Andamur La Junquera-Llers is celebrating its first anniversary with an event for truck drivers who visit the station

At Andamur we are celebrating the fact that it’s been one year since we made our dream come true by opening the largest Service Area for trucks in Europe, Andamur La Junquera-Llers.

Wednesday, November 9th, is the day on which the first truck refuelled at La Junquera-Llers and at Andamur we wanted to celebrate it with all our customers, since they are the ones who have made it possible. For a whole day, all truckers have been able to enjoy free drinks and pastries or mini-sandwiches at a Food Truck decorated for the occasion. In addition, they have received a personalised keychain from Andamur La Junquera-Llers to commemorate this day.

About Andamur La Junquera – Llers

Located in an especially convenient place for professional transport, 20 kilometres from the French border, just 12 kilometres from La Junquera and 200 metres from exit 3 of the AP7 motorway; Andamur La Junquera-Llers has been created to reduce waiting and refuelling times to the greatest extent possible, ensuring that a truck can refuel in just 8 minutes. All this thanks to its location, its magnitude and the fact that each lane has a system with 6 simultaneous hoses that allow several products to be refuelled at the same time.

At Andamur we are aware of “The Value of Your Time”, the value of the time of each of our customers; of the transport companies and of the hundreds of drivers who drive thousands of kilometres, and that is why we do everything we can to help them optimise their time.

Through Bread Month activities in its cafeterias, revenue from the sale of bread in our Service Areas and voluntary work in the soup kitchen

We at Andamur have a commitment to society and we are doing our bit to help create a better world for everyone.

This is why, for the fifth year running, Andamur is collaborating with the Fundación Jesús Abandonado during Bread Month.

This partnership consists of paying for all the bread that is consumed in the foundation’s cafeterias for a whole month. We are footing the bill for the bread consumed during the month of April, which coincides with the anniversary of Andamur El Límite opening on 14th April.

What’s more, since last year we have already taken it a step further and all proceeds from our bread sales in our Service Areas for one month have also been donated to the Fundación Jesús Abandonado. This year, it was during the month of September, so we presented their Chairman, Mr José Manuel Martínez Tomás, with the sales proceeds. With this small gesture, we want to increase our commitment to society and to the foundation.

We have also been able to resume our voluntary work in its soup kitchen following the pandemic. Some of our team members have worked out of one of the soup kitchens at the Fundación Jesús Abandonado to experience this important social initiative that is being carried out first-hand, helping them to understand the reality of people who need the foundation’s help.

With these types of actions, Andamur is demonstrating its commitment to organisations such as the Fundación Jesús Abandonado that contribute to social causes and stand up for social welfare.

This action forms part of our CSR Plan where #WeCareForWhatMatters, within the context of Social Commitment, and where we show our commitment to the social groups and areas that most need our support.

Accessing healthy meal options is not always easy for hauliers. Andamur are aware of this, so as part of our #WatchYourDietOnTheRoad campaign, we are launching the initiative “Recipes on the Road“.

This is a cookbook with recipe ideas from various different countries provided by hauliers of different nationalities, sharing the type of food that they miss while on the road, the most practical recipes that they can cook at their stops, and the cooking utensils that they have in their cabs.

The renowned chef Cándido Morales, finalist of the Le Cordon Bleu Haute Cuisine Award and collaborator at Celler de Can Roca (3 Michelin stars), El Bohío (1 Michelin star), and at Andreu Genestra’s restaurant (1 Michelin star), has compiled all these contributions into this recipe book that offers a series of healthy and balanced recipes that can be easily prepared on the roads.

In our website you can find each of the recipes in a downloadable video file format. Each of these videos features our chef, Cándido Morales, and several special guests, beginning with Rafael Martínez, a haulier by profession, and a lover of cooking, as is clear from his Instagram account @cocinaconrafael.

This initiative forms part of our CSR plan #WeCareForWhatMatters, within the axis ‘Care for the driver and transport company’, through which we are committed to improving the daily life of hauliers and companies in the sector.

The report brings together all the actions carried out by the company as part of its commitment to achieving the SDGs

Andamur presents its second Corporate Social Responsibility Report in collaboration with the Cátedra of CSR of Murcia. This report brings together all the actions, achievements and commitments made throughout 2021 set out in the CSR plan “We Care About What Matters”, based around 5 main lines of action: leadership and the future, people, driver care, environment and corporate governance.

With the presentation of this report, Andamur underlines its commitment to a business model in which proximity and active listening to all stakeholders are the fundamental pillars on which the company is built.

Furthermore, this report is published in accordance with GRI standards and, once again, it highlights Andamur’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through its spheres of progress, seeing them as an opportunity and a way to conduct business in a more responsible manner.

In this regard, the starting point was a materiality study conducted in 2020, which allowed Andamur to identify its stakeholders and their key concerns, thereby helping to set out the areas to report on herein. This study will be updated in 2023, which will help shape the company’s CSR strategy for the coming years.

CSR is something that has been present in Andamur since April 1987, when   Andamur El Límite was launched. Without giving it the formal name of Corporate Social Responsibility, they were already carrying out all the actions that were within their reach to help their environment. And now, today, are formalised through the CSR Strategic Plan and reporting year after year with the CSR reports.

In this Report the axes of the CSR Plan are articulated , focusing all the actions on working towards the achievement of the SDGs; it’s a new approach that makes the plan even stronger. The company views the SDGs as an opportunity, a way of carrying out the business activity in a more responsible way.

Corporate Social Responsibility is the way of running companies by taking into accounts the impacts they generate on their stakeholders, guaranteeing economic growth, respecting the environment, and committing to improving society. And that’s exactly what they do at Andamur in the company of all their stakeholders.”

To present the report, Andamur employees from all its work centres (service stations and offices) took part in a meeting about the report itself and its relationship with the SDGs, followed by a breakfast together.

The member of the team who has demonstrated the best knowledge of Andamur’s CSR actions will decide to which CSR action he/she would like to donate €1,000; in other words, he/she will be involved to a certain extent in the plan in 2023.

Finally, the Andamur team received a gift handcrafted by “Francho Artesanía con Arte”, with which the company shows its commitment to local commerce as a way to remind them of the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations.

The CSR report, as well as the breakdown of Corporate Social Responsibility actions, can be found on its website

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