We’re launching a new toll device: Toll4Europe

At Andamur we understand the importance of efficient time and cost management for transport companies, so we offer our clients various toll devices, tailored to each of their needs. Our devices work on the main European motorway networks, they are simple and easy to install and they enable clients to optimise transport fleet control and management, simplifying billing and VAT recovery.

With this in mind, in our effort to offer our clients what they need at all times and to continue expanding the products and services we provide them with, today we are launching a new toll device: Toll4Europe. A single device that can be used to travel through 13 European countries and 16 different toll services: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Austria, Poland, Denmark Storebælt Bridge, Sweden Øresund Bridge, Germany, Germany Warnowquerung Tunnel, Germany Herrentunnel, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Belgium, Belgium Liefkenshoek Tunnel and Hungary.

Toll devices play a vital role on many levels for international transport companies, both in time management and in organising and controlling costs. The devices enable international transport companies to avoid the delays associated with toll payment. Drivers can pass quickly through the electronic toll lanes, saving time and improving the efficiency of journeys. They also reduce operating costs, simplifying billing, document management and VAT recovery. In addition, they facilitate administration and accounting, because they provide an electronic record of the payments made, as well as ensuring regulatory compliance and avoiding fines and penalties for failure to pay the corresponding tolls.

There is no doubt that using these toll devices can be a turning point in the management of your fleets on their European routes and Toll4Europe comes with a guarantee of operational excellence founded on more than 20 years’ experience in toll services and mobility.