Every year, over 2.3 million trucks travel to the UK to transport raw materials, food and other products essential to consumers and industry. More than 10% of these lorries come from Spain.

Uncertainty over the Brexit has prompted more than 30 pan-European transport organisations to call for a Brexit agreement to protect the movement of goods vehicles from 31 December 2020.

ASTIC and CETM are two of the Spanish organisations that have participated in this open letter issued from the International Road Union (IRU) to EU negotiator Michael Barnier and UK negotiator David Frost.

The coronavirus crisis has resulted in an annual loss of 64 billion euros for transport operators. This is why the IRU’s delegate to the EU, Raluca Marian, has pointed out that the absence of a pact between the EU and the United Kingdom could threaten the viability of freight transport companies.

The agreement issued by the transport organisations aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To protect the movement of heavy goods vehicles between the UK and the European Union
  2. To avoid quota systems and special transport permits.
  3. To protect the safety and working conditions of professional transporters.
  4. Recognition of standards and certificates to ensure fair competition

The conclusion from the organisations is clear: if no agreement is reached, both EU and UK organisations will be harmed, affecting the supply chain and the economy in general.