Blind spot signalling

In January 2021, a new article was added to the French Highway Code that requires lorries travelling in France to display stickers indicating the vehicle’s blind spots.

The purpose of this new law is to reduce accidents on haulage routes and improve road safety. Blind spot stickers allow drivers to indicate to other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians the points where they can’t see them.

Andamur stocks these blind spot stickers at all our service areas. If your fleet is going to pass through France and you don’t have these stickers, remember that your drivers can buy them at our Andamur La Junquera Service Area near the French border.

Lorries travelling in France without these signs will receive a class 4 fine with a maximum penalty of € 750.


At Andamur we’re aware that travelling in Europe is quite a challenge. Knowing the laws, taxes, routes, etc. of each country and managing certificates and tax recovery can be a complicated task for transport companies. At Andamur we want to make these European routes easier by offering transport companies services that simplify these processes. At Andamur we take care of our customers, at Andamur we like #TakingCareOfWhatMatters.


Andamur Connect, a new digital environment in one click

At Andamur, we know how important it is to simplify processes to help our customers save time. And a linchpin of our work is our commitment to offering you the best products and services to meet all your needs as transport companies. Which is why we’ve taken another step forward in digitisation, launching a simple and intuitive digital environment that simplifies communication with our customers, providing them with access to our company’s documents and services.

This new tool is called Andamur Connect. A new digital environment with enhanced connectivity, where our customers can benefit from a range of advantages and tools to help them manage their fleet.

At Andamur we work every day to offer the highest standard of products and services. Proof of this is Andamur Connect, with which we move a step closer to our customers, offering them a comprehensive and simple digital environment in one click.




Andamur boosts its support for the Jesús Abandonado Foundation with its Bread Month initiative

<<This year, all the proceeds from the sale of bread at our service areas will be added to our previous years’ donations>>

For the fourth year running, Andamur has supported the Jesús Abandonado Foundation during the month of April, with Bread Month.

Our contribution was to pay for the bread that’s given out in the foundation’s canteen for the entire month, covering the cost of the bread for those eating at Jesús Abandonado throughout April.

This year, we also wanted to do something different, which is why we’ve donated all the proceeds from the sale of bread at our Andamur service areas to the Jesús Abandonado Foundation.

With this initiative, we’ve been able to increase our support for the foundation so it can continue the great work it does for those in need every day, with a total of 3,900 euros donated this year.

This week, Juan Carlos López, the Andamur chairman, visited the Jesús Abandonado canteen alongside José Moreno, chairman of the Jesús Abandonado Foundation, and Daniel López, the foundation’s manager. During the the visit the company’s agreement with the foundation was formalised and the funds raised were presented to the organisation.

With this of kind initiative, Andamur shows its commitment to society and organisations like the Jesús Abandonado Foundation that contribute to social causes and fight for social wellbeing.

We also work towards achieving Goal 1 (Ending Poverty) of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which aim to ensure equality between people, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all in order to eradicate poverty in all its forms throughout the world.

This initiative is part of our #TakingCareOfWhatMatters CSR plan, under its Social Commitment focus, with which we engage with the spheres and groups in society most in need. With this plan, we aim to give back to society some of what it gives to us.


The products that professional drivers need to make a basic kit for their lorry

Spending so many hours travelling hundreds of kilometres a day means that the lorry becomes a second home for many professional drivers.

Stopping at service stations to rest, unwind, eat or buy something is essential for the health and well-being of professional drivers. But it’s also a good idea to keep certain products in the cab to make the journey more bearable.

At Andamur we’re committed to providing all our customers with what they need on their routes. Which is why we have everything that professional drivers need so they can make their own basic lorry kit, adapting it to their specific needs.

Some products may not be useful for all professional drivers. The items they’ll need depend on the length of the journey of each driver. Truckers who travel in the day and return home at night won’t have the same needs as those that spend days, weeks or even months away from home.

So, what products do we consider essential for a basic lorry kit and for what kind of route do we recommend them?

  1. Products for routes of any distance

For short or long-distance routes, these are the products that you should keep in your lorry. From equipment like tools and bulbs to tech and security products.


  • Jerry cans for water (5 l, 10 l…)
  • Tools
  • Converters
  • Bulbs


  • Satnav
  • Mobile phone
  • Mobile phone accessories (chargers, holders…)



  • Safety locks for the cab
  • Latches for the fridge
  • Caps to prevent theft of AdBlue and diesel


  1. Products for long-distance routes

Long-distance routes can mean spending long periods away from home. Professional drivers usually need the following products in their lorry cabs to make sure they’re comfortable.

Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances and utensils are some of the most important items for professional drivers making long road journeys.

  • Portable kitchen or stove
  • Gas cartridges or cylinders
  • Fridge
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Mugs for heating
  • Coffee-maker

Fabric products

On journeys that last more than a day, we recommend always taking these items. From towels and sheets to clothes, a toilet bag and footwear.

  • Towels
  • Duvet, blankets, sheets and headrests
  • Underwear
  • Work gloves of various kinds
  • Spare clothes
  • Warm clothes (depending on the region)
  • Safety clothing and footwear
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Toilet bag


Once professional drivers know some of the products available for creating a basic kit for their lorry, it’s time to choose which ones suit them depending on the length of their journeys.

