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<<Draw to be in with a chance of winning a trip to Disneyland for truck drivers and their families>>

At Andamur, we are aware of the difficulties that professional drivers face in their day-to-day life: time away from home, tiredness, stress, not being able to spend time with their families while out on the road…

That’s why, this Christmas, the Disney Trip Draw that we ran in 2018 is back. This is a way to spoil our professional drivers: a draw for a trip to Disneyland Paris for 4 people, half-board for 4 days and 3 nights.

The draw is open to all truck drivers who are Andamur customers and use any of our services (refuelling, showers, drinks in the restaurant, security parking…) in the Andamur Service Areas (El Límite, La Junquera, La Junquera-Llers, Guarromán, Lorca, Pamplona and San Román).

From 23rd December 2021 to 5th January 2022, all drivers who avail of an Andamur service can enter into the draw. As well as the requirements of having to be a professional driver and an Andamur customer, they will have to fill in a survey on tablets located in the service areas or by scanning a QR code.

On King’s Day, on 6th January 2022, Andamur will contact the winner and agree on the date to hand over the Travel Voucher at the Service Area of the winner’s choosing.



The 10 Commandments of the Healthy Driver

As part of our commitment to the well-being of professional drivers, in 2019 we created the ‘10 Commandments of the Healthy Driver’ which we use to carry out activities and actions to improve their healthy habits while on the road.

As part of our commandment ‘Avoid stress by keeping in touch with loved ones’ we came up with the initiative of the Disneyland draw, with the aim of giving drivers the chance to rest, unwind and spend time with their families.


At Andamur, #WeLookAfterWhatMatters by showing an interest in the well-being of our customers and all professional drivers. Spending time with your loved ones and resting are key to your well-being. Look after yourself!



As it has done every year since 2016, Andamur has donated €15,000 to the Oikía association, a shelter home in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, the poorest country in South America with the lowest raste of school attendance.

About Oikía

The Oikía shelter is a Cáritas (Diocese of Cartagena) project that provides accommodation for a limited time to street children and young people in Bolivia.

Since its founding, Oikía has achieved various goals such as reaching young people increasingly early on in their lives through closer cooperation with public institutions.

Despite all its achievements, the problem does not end here. The Oikía association is therefore continuing to strive towards a number of goals:

  • To provide accommodation for homeless children and young people (aged 8 to 18) so that they have shelter, food and healthcare.
  • To help them build their self-esteem and personal motivation so that they can move on to other permanent educational homes.
  • To free them from the nocturnal dangers on the street as well as from the habitual or frequent use of alcohol or drugs.
  • To oversee the welfare and overall development of the children and teenagers so that they’re motivated to change their lives in a way that enables them to get off the streets.
  • To provide psychological support to any young people who need it.
  • To educate boys and girls and improve their skills.

With these charitable initiatives, Andamur engages with Goal 1 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to end poverty, which aims to ensure equality between people, protect the planet and achieve prosperity for all in order to eradicate poverty in all its forms throughout the world.

The annual donation to the Oikía shelter home is part of our CSR Plan #CaringForWhatMatters under the Leadership and Future focus that frames the company’s social commitment. With this plan, Andamur aims to give back to society some of what society gives to the company.


The new regulation on driving and rest times for transporters of goods on Spanish roads will be in force until 31 May.

To avoid confusion, we at Andamur will explain the new regulation, which must be taken into account by all truck drivers,  from now on

1-Daily driving – A maximum of 11 hours per day is established. Driving breaks must be every 4.5 hours and mandatory daily breaks are set at 9 consecutive hours of driving (instead of 11).

2- Weekly rest – It is established that every four weeks at least two normal weekly rests of 45 hours must be taken, and consequently the other two reduced rests of 24 hours may be taken, either in continuous or alternate weeks, and without the need to compensate for the reduction not taken.

Furthermore, it is maintained that whatever the length of the rest, it may in any case be taken on board the vehicle provided that it is adequately equipped and the vehicle is parked.

3- Limit on weekly and bi-weekly driving hours – The obligation to carry out a maximum of 56 hours of driving per week and 90 hours per two-week period continues.


From the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Andamur has been working everyday at its 100% to deliver the best services to all truck drivers. Services that go from fuel supply, food/catering service, complete food and hygiene catalog in our stores to personal hygiene services such as bathrooms and showers. Always assuring the best quantity of serviced allowed while fulfilling all the strict safety and hygienic measures.

We have created a series of food virtual catalogs in six of our own stores with the aim of having companies and drivers totally informed about the products and services we provide before they get to our stations.

Visit our online catalogues and enjoy our products on your way: 

Giving everyone our best, Together We Will Make it Through, because now more than ever Every Journey Matters.