European routes involve a number of processes and certificates that can become complex without the help of professionals, but they’re essential so that your fleet completes its journeys ensuring everyone’s well-being and safety.

At Andamur, we have made a commitment to haulage companies. Which is why we help them carry out these processes without the bureaucracy or the involvement of lawyers. In addition, all our services are guaranteed by Andamur, fees are minimal and the service is tailor-made by experts.

Alongside Gem86, we help transport companies to manage VAT and special tax recovery processes, as well as the certificate of posting required by the Macron Law.

VAT recovery

If you’re travelling in Europe, you can apply for a refund of the VAT paid on products and services relating to your activity during your journeys, such as fuel, tolls, hotels, taxis, ferries, repairs, trade fairs… The amount you’re refunded varies from country to country and the type of purchase made.

At Andamur we manage recovery of the VAT you pay, whether you’re a company or self-employed, on purchases made in European Union countries where you’re not based for tax purposes.

We also give you the option to choose the system that best suits your needs:

  • Conventional system. The most popular system among international transport companies because it’s a simple process with lower administrative costs and good results
  • Net billing system. Only for Portuguese clients. This is a system that enables you to pay your bills free of the Spanish VAT on each invoice. Within the invoice period agreed with the client, the fuel supplier will debit the net amount, taking care of the Spanish tax and the recovery process.

Special tax recovery

At Andamur we have experts in the field at European level to recover taxes on your travel around Europe. If you want to maximise the profitability of your business, we’ll help you with our fast and simple tax recovery service in several countries:

  • Professional Diesel recovery (Spain). A partial refund is granted on the diesel tax set by the Spanish State. Both freight and passenger vehicles are eligible for this refund. There is a fixed refund limit per vehicle and per year.
  • TICPE recovery (France). With the Inland Tax on Energy Product Consumption, a partial refund is granted on the tax on energy products set by the French state. The refund is applicable to freight and passenger vehicles and there is a refund limit set per vehicle and per six-month period.
  • Professional Diesel recovery (Belgium). In the case of Belgium, a partial refund is also granted on the tax on energy products set by the Belgian state, but it is only applicable to freight. The refund limit is fixed per vehicle and per year.

Certificate of posting

France’s Macron Law requires haulage companies based outside of France to formalise a number of documents. One of these is the certificate of posting, a mandatory document since 2016 that must include details of your employer, the company director and a representative in France, as well as travel, food and accommodation expenses on your route through France.

At Andamur we help companies process the certificate of posting that professional drivers need on their journeys through France in a simple way.

With all these services, we help companies in the haulage industry become more profitable. If you want to maximise tax and VAT recovery or need help obtaining a certificate of posting, Andamur can help.