At Andamur, we started a very demanding race 30 years ago: to offer our customers the best services on their daily life and their fleet’s on the road. Throughout these years, we have striven every day to enhance the security and comfort of those who trust us. In brief, we strive to look after what really matters: to contribute to the security of your business, to strengthen our relationship with you and to foster our bond whenever you need us on the road. We offer you refuelling options which adapt to your needs, a break, healthy food and the possibility of working out, taking a shower, getting on the Internet or washing your clothes.

As a result, and since we still have a long way to go, we start a new stage today: We renew ourselves, we improve and we grow for you and your business. Our stations are different as of today: they are newer, more modern, more updated but they still keep their essence. And the essence for us is to continue being loyal to our original values; those upon which we based our small local business that has more than 650 stations across Europe now.

Throughout the summer, we will implement our makeover in all our service stations. The first one has been our biggest station: Andamur La Junquera. In a few days we will complete the renovation of Andamur Guarromán and, throughout the summer, Andamur Pamplona, Andamur San Román, Andamur El Límite and Andamur Lorca will follow suit.

Andamur, #EveryTripMatters and we want to share it with you.