Cómo evaluar el trabajo de tus conductores

The choice of these indicators must adapt to each type of organisation and the activity carried out by its workers. Their management will enable you to identify different trends related to the activity of the vehicles. Trends such as the following:


  • Real time location.
  • Control of stops, in addition to precise information about the opening of doors and loading and unloading time.
  • Sudden acceleration and braking periods.
  • Kilometres of the route, comparing the one followed by the driver and that suggested by the GPS.
  • Starting of the engine, very important when loading and unloading dangerous goods.


There are many applications or platforms in the market that enable you to have good control of these parameters. Some of these are MOVILOC, 4GFlota, WeMob or Inoflota.

It is also important that drivers know how their work is going to be assessed, since knowing these parameters will help them improve their performance and effectiveness, as well as build up their confidence in the company. This way, we will achieve clear and fair objectives. It is better to set realistic objectives that will depend on the experience of each driver, which are specific and understandable.

Informing the drivers and keeping them abreast of this performance assessment is essential for the global efficiency of the company, but it is also important for them to perceive it as a way to minimise safety risks.