Teams that Compete for the Environment, winner of the First Andamur Environmental and Sustainable Ideas Contest

Some fifty proposals presented in this first edition highlight the Andamur Team’s commitment to sustainability

On the occasion of the celebration of World Environmental Education Day on 26th January, Andamur have launched the first edition of this contest for employees to present their ideas and proposals.

Ideas that raise awareness about environmental problems and the actions that are carried out to mitigate them have been assessed. All proposals had to promote sustainability.

The winning idea will become part of the most appropriate pillar of the Andamur EverGreen Environmental Plan. The pillars among which the actions of this plan are distributed are promotion of sustainable/multi-energy mobility, energy consumption savings, paper use reduction, water consumption savings, promotion of recycling and other measures to support the environment.

The financial support available to implement the winning idea is €1,000, and the prize for the person who proposes that idea is a kit to start an urban garden at home.

The jury, composed of Ángeles Ruiz, Director of Marketing, Customer Service, and CSR; Francisco Javier Carrillo, Quality Technician; and Juan Guillén, Head of Energy Transformation, chose the winning proposal: “Teams that Compete for the Environment”.

This proposals presented by employee Michela Avataneo has been the winning idea of ​​this first edition. The proposal consists of creating teams that can measure their contribution to the environment, for example: energy consumption reduction in the office or station, carbon footprint reduction using non-polluting means of transport, printed paper use reduction, environmental volunteering, and similar. Performing these actions will be rewarded with points when an action has been carried out, and after a period of time the team or department involved will receive a prize or incentive.

Andamur wants to thank all the team members who have participated in this initiative for their involvement, demonstrating once again their commitment to the efforts carried out by the company to promote sustainability and environmental awareness.