The concept of Customer Experience is increasing its relevance in companies. It is the combination of all interactions between a user and a brand throughout their relationship and once it is over. That is why implementing Customer Experience is becoming mandatory in all companies wishing to build robust and loyal relationships with their customers.

At Andamur, we have this concept constantly in mind, and this year we have worked on improving the Customer Experience process in all our products and services as much as possible. Miguel Ángel López, Andamur CEO, talked about this work and its implementation in the company at the 4th Meeting of Marketing and Communications managers and professionals, Marketing Refresh Day 2018. According to him, Andamur focuses most of its Customer Experience on professional truck drivers. In contrast to other companies, our brand “is a particular one since it is aimed at the end professional using our services, who is not necessarily the one paying for them. With this approach in mind, we have analysed all the times the user comes into contact with us and we have set improvements for each and every one of them.”

During his presentation, Andamur CEO also gave some details on specific actions that the company is going to carry out in the short term: “Even though we started as a petrol station, in these 30 years of experience, we have always adapted ourselves to the needs of truck drivers so that we could meet all of them. In our stations, we have set up restaurants, security car parks, hotels, supermarkets, showers, laundry rooms, etc. Now we want to take another step forward and become the first network of multi-energy service areas for trucks, something we will see very soon.

Marketing Refresh Day 2018 was held in the city of Murcia and gathered nearly twenty experts in marketing and communications in different conferences and round tables. They discussed the aspects that are changing the relationship between customers and brands in front of 140 people. Managers of brands such as Dulcesol, NH Hoteles, Noved Eventos and Ticbiomed, among other, addressed topics related to customers, contents and loyalty.