The II Andamur International Women and Transport Sector Forum promotes equity and visibility

<<An event that will bring together distinguished businesswomen, executives, and professional female drivers on an international level, thus promoting equity in a predominantly male sector.>> 

At Andamur, we have a long history of implementing actions and campaigns that promote the encouragement of equality, which we initiated in 2019 with the campaign “Soy Camionera ‘Fuertes, Capaces, Camioneras: MUJERES’.” In order to extend this objective to all women in the sector, last year we held the “I Women and Transport Sector Forum” in Murcia to help give greater visibility to women in a predominantly male sector. 

This year, this event takes on international significance with the participation of women actively working in the sector, who will be essential agents for improving current data on the percentage of women. 

According to data from the European Commission’s “Women in Transport-EU Platform for Change,” 22% of transport professionals in Europe are women, and this number is growing every day. The forum aims to be a catalyst for driving this growth, highlighting the importance of female contribution in the world of transport. 

The event will take place in Valencia on February 22nd, in a day with limited capacity and by invitation only. It will start with an opening lecture of interest on the sector, followed by three roundtable discussions on relevant aspects in the transport sector, always from the perspective of the role of women, with contributions from businesswomen, executives, and professional female drivers. 

Those who decide to follow the event live can also join the day via streaming through a link that will be provided later. The entire day of the first edition here. 

An initiative to contribute to the advancement of female presence in the transport sector. 

Together, we make a difference on the road to equality!