“Empresas por la Movilidad Sostenible” (Companies for Sustainable Mobility) continues growing, this time with the incorporation of Andamur

Within mobility, a key point is to be able to guarantee the supply of different types of energy for all types of vehicles and routes. For this reason, we proudly join EMS “Empresas por la Movilidad Sostenible”.

EMS is a meeting point for companies, institutions and public administration on the present and future of environmentally friendly, safe, inclusive and sustainable mobility.

Our commitment to sustainability has led us to be the first company in the sector to obtain the Carbon Footprint Certification, an environmental certification that endorses our work to eliminate emissions from our service stations. And we go further, providing this information to our customers as well.

In the words of our CEO Miguel Ángel López, “we are a multi-energy company capable of supplying all the energy that the transport sector may need: electric chargers, LNG and CNG services. We want to give our customers what they need now and in the future and always express our commitment to the environment and sustainable mobility which is clearly reflected in our projects and actions”.

For her part, May López, Director of Business Development for Sustainable Mobility, stated that “what is not measured cannot be improved. Andamur’s commitment to certifying its carbon footprint and providing it to its clients, mainly transporters, will help to raise awareness, act and reduce its environmental impact and promote more sustainable mobility”.



By joining “Empresas por la Movilidad Sostenible”,  we are taking a further step on the road to promoting sustainable mobility and achieving our goal of being carbon neutral, a goal that we are achieving through the implementation of different environmental measures in our service stations.

In Andamur we do not only measure our carbon footprint and offer alternative energy systems in our service areas, but we are also committed to generating enough renewable photovoltaic energy for the operation of our facilities. This is our contribution to the European Green Pact, which aims to make Europe the first continent to achieve climate neutrality.

With our incorporation into EMS (Companies for Sustainable Mobility), this entity continues to establish alliances, bringing together more than 40 members who are committed to promoting sustainable mobility through collaboration and innovation, thus contributing to 17 SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) and sustainable growth from an economic, social and environmental point of view.