Andamur incorpora dos nuevas estaciones de servicio asociadas a su red española en Sevilla y Valencia

Andamur continues working to fulfil its commitment to growth by offering its customers new stations. For this reason, as of today, our users have two more associated stations in strategic locations in order to improve and continue fostering professional transport.  These two new stations are located in Villanueva del Rey (Seville) and Beneixida (Valencia).

The first one offers users around the clock service, shop, restaurant and Diesel A fuelling. As for the second one, it offers around the clock service, showers, fax, shop, Diesel A, Diesel B and Adblue. They both offer the quality, security and service guarantee provided by Andamur in all its service areas. 

With these two new stations, Andamur reaches a total of 20 service stations located in the Spanish territory and more than 170 within its international network. All of them connect with the main European roads and routes.

At Andamur, we continue growing always focusing on making drivers’ lives easier: contributing improvements and comfort to the transport sector while working on offering drivers solutions to their needs. This way, we continue growing both at a national and international level.