As of today, all of Andamur stations have the SGS Seal of Quality, a certification ensuring consumers that the fuel they purchase complies with the highest quality standards. After the Andamur station in Lorca obtained this certification, the rest of our service stations in Spain have followed suit. Therefore, Andamur stations have become the only ones to have this certification in the provinces of Navarra, Alava, Almeria and Murcia.


The SGS Seal of Quality ensures that our fuel complies with the most demanding quality standards and that it is subject to initial audits and continual assessments to guarantee that such standards continue to be met over time.


Achieving this certification is part of our aim to stay at the forefront in terms of Quality standards. This was, indeed, one of the commitments we acquired last September when we became active members of the Spanish Association for Quality and fits within the creation of a Total Quality Management System Plan, that we are already working on.