We presented our 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, in which we reported on the achievements made by Andamur through our CSR plan.


2022 RSC Report launching event

For the presentation of the report, we organised an event in which the entire team, both from our service stations and our offices, was able to participate in a dynamic session on the report itself and its relationship with the SDGs, after which they got to enjoy a special breakfast together.

The person from the team who was able to show that they knew the most about Andamur’s CSR-related actions will get to decide to which CSR action they want to allocate 1,000 euros, that is, in a way they will get to actually participate in the plan in 2023.

Know our SCR reports:




Andamur’s sustainability model, called #WeLookAfterWhatMatters, is founded upon 5 PILLARS based on the main rules and standards on Social Responsibility, as well as on actively listening to our stakeholders.
Below we report on the actions carried out in 2022.

We see the 17 SDGs as an opportunity – a way of doing business more responsibly.

We believe that our support for Agenda 2030 is a clear example of Andamur’s firm commitment to value creation and progress in Spanish and European society. We’re totally convinced that “the best way to lay out a roadmap towards reaching these goals is through empirical data”, as the Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres says in his forward to the Sustainable Development Goals Report.

En Andamur trabajamos especialmente en estos ODS:


Since we are socially committed, at Andamur we look after what matters and we engage in a better world for those around us