At Andamur we achieve carbon neutrality to strengthen our commitment to the environment

We calculate, reduce and offset our carbon footprint

We achieve CO2 neutrality through an exhaustive process that involves calculating, reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint. We performed the calculation for the first time in 2018, registering it with the Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITERD). Since then, we have continued to work on reducing our footprint, and in 2021 we obtained the “reduzco” seal, which involves a reduction across three-year periods (18-19-20 and 19-20-21).

To complete the cycle set out by the Ministry in relation to the Carbon Footprint, Offsetting and CO2 Absorption Projects Seal, we have signed a CO2 absorption rights acquisition agreement with the Galician Forestry Association. This non-profit organization brings together proprietors in the Autonomous Region of Galicia.

With this we managed to offset all of Andamur’s CO2 emissions in 2021, a total of 403 tCO2 eq., equivalent to almost 1.7 million kilometres (or 42 times around the world) travelled by a car with a combustion engine.

To achieve this, 3,200 trees were planted across a surface area of two hectares as part of a regeneration project for Monte Vecinal de Paradela de Bemil, located in the municipality of Caldas de Reis (Pontevedra). This area, which was hit by a fire in 2017 that wiped out 229 hectares (the entirety of the woodland), is being regenerated in various phases to establish the forest cover of conifers (pine), native hardwoods (primarily oak) and eucalyptus. The project is being carried out according to a stringent management plan certified by the highest quality standards for sustainable forestry management (PEFC and FSC certificates).

Obtaining this seal is an important milestone for Andamur in our commitment to the environment, which is a cornerstone of our Corporate Social Responsibility Plan.