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Manage your fleet in an easier way
Receive a single periodic charge
Recover VAT


The Andamur toll devices works in the main European toll motorway networks, and thanks to satellite and radiofrequency technologies, you will be able to pay tolls without even stopping the car.  

Thanks to this, and to the fact that these devices are easy to use and to install, you will be able to optimize your fleet control and management, making invoicing and VAT recovery easier.

With our most advanced device, ServiBOX, you can benefit from maximum security and control for your fleet through its exclusive management system.

Our Devices


Only device  for 12 European countries

  • Spain, Portugal, France, Belgian Tunnel, Belgium, Italy, Austria, A4 Poland (Katowice-Krakow), Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany
  • Satellite technology
  • Management and control of consumptions, plates and services
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Security and control over your fleet with the management service KMASTER
  • Possibility to activate or deactivate countries without any extra cost
  • Available in 14 languagues
  • Delivery time 5 working days

Interoperable EU

It is an easy to install device that works with radio-frequency technology, available for Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, A4 Poland (Katowice-Krakow), Austria and the Belgian tunnel.

  • Radio-frequency device
  • Easy to install
  • Delivery time: 5 working days
  • Andamur clients may recover VAT from invoices under special conditions paying a minimum fee.