At Andamur we keep growing and enlarging our station network across Spain by including three new service areas in Toledo (E.S. Valcarce el Casar de Talavera) and Granada (E.S Valcarce Gor and Láchar). These add up to the last three that joined our network back in April in Madrid (Ganesha combustible), Cuenca (Área de Uclés) and Guadalajara (Área 117 Torremocha del campo).


With the first three stations that joined the network, we increased our coverage in the north and south of the Iberian Peninsula in order to improve the services we provide to our customers and cover a higher number of locations accessible to them. With these new stations, we already have 31 associated service areas that have been strategically selected and that are offered in different Spanish locations with the same advantages as those owned by Andamur.


We have more than 650 stations distributed across 9 European countries. All of them give access to the main European roads and routes and offer Andamur customers the possibility of refuelling with the Andamur ProEurope card.


In brief, this is a new step forward in our aim to continue growing to keep making drivers’ lives easier, providing advantages and comfort in the transport sector, without forgetting the importance of providing solutions to the needs that truck drivers face on a daily basis. This way, not only do we enlarge the number of service stations at national and international level, but we also commit ourselves to being present in many locations to offer the best services.