Andamur and Molgas present the first Network of Multi-Energy Service Stations

Andamur has signed an agreement with the company Molgas to set up a new company with the aim to build and operate this network of refuelling stations of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG), in addition to fuel. The new company is going to have a pioneering role responding to the demands of fleets of trucks and light vehicles that may refuel any kind of fuel at the so-called Multi-Energy Service Stations.

This new service will be provided as of the beginning of 2019 in the Service Areas located in La Junquera (Gerona), Guarromán (Jaén), Pamplona (Navarra) and San Román (Vitoria). More than 500,000 trucks are refuelled at our stations every day, and those companies may now include natural gas in their fleets, thus anticipating market trends and being able to obtain an increased competitive advantage.

Miguel Ángel López, Andamur CEO, has expressed his satisfaction with this agreement: “At Andamur, We look after what really matters, and with this initiative not only do we help clients to anticipate market trends, we also provide sustainable alternatives for light and heavy vehicles, promoting the reduction of CO2 emissions”.

In addition, he wanted to highlight the importance of collaborating with the company Molgas, “to achieve this, we have set up a partnership with Molgas, leading company in the natural gas market. Their deep knowledge in this field together with our experience in managing Service Areas and Services to Drivers are a perfect combination to be successful”.

These new refuelling plants will be built at the beginning of 2019.


Do you use commercial diesel? We offer you fuel cards adapted to your needs

Each transport company has different needs in terms of commercial diesel depending on many factors: total number of kilometres travelled every month, routes followed, type of vehicles, etc.  That is why it is necessary to adapt the fuel offer to each type of fleet. At Andamur, we see it every day in our petrol stations and in our relationship with companies; therefore, we have different fuel cards adapted to their needs. All of them offer multiple advantages that will allow you to manage your fleet in an easier and more profitable way while they offer security and guarantee. For instance:


  • Each card is linked to a vehicle/driver.
  • They have a PIN-based payment system.
  • There are restrictions on cards according to drivers’ needs.
  • They can be immediately cancelled if required.


All Andamur temporary diesel cards are free and have no monthly fees, and enable you to have thorough purchase control with detailed invoices by license plate. This is how each one of them works:


Andamur Proeurope Fuel Card

  • This is the only fuel card for transport companies enabling to refuel in more than 160 petrol stations in 8 European countries.
  • You can use it in Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Slovenia and Belgium.
  • There are two payment methods: Andamur ProEurope, payment on credit by bank draft and Andamur ProEurope Cash, by means of online recharging.
  • VAT recovery with special conditions for Andamur clients.
  • It enables you to request the Spanish Tax Agency bonus on commercial diesel across the Spanish territory.
  • You can pay with it in shops and security car parks across our petrol stations.



Andamur Eurogas Fuel Card

  • Its use enables the commercial diesel statement of supplies in Spain.
  • You can request it at Andamur or at a Cajamar office.
  • It offers discounts in fuel.
  • Simple payment through bank draft.
  • Valid throughout the Andamur Spain petrol stations network.
  • You can pay with it in shops and security car parks across our petrol stations.



Andamur Probon Fuel Card

  • Card to be exclusively used for Red Diesel.
  • Simple payment through bank draft.
  • Monthly invoicing on credit.
  • Valid in all Andamur petrol stations and in the associated ones.



Andamur Mastercard Fuel Card

  • You can refuel in more than 160 petrol stations in 8 European countries.
  • Immediate availability of cash in any cash dispenser.
  • No formalities, risks or bank account involved.
  • 0 cost: no fees in terms of issuance, maintenance, recharging or payment.
  • Valid for payment wherever MasterCard is accepted.
  • You can pay with it in shops and security car parks across our petrol stations.



Andamur Discount

  • This card is used for cash payment.
  • It offers direct discounts in fuel.
  • Invoice valid from a fiscal point of view.
  • Valid in all of Andamur’s own petrol stations across the Spanish territory.



Choose the card which is best suited to your needs and manage your fleet the best way possible. Which one is your card?


All of Andamur stations have now the SGS Seal of Quality

As of today, all of Andamur stations have the SGS Seal of Quality, a certification ensuring consumers that the fuel they purchase complies with the highest quality standards. After the Andamur station in Lorca obtained this certification, the rest of our service stations in Spain have followed suit. Therefore, Andamur stations have become the only ones to have this certification in the provinces of Navarra, Alava, Almeria and Murcia.


The SGS Seal of Quality ensures that our fuel complies with the most demanding quality standards and that it is subject to initial audits and continual assessments to guarantee that such standards continue to be met over time.


Achieving this certification is part of our aim to stay at the forefront in terms of Quality standards. This was, indeed, one of the commitments we acquired last September when we became active members of the Spanish Association for Quality and fits within the creation of a Total Quality Management System Plan, that we are already working on.


