Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre los dispositivos de telepeaje


Electronic toll collection systems are simple and easy to use, you can travel across all of Europe’s toll roads without worrying about regulations or how much you have to pay in each country, you just have to adapt to the speed limits and focus on your trip.

Drivers spend so much time on the road that anything that may help them on their route on a daily basis is always welcome. That is the case of toll devices, commonly referred to as ETC (electronic toll collection):


Tolls are payments corresponding to transit and traffic rights across specific places. In the case of ETC, payment is made through an electronic device located in the truck cabin; tolls can be paid without having to stop the vehicle. Since each country charges different amounts and has diverse payment methods, which vary regularly throughout the year, ETC is highly recommended. Thus, we can forget, for instance, of calling our bank before entering Portuguese territory or about Germany having increased the toll price owing to a change in legislation.



How does an ETC device work?


Just by having the device integrated in the vehicle, the toll barrier shall be lifted allowing the truck to drive through without having to stop at all. Using it has many advantages. We will now share the most relevant ones:


  • One of the most outstanding advantages of ETC is that users may pay without stopping their vehicle, provided that their speed does not exceed 40 km/h.
  • Avoiding traffic jams is another good thing of ETC.The manual or card toll collection lane usually has traffic jams that you may avoid with ETC. In addition, you may forget about wasting unnecessary fuel and about the unpleasant feeling waiting produces.
  • ETC will help you periodically monitor the cost of these roads. This is a great advantage for individuals, companies and self-employed professionals.
  • In many toll roads, discounts are offered to clients using ETC.
  • Even though the number of toll roads where you can pay by card is growing, there are still facilities where this possibility is not an option, forcing the driver to have cash at that particular moment. By using ETC you will not have to worry about this.
  • Another aspect worth highlighting of ETC is its advanced technology, ensuring its smooth and secure running at all times.
  • Its interoperability. ETC works in all toll roads located in the Iberian Peninsula and may be installed in almost every vehicle wishing to use this service.