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Tips to combat heat stress in the cabin

Heat is one of the biggest problems for professional drivers in summer. High temperatures over long days and journeys can lead to 'heat stress', commonly called 'heat stroke'. Some symptoms of heat stress are: tiredness, weakness, dizziness,…

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Endesa´s first chargers in Andamur Service Areas at full capacity

The first Endesa X fast chargers in Andamur service stations are now fully operational. The first two "Energy Islands" that have come into operation following the agreement signed by both companies on electric mobility are located in the…
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Andamur first company in the sector to obtain the Carbon Footprint Certification

In Andamur we are the first company in the sector to obtain the Carbon Footprint Certification, ISO 14064-1 Certificate of Quantification of Emissions and Removals of Greenhouse Gases granted by AENOR. Without a doubt, this certification is…
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Andamur maintains its collaboration with "Jesús Abandonado" and makes a financial contribution to the Covid-19

For the third consecutive year, Andamur maintains its collaboration with the "Jesús Abandonado" foundation, this year focused on the actions that the foundation is carrying out regarding the health emergency in the Covid-19. From Andamur…

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