This is what you need to know about tolls in Europe and Andamur toll devices

Travelling hundreds of kilometres a day means using toll roads. European routes involve a great deal of organisation and documentation related to tolls before setting out. On many European motorways and dual carriageways, the state or licence holders charge fees to professional drivers. In addition, prices and payment methods vary.

Whether you’re a transport company or an individual, if you’re travelling in Europe you need to bear in mind the existence (or not) of tolls to choose the most convenient, fastest and safest route.

Countries without charges

Many countries do not charge a fee for using their road networks. Places like Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the United Kingdom.

However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t certain points or circumstances on these networks where a special fee must be paid. This is the case of the Liefkenshoek Tunnel in Belgium.

Andamur toll devices

Electronic toll devices have become a great tool for anyone who considers the road their second home.

At Andamur we’re committed to security and convenience for professional drivers. Which is why we have solutions tailored to each customer, allowing them to complete their routes in Europe in the most dynamic and secure way, with the most competitive prices on the market. The devices are simple and easy to install, so they optimise fleet control and management, simplifying invoicing with a single regular payment and offering the option of recovering VAT on expenses in Europe.

Andamur toll devices work on the main European motorway networks. Thanks to satellite technology and radio frequency they will enable you to pay tolls without stopping the vehicle. We currently offer our customers two toll devices: ServiBOX and EU Interoperable.


SERVIBOX is our most advanced satellite device. It offers all these advantages:

  • Maximum security and fleet control through its exclusive KMASTER management system
  • Suitable for 11 European countries: Spain, France, Portugal, Belgium (Liefkenshoek Tunnel), Italy, Austria, Poland (A4, Katowice-Krakow), Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Germany
  • Available in 14 languages
  • Manages and controls purchases, offers the option to change registration numbers and allows service updates on any mobile device
  • Easy to turn on and off in different countries at no additional cost
  • Very simple installation without preconfiguration
  • Easy and intuitive
  • No deposit required
  • Estimated delivery time 5 working days

EU Interoperable

The EU Interoperable is an easy-to-install device that uses radio frequency technology.

  • Available for Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Poland (A4), Austria and the Liefkenshoek Tunnel (Belgium). More than 21,000 kilometres across Europe
  • Easy installation
  • Estimated delivery time 5 working days

At Andamur we care about our customers’ security and convenience. If you want to use these devices on your routes, request more information here.

The Andamur Spain service station network continues to grow each year

At Andamur we’re committed to meeting the needs of all our customers, which is why we’re continuing to grow and expanding our service station network.

Our station network in Spain grew by an average of 12 stations per year in 2019 and 2020. With this growth, we now have a total of 48 stations in Spain – six of them our own – and over 650 throughout Europe.

In 2020 we launched 12 new stations across Spain: Cerecedo (Benavente, Zamora); San Asensio (San Asensio, La Rioja); Miranda de Ebro (Miranda de Ebro, Burgos); Estépar (Estépar, Burgos); Tébar (Tébar, Cuenca); Bernal (Aldehuela de la Bóveda, Salamanca); Fombellida (Fombellida, Cantabria); Heras (Heras, Cantabria); Unquera (Pesués, Cantabria); El Oliveral (Ribarroja del Turia, Valencia); Aranda (Aranda de Duero, Burgos) and Constantí (Constantí, Tarragona).

With these new additions, we have expanded our reach with the aim of meeting our customers’ needs and covering more locations accessible to them.

The stations all offer a wide range of services tailored to the needs of carriers such as cafés, restaurants, shops, toilets, showers, WiFi, truck washes and 24h service.

Our commitment to multi-energy and the environment grows each day, which is why one of our new stations in 2020 is now part of our multi-energy station network: El Oliveral, operated by ALZ and located on the Ribarroja del Turia industrial estate (Valencia), has one LNG dispenser and two CNG dispensers.

With it, Andamur now has four multi-energy stations, two of them our own service areas:

  • Andamur Guarromán: in Guarromán, Jaén. The first gas fuelling station in the Andamur network, it has an LNG dispenser for HGVs and a double CNG dispenser for trucks, cars and vans.
  • Andamur La Junquera: in La Junquera, Gerona. Located at one of the main border-crossing points for international road transport. It has two LNG dispensers for lorries and buses.

And two partner stations:

  • El Oliveral: located on the Ribarroja del Turia industrial estate (Valencia), it offers a wide range of services such as a truck wash, café, shop and showers. It has one LNG dispenser and two CNG dispensers.
  • Marck Pas de Calais: located in a strategic position next to the Channel Tunnel that connects France to Great Britain. It has one LNG dispenser and one double CNG dispenser.

In addition, so far in 2021, we have already added six new partner stations to our service station network in Spain: Servei Carrer 3 (Barcelona); Valverde del Camino (Valverde del Camino, Huelva); Zalamea La Real (Zalamea La Real, Huelva); Los Pinos de Valverde (Valverde del Camino, Huelva); Cadrete (Cadrete, Zaragoza) and Beneixida (Beneixida, Valencia).

With this expansion of the Andamur Spain service station network and our investment in multi-energy, we reaffirm our commitment to offering drivers everything they need. At Andamur our goal is to be present in as many locations as possible to offer the best services to our customers.