As it has done every year since 2016, Andamur has donated €15,000 to the Oikía association, a shelter home in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, the poorest country in South America with the lowest raste of school attendance.

About Oikía

The Oikía shelter is a Cáritas (Diocese of Cartagena) project that provides accommodation for a limited time to street children and young people in Bolivia.

Since its founding, Oikía has achieved various goals such as reaching young people increasingly early on in their lives through closer cooperation with public institutions.

Despite all its achievements, the problem does not end here. The Oikía association is therefore continuing to strive towards a number of goals:

  • To provide accommodation for homeless children and young people (aged 8 to 18) so that they have shelter, food and healthcare.
  • To help them build their self-esteem and personal motivation so that they can move on to other permanent educational homes.
  • To free them from the nocturnal dangers on the street as well as from the habitual or frequent use of alcohol or drugs.
  • To oversee the welfare and overall development of the children and teenagers so that they’re motivated to change their lives in a way that enables them to get off the streets.
  • To provide psychological support to any young people who need it.
  • To educate boys and girls and improve their skills.

With these charitable initiatives, Andamur engages with Goal 1 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to end poverty, which aims to ensure equality between people, protect the planet and achieve prosperity for all in order to eradicate poverty in all its forms throughout the world.

The annual donation to the Oikía shelter home is part of our CSR Plan #CaringForWhatMatters under the Leadership and Future focus that frames the company’s social commitment. With this plan, Andamur aims to give back to society some of what society gives to the company.