We participate in Marketing Refresh Day 2018 to talk about Customer Experience

The concept of Customer Experience is increasing its relevance in companies. It is the combination of all interactions between a user and a brand throughout their relationship and once it is over. That is why implementing Customer Experience is becoming mandatory in all companies wishing to build robust and loyal relationships with their customers.

At Andamur, we have this concept constantly in mind, and this year we have worked on improving the Customer Experience process in all our products and services as much as possible. Miguel Ángel López, Andamur CEO, talked about this work and its implementation in the company at the 4th Meeting of Marketing and Communications managers and professionals, Marketing Refresh Day 2018. According to him, Andamur focuses most of its Customer Experience on professional truck drivers. In contrast to other companies, our brand “is a particular one since it is aimed at the end professional using our services, who is not necessarily the one paying for them. With this approach in mind, we have analysed all the times the user comes into contact with us and we have set improvements for each and every one of them.”

During his presentation, Andamur CEO also gave some details on specific actions that the company is going to carry out in the short term: “Even though we started as a petrol station, in these 30 years of experience, we have always adapted ourselves to the needs of truck drivers so that we could meet all of them. In our stations, we have set up restaurants, security car parks, hotels, supermarkets, showers, laundry rooms, etc. Now we want to take another step forward and become the first network of multi-energy service areas for trucks, something we will see very soon.

Marketing Refresh Day 2018 was held in the city of Murcia and gathered nearly twenty experts in marketing and communications in different conferences and round tables. They discussed the aspects that are changing the relationship between customers and brands in front of 140 people. Managers of brands such as Dulcesol, NH Hoteles, Noved Eventos and Ticbiomed, among other, addressed topics related to customers, contents and loyalty.



Andamur takes part in the event “SMEs DNA Murcia: Boundless growth and development”

Optimising the financial management of a company is a key factor to improve its profitability. And so it was explained today by the Economic and Financial Director of Andamur, Mr. Bartolomé Benítez, at the event “SMEs DNA Murcia: Boundless growth and development”. This event was held in the city of Murcia and gathered different companies aiming to share financial, marketing and sales strategies for their growth and development.  

Mr. Bartolomé Benítez talked about Andamur’s evolution in its 30 years of activity and about how good financial management was essential to our development as a company. At Andamur, we started with one petrol station and now we have 160 own and associated stations across Europe.

Among other key aspects, Andamur’s Financial Director explained that the economic and financial management aim is to maximise the value of the company, and how it is impossible to take good decisions that make the business profitable without adopting an adequate economic and financial approach.

The event “SMEs DNA Murcia: Boundless growth and development” is part of a road show organised by the business platform La Neurona which is visiting 19 Spanish cities analysing the challenges SMEs are facing. Together with Andamur, the event was attended by the Territory Manager of Bankia for Murcia and Alicante, Olga García; the Financial Director of Somium, Javier Gayá, and the Sales Manager of Correos Express in the Spanish Eastern coast, Sergio Ramón Siles, among other.  



Andamur, Member of the Spanish Association for Quality

At Andamur, we have become active members of the Spanish Association for Quality, one of the most important quality associations in Spain gathering over 1700 companies in different sectors and with more than 50 years of experience.


By joining AEC, Andamur aims to stay at the forefront of Quality Standards, as well as regarding Customer Experience, Information Systems and Technologies, Innovation and Occupational Risk Prevention. In addition, being part of AEC will give us the opportunity of taking part in specific committees addressing the latest relevant trends, tools and information in our sector.


One of Andamur’s first actions as new member will be the creation of a Total Quality Management System Plan, already in progress, in order to be granted two important certifications in the next few months: Service quality for small retail trade (UNE 175001-6) and Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2015).


The Spanish Association for Quality has been working since 1961 for companies to introduce this important concept as a strategic element, and through an integrating approach apply it to all the pillars of their respective businesses. At Andamur, we are aware of the fact that Quality is going through a transformation process to manage to adapt itself to new customer’s needs, technology and the important role that companies shall play within their community. To this end, we want to continue strengthening our commitment to quality, adapting ourselves to the new challenges and following the latest trends to be better every day.


Andamur tips for successful maintenance of your truck tyres

The tyre is the only component of the vehicle in contact with the ground, being normally subjected to aggressive treatments. A key factor for the safety of users and of the goods we transport, you must optimize the inflation pressure to ensure a safe transport, saving fuel and increasing the tires life of your truck.


The tire pressure of your heavy vehicles also influences the consumption of fuel, so the pressures must always be adapted to the load and the type of use.


Regularly checks the tyres of your truck for possible damage. With the passage of time, the tire loses in a natural way the pressure, but its useful life might become also decreased by factors such as punctures, or a visible deformation in the tread, the sides or in the mortaring zone, as well as any type of deformation on the wheel rim.

In all regular controls you must also check the condition of the valve cap, replacing it if necessary.


Likewise, you must change the covers if show damage related to:


  • Deformed Guide
  • Separation of the layers
  • Deterioration by fatty or corrosive element
  • Marbled rubbers due to a shot with insufficient pressure in relation to the load


Factors that influence the life of the tyres

The tyres are composed of different types of materials and components based on the rubber, whose properties are essential for the proper functioning of the tire itself. These properties evolve with the passage of time, depending on its durability on factors such as:

Weather conditions

Storage Conditions: temperature, humidity and position.

Conditions of Use: type of load, driving habits, the inflation pressure or the state of the roads.

Balanced: A balanced tyre helps to prevent premature wear on the tires.


We must bear in mind that these factors, by themselves, do not allow us to know exactly the tire life, so in addition to the usual checks made by the user; it is recommended to perform regular checks on the tires by a qualified professional. These checks must be carried out at least once a year.

Proper tire maintenance is synonymous with safety and efficiency; in addition, you will increase its durability, improving profitability for your business.


Andamur hints to find job as a truck driver

The occupation of carrier can be very sacrificed, however, currently the guild begins to increase again, with companies seeking professionals for the carriage of goods by road, under conditions and salaries more favorable each day. In this way, the demand for these positions is growing considerably, being a job opportunity to take into account.


From Andamur we want to give you some tips and means for you to find your place as a truck driver, whether you’re a worker or self-employed:


  • In the event that you have truck in property, you can access a broader range of posts, and you’ll have win so much to the achievement of your goal. Find out about all the possibilities and applied to the company that better fits your needs as a truck driver.


  • In addition to generic web of job search, such as Monster, Infojobs, etc. (in the section truck drivers ), there are other specific website for haulier, those are very effective in achieving the job you want:
  1. miscargas.com : If you have a truck in property, in this Web Site are responsible for putting in touch truck drivers and carriers with companies or users who need the service.
  2. uship.com/es : Similar to the above, incorporates an auction system where carriers or truck drivers bid for the loads or requests for services that make customers, with the peculiarity that it doesn’t have to win the auction the cheapest, but that has to be added to the price, quality, warranty, and above all the recommendations that may have given previous customers of your service.
  3. fretbay.com/es : This website is dedicated to the sale of transport throughout Europe. With a functionality similar to the above, its peculiarity lies in the fact that users are people from all over Europe, being able to find recruitment in both medium and long distances.


  • In the stations, rest areas, restaurants and hotels of the main Spanish roads, there are notice boards where you can find ads where are required professional services of truck drivers for short or long travel.


  • Another way to find employment as a truck driver may be resorting to specialized magazines of the sector; in publications such as com or Camión de actualidad among others, you can find this type of offers.


tips for your search:

In addition to the means to find the post you want, you also must take into account a number of tips that will help your goal


  • Be original and walk away from the traditional curriculum, you can do so more visual through the inclusion of image or video, what more appealing to the potential contractor.
  • Trust yourself, your possibilities and your ability as a driver. This will positively influence in the person you have in front of you.
  • But above all, you must have a positive attitude, discouragement in the face of an attempt to search for work frustrated is the worst enemy that you can find, faces what comes of the most beneficial way for you, that momentum and attitude will multiply your chances of success.


From Andamur we value this profession as it deserves, a guild to which we have been united for more than 30 years and for which we work day by day, offering the best services, facilities and solutions on the road. We look forward to welcoming you in our stations very soon!!!


Andamur expands its European stations network: France, Belgium and Luxembourg

Continuing with its commitment to growth and international expansion

Andamur, in the course of the company internationalization, incorporates- to its almost 160 service stations (present in 8 countries of the continent) -6 areas strategically located on the main roads of France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

In this way, the tree countries, which already had numerous associated stations, add to its network of service areas new possibilities on route to the Andamur customers. Andamur offers significant advantages in relation to the refuelling (AdBlue/Diesel), and with the convenience of being able to make the payment through the professional card Andamur ProEurope.

France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Slovenia, are the countries that make up the Andamur international network, and where the clients with the ProEurope card, single one for all countries, will be attended with the guarantee of quality, safety and customer care of Andamur.

Andamur keep growing, with the sole aim of providing facilities to the customer and solutions to the needs of the sector, also beyond our borders.


Andamur new UPEI member

Gaining in competitiveness to face large power companies


From the Past 1 June, Andamur is already a member of the European Association of Independent Oil (UPEI), which will enable the company to establish synergies with other members, identify market opportunities and participate actively in the new challenges of the sector; as well as the search for better solutions, benefits and services for their clients.

Focusing on the transport sector and the defense of fair competition, UPEI represents  nearly 2,000 wholesalers and distributors of independent energy, using its own infrastructure and flexibility to supply more than one-third of the European energy demand. In addition, through a high quality service, underscores a commitment to energy efficiency and reduction of polluting emissions.

With the Andamur ProEurope card and its 160 service stations throughout Europe,  the strategy of international expansion  of Andamur goes very much in line with the UPEI proposal, through A sustained growth that involves continuous improvements in services, with the sole aim of giving facilities to the customer and  solutions to the needs of the sector.