Experience, Quality and Innovation at the Service of the Portuguese Transportation Field


To Andamur, Spain is the market we have always worked in since our beginnings, where the keys of our business are. In 2020, we want to go beyond our frontiers and so, we have started to be present in other countries that are strategic to international transportation. We believe that our experience, an exhaustive selection of local professionals and a deep knowledge of the sector needs are the perfect combination to be transferred to other markets. In this sense, Portugal is our first destiny and our objective is to continue expanding in the coming years through the internationalisation of our services and products.

Andamur arrives to offer a great experience to the Portuguese transportation companies with the goal of bringing a bigger profit and security to our clients’ business by implementing demanding quality standards.

We present a safe value with personalised proposals that are adapted to our client’s specific needs. Our broad products and services range such as fuel cards, toll devices and taxes recovery management allow us to be agile and flexible to each of the transportation field companies. For this reason, we count on a specialised team and our own office located in Coimbra’s city centre.

Andamur has a presence in the main Portuguese professional transportation route to Europe going through Irún since Andamur Araia and Andamur Pamplona Service Stations are located in this itinerary.

In Andamur, we provide innovation to our clients to achieve a better efficiency. Likewise, Andamur airCODE is the only system in the transportation market that grants total safety in the refuelling and also has been recognised by AENOR as such.

Ultimately, Andamur is an innovative company in constant evolution that puts its experience in this sector at the service of new markets.