Andamur receives the ‘ Regional Golden Spike’ award from the Spanish Federation of Food Banks

Solidarity, helping those who need it most, has been one of the objectives that Andamur has pursued since its foundation. A few years ago, we launched an initiative with the Food Bank of Segura, a fundamental institution of recognized prestige throughout the Region of Murcia for its tireless work to alleviate poverty, as another form of collaboration, which was rewarded a few days ago.

Fulgencio López, Founder of Andamur, collected this award in Madrid alongside María Dolores Sánchez, also a founder, and Salvador López, a board member of Andamur.

The award ceremony took place at the CaixaForum center in Madrid, where Andamur received the distinction alongside companies such as Amazon, Vocento, La Palette Rouge, or Caja Rural de Extremadura, among others. In this regard, it is noteworthy that these awards, held since 2003, aim to recognize companies, individuals, foundations, or institutions that stand out for their support to the different Food Banks that make up FESBAL. It is important to mention that the proposals for the awardees are made by the Food Banks themselves that are part of the federation.

The collaboration between Andamur and the Food Bank of Segura goes back a long way. In 2020, thanks to the solidarity challenge we launched, we donated €25,000 to the Food Bank of Segura and another €25,000 to the sister institution, the Food Bank of Almería.

Also, in early 2022, in collaboration with the Association of Ukrainians in the Region of Murcia, we participated in the initiative to send two trucks to the Poland-Ukraine border with between 20,000 and 25,000 kilos of food and essential goods in each truck, all coordinated by the Food Bank of Segura.

Last spring, we decided to sponsor a “Solidarity Nest,” a prominent corporate sponsorship project of the Food Bank of Segura, through a donation committing to support this program for an entire year. Sponsoring the “Solidarity Nest” will allow the Food Bank to provide continuous assistance to those who need it most, ensuring access to basic food and promoting solidarity in the region.

In addition to this valuable contribution, Andamur made a donation of €5,500 for the purchase of oil. The Food Bank of Segura expressed concern about the lack of oil and milk, essential products that have not been included in supplies from the European Union this year, and that’s why we decided to make this contribution.

And it doesn’t end there. In our eagerness to support the different banks that are part of Fesbal, with the recent opening of our gym at the San Román Service Area, we launched a special campaign through which we managed to collect almost a ton of non-perishable food for the Food Bank of Álava.

After receiving this recognition, Fulgencio López expressed profound gratitude on behalf of Andamur to FESBAL, and especially to the Food Bank of Segura, for considering Andamur worthy of the award. “This is not a point of arrival, but another reason to continue collaborating and contributing to making the lives of the most disadvantaged better,” said our founder.