• Endesa X and Andamur have chosen La Junquera, a strategic location with a high flow of traffic between Spain and the rest of Europe, to launch these first eight ultra-fast 350 kW recharging points, which take an estimated time of between 3 and 10 minutes to recharge a battery for 100km.
  • This new recharging area is the third such facility that Endesa X has installed in our service stations, out of a total of five planned under the agreement signed between the two companies in 2019. Apart from La Junquera, our other service areas with charging infrastructure are Andamur San Román (Álava) and Andamur Pamplona in the Ciudad del Transporte (Navarre).
  • We consider this partnership with Endesa X to be an important step within our strategy, which is based on providing our customers with multi-energy service areas, thus responding to the demand for new sustainable transport energy solutions.
  • As part of its infrastructure development plan, Endesa X has already rolled out more than 3,000 recharging points in Spain for all kinds of technologies.


Today saw the launch of our first ultra-fast recharging area with a total power of 1.4 MW, in partnership with Endesa X, Endesa’s energy services and electric vehicles company division. The service area chosen for the installation is Andamur La Junquera, a major traffic hub and one of the main access points between Spain and the rest of Europe. As such, it is a strategic location and, by providing ultra-fast charging on one of the country’s main transport corridors, the AP7, it is key to making long road journeys possible for electric vehicle users. The power capacity of these facilities allows you to recharge a battery for 100km in an estimated time of between 3 and 10 minutes, depending on the charging capacity of the vehicle and the percentage of battery it has at the time of recharging.


The event was attended by the deputy mayor of La Junquera, Rafael Medinilla; the director general of Endesa in Catalonia, Isabel Buesa; Miguel Ángel López, CEO of Andamur, and Manuel Muñoz, Endesa X’s director of public infrastructure for electric vehicles.


This new charging hub, located in our Andamur La Junquera service area, very close to the French border, will allow up to eight vehicles to be charged simultaneously, thanks to its four ultra-fast technology stations (350 kW). Each station has two connectors (two cables) with the European CCS Combo charging standard.


Any electric vehicle which uses this type of charger will be able to use the new facilities. The characteristics of the car itself will determine the power, and therefore the charging speed, at which they can be used.


According to Manuel Muñoz, Director of Endesa X’s Public Access Infrastructure Plan: “We continue to work to facilitate electric transport for all users, and not only in cities, where we have installed different charging systems for all types of uses in car parks, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc. We are also committed to providing ultra-fast recharging on the road, so that users have no hesitation when it comes to making long-distance journeys. This facility in La Junquera is a clear example of how we tailor our services to meet the needs of each location and we are delighted to have partnered with Andamur in this respect.


For Miguel Ángel López, CEO of Andamur: “The installation of Endesa X’s 350kW ultrafast recharging hub in a location as significant for us as Andamur La Junquera sees us reaching a new milestone that reaffirms our vision. Our company’s commitment to innovation and the environment is one of the fundamental principles on which our strategy has been based in recent years. In addition, we are helping to make the electric vehicle customer experience at our service areas increasingly similar to that of a conventional vehicle. At Andamur, we specialise in professional transport and heavy vehicles, and our agreement with Endesa X allows us to enhance our commitment to sustainable transport in our service areas, installing the best facilities and making them available to electric vehicle users as well”.

This new recharging hub is the third that Endesa X has installed in our service areas, with a total of five planned for the time being. All of them are strategically located around the country.


The station installed at Andamur La Junquera is part of the AMBRA-Electrify Europe Project (2017-IT-TM-0110-W), funded by the European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility Programme (CEF Transport) and the European Investment Bank (EIB).


How do I use the chargers?

As regards the recharging process, you can book, use and pay for the service quickly and easily via the Endesa X Juicepass app. Users can download the app to their mobile phone and use it to manage the charging of their electric vehicle (pay, book up to 15 minutes in advance, etc.). They can also use it to select different tariffs according to their needs, with the option of monthly charging and pay-per-use tariffs, meaning that they only pay for what they charge.


The app is available on iOs and Android and users can register using their Facebook or Google account, or by providing an email address. Registering also allows you to access special charging rates and you can create your own account with your preferences and payment methods, which will facilitate subsequent charges. In any case, registering on the app is optional and you can always choose to use it without registering and pay directly with your credit card, through the app.


Chargers throughout Spain


Endesa X’s recharging network consists of almost 3,000 public access recharging points in cities, rural areas and on roads. In the latter environment, the main roads have been covered, with more than 400 recharging points already operational, thanks to agreements such as the one signed with Andamur. Endesa X’s objective is to continue to install charging services for all power classes, with a roll-out plan that takes into account all customer usage habits and therefore charging capacities. In addition to ultra-fast and fast charging, Endesa X is investing in facilities in hospitals, hotels, car parks, cinemas, restaurants and shopping centres, where the average stay is more than two hours. The development of electric transport is one of the cornerstones of Endesa’s strategic plan, presented to the market late last year.


Andamur and sustainable transport

Our commitment to the environment and sustainable transport is clear. We work to give our customers the energy they need, now and in the future. Traditional fuel, NGV and Electricity are options available to our customers at some of our multi-energy service areas. It is worth noting that we are the first company in the sector to obtain Carbon Footprint Verification. Furthermore, in our search for new alternative forms of energy, we are committed to Green Hydrogen, and we are founding members of AHMUR, the Green Hydrogen Sector Association of the Region of Murcia.





<< With the “One refuel, one tree” campaign on 5th June, World Environment Day, we are fostering the growth of our Corporate Forest through the cooperation of our customers>>


At Andamur, as well as our commitment to people, we are committed to our surroundings and to the future of our planet. We have already taken a wide range of actions to reduce our carbon footprint.

One of our biggest concerns is the creation of forests.

In collaboration with the Bosqueo2 Association, over the last 4 years Andamur has been carrying out a significant reforestation project on the Alagüeces public estate, located in the Lorca district of Zarzadilla de Totana in the Region of Murcia. During this time, a total of 1,250 native-specie trees have been planted. The Andamur team has played an exemplary role with various plantations which they themselves have planted and sponsored; seeing for themselves the enormous value that trees provide to our environment.

Andamur’s fight to protect the planet and improve our environment is made possible by all the advantges the Andamur Forest provides to our planet:

  • It will absorb 50 tonnes of CO2 per year in the medium term to offset emissions while limiting our carbon footprint.
  • Fights against the desertification of our region by planting tree and shrub species that protect and generate soil.
  • Benefits the biodiversity of the environment through the variety of species planted.
  • Increased presence of fauna, thanks to the planting of valuable species such as wild olive, Mediterranean Buckthorn, blackthorn and mastic trees.
  • Promotes greater food supply for fauna.
  • Generates seeds that can spread naturally and expand their presence in the immediate environment.
  • More resilience and regeneration capacity in the face of future episodes of drought, pests or fires thanks to the reforestation carried out with different native species. The Andamur forest is equipped to deal with the climate change that threatens us.


The reforestation work has been carried out with the utmost rigour and monitoring. Anti-fauna protectors, relief irrigation, choice of species, in order to achieve the settlement of the greatest number of trees in a semi-arid and complicated environment where drought is common.

It should be noted that this project has included 25 specimens of the Cartagena Sabina (Tetraclinis articulata), a species found in North Africa, with a presence in the Cartagena mountain ranges, where, due to the mild temperatures, it has a unique population in continental Europe. The Highlands of Lorca are a territory where winters normally record low temperatures, which makes it difficult for species such as this one to settle and difficult for them to reproduce. Nevertheless, climate change is leading to increasingly frequent warm spells throughout the year. For this reason, these 25 specimens planted in December 2021 will be monitored to check their behaviour in this new scenario.

However, the Andamur Forest is not the only one, as we are managing the implementation of similar actions in other provinces where we have service stations such as in Gerona, Jaén, and Navarre. All as a result of the World Environment Day “One refuel, one tree” campaign on 5th June, when, every time a vehicle is refuelled at our stations, a tree will be planted as part of the 2022 planting campaign.

In the new planting zones, the Andamur team from the nearest Service Areas such as Andamur La Junquera and Andamur La Junquera-Llers (Gerona), Andamur Guarromán (Jaén), Andamur Pamplona (Navarre) and Andamur San Román (Álava) will play an important role in the planting just like their colleagues at Andamur El Límite (Almería) and Andamur Lorca (Murcