Introducing our 1st Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019-2020, in which we report on Andamur’s achievement in the last two years under our CSR Plan.


Naturally, our first CSR Report had to be presented in a big way.

Our headquarters were clad in colour to represent the 17 SDGs, and we involved all our workers through various activities. The winners were able to donate € 2,000 to various NGOs, charities, etc.

We also welcomed Longinos Marin, vice-chancellor for social responsibility and transparency of the University of Murcia and Director of the CSR Department; Ana Jiménez-Alfaro, researcher and lecturer at the University of Murcia CSR Department and CSR and equality coordinator at BNFIX; and Roberto Fuentes, CSR Department head of communication and researcher.

Thank you for guiding us on this path and, of course, for joining us on this special day.


Andamur’s sustainability model, called #WeLookAfterWhatMatters, is founded upon 5 PILLARS based on the main rules and standards on Social Responsibility, as well as on actively listening to our stakeholders. 

Below we report on the actions carried out in 2019 – 2020.

Ensure ethical and transparent communication with all our stakeholders.

Andamur Ecosystem

A project that not only allows us to identify Andamur’s stakeholders but also the frequency of participation of each of them, who their representative is within Andamur, what their key corporate messages are and how we should behave with them.

As a first step, we identify the stakeholders that may affect or be affected by our activities.

Materiality Report

Also in 2020, and with the help of the University of Murcia CSR Department, we later worked on a Materiality Report, which enabled us to ask our stakeholders and find out first-hand what they consider to be really important in their relationship with Andamur. This, in turn, allowed us to set our areas of action for the CSR Strategic Plan 2021-2023.

Personal Data Procesing

At Andamur, we observe and comply with the current regulations on data protection: SPANISH ORGANIC LAW 3/2018 (LOPD), EU REGULATION 2016/679 (GDPR), and other related legal provisions in force.

Precautionary Principle

We work with a focus on the precautionary principle, based on the four facets of responsible management: environmental, social, economic and good governance.

We maintain our commitment to improving the day-to-day life of professional drivers and transport companies


Campaign to support truckers, employees and civil society at the hardest times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Under the slogan #InItTogether, we stand by our heroes, the truckers:

  • Always providing a service. Ensuring all services are running at times of restrictions.
  • Giving them a voice on our social media so they could talk about their difficult situation
  • Handing out masks and alcohol gel free of charge at our service areas
  • Offering ozone disinfection of truck cabs free of charge at our service stations


To make equal opportunities between men and women a hallmark of Andamur’s corporate identity, in March 2019, we launched our #IAmAWomanTrucker initiative to mark the occasion of International Women’s Day, which we celebrate every year with various actions for women.

Commandments of the Healthy Trucker

The campaign, launched in 2019, involved actions at our points of sale to encourage healthy habits among our customers during their journeys, as well as initiatives to raise awareness and provide information both on our social media and through posters at our service areas, focusing on:

  • Combating stress by keeping in touch with loved ones
  • Eating a varied diet
  • Doing physical activity
  • Looking after health on the road

Social commitment in all areas, including cultural, sports and civil society.


  • Campaign to support truckers, employees and civil society at the hardest times of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Donation of masks to hospitals
  • Free washes for official vehicles
  • Working with the Jesús Abandonado Foundation

Much to Share

In December 2020, Andamur donated € 50,000 to the Almería and Murcia Food Banks and activated the Much to Share fundraising challenge in which companies and individuals could increase the donation level. We managed to raise € 2,507.

Aid for Bolivia

A € 15,000 donation each year to Oikia, Bolivia.

Breakfast with a Smile

An annual collaboration between the company, its employees and a children’s welfare charity, for Children’s Day.

You Decide

Donation of € 30,000 divided between six local, regional and national charities, chosen by our customers at our six service areas.


Support for Molina de Segura Town Council during the floods caused by the DANA (isolated depression at high levels)

Bread Month

Working with the Jesús Abandonado Foundation every April.

Your Effort is Worth x 3

For each visit to our gym, we donate 3 kilos of food to the Gerona Food Bank.

Support for Local Sport

  • Basket Navarra
  • Iberos Rugby Linares
  • Feminas Lorca
  • Agurain Sociedad Deportiva
  • Unión Deportiva La Junquera
  • Huércal Overa Club de Fútbol
  • Lorca Half Marathon

Achieve and maintain quality employment and work, with committed staff who are satisfied with the company.

The Andamur family

  • Andamur has 160 employees of whom 61 are men and 99 are women.
  • Diversity and non-discrimination are key to the management of any company and industry. At Andamur, we bring together people from different cultures and generations.
  • Work/Life Balance.To balance family, personal and work life, at Andamur we’re committed to ensuring our staff enjoy work/life balance measures such as flexible hours and working from home.
  • Conceived as serving a dual purpose:

1. Training the best professionals to deliver an excellent service to our customers.
2. Developing personal talent within our Corporate Social Responsibility concept.

  • Health and Safety.We ensure that all work is performed as safely as possible, thereby raising the level of well-being and satisfaction at work.

OSH Occupational Safety and Health Performance

The safety of the people who make up the Andamur Team is essential. In this sense, we would like to highlight that after the implementation of the OHSMS (Occupational Health and Safety Management System), we have obtained a high level of efficiency in Occupational Health and Safety.

To achieve this, the following actions have been carried out:

  • Launch of the OSH Committee and OSH representatives by workplace.
  • Development, implementation and communication of OSH policies and operations to all our stakeholders with the strict requirements imposed by ISO 45001:2018.
  • Development of automated processes for the Coordination of Business Activities.
  • Recycling of our employees’ training in OSH and ORP.
  • Recycling of our employees’ training in emergency measures (Self-Protection Plans (PAU)/Emergency and Fire Plans (PEI)).


Campaign to support truckers, employees and civil society at the hardest times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Support for our service area staff
  • Aperitif kit for all our workers in appreciation of their efforts.

Your energy drives us

Being a family, we celebrate Christmas together:

  • Kids’ visit to the premises with lots of surprises for them
  • Andamur Christmas Card Competition

Because of our activity, we understand that this must be one of Andamur’s strategic areas

Sustainable Mobility

  • Carbon Footprint Verification: ISO 14064-1 for quantification of greenhouse gas emissions and removals.We are the first company in the industry to verify our CO2.
  • Client carbon footprint calculation


This initiative to transform our facilities and become a multi-energy company is another important step in promoting sustainable mobility.

Our multi-energy service stations are equipped to supply gas, electricity and traditional fuel to meet the growing demand in the transport industry.

Saving energy

The installation of solar panels at all our service areas and our business centre, which we started in 2019, is a clear example of Andamur’s commitment to saving energy.

Thanks to this energy-efficiency measure, we managed to reduce the carbon footprint of our CO2 emissions by 30% in 2019 and by 14% in 2020 as part of our climate action.

Andamur Ever Green

To reduce our use of paper, save water, encourage recycling, save energy, clean up natural spaces and the Andamur forest.

Environmental Performance

After the implementation of the Andamur EMS (Environmental Management System) and having evaluated our performance, we have obtained a score of 93.65% for the set objectives.

To achieve this, the following actions have been carried out:

  • Carbon footprint, the most relevant action in the environmental field
  • Awareness in good environmental practices
  • Waste management
  • Evaluation, control and monitoring of the environmental impacts generated by the organisation
  • Communication and operational policies developed to have an impact on the sustainable practices of our stakeholders

We see the 17 SDGs as an opportunity – a way of doing business more responsibly.

We believe that our support for Agenda 2030 is a clear example of Andamur’s firm commitment to value creation and progress in Spanish and European society. We’re totally convinced that “the best way to lay out a roadmap towards reaching these goals is through empirical data”, as the Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres says in his forward to the Sustainable Development Goals Report.

At Andamur, we have a particular focus on these SDGs:


Since we are socially committed, at Andamur we look after what matters and we engage in a better world for those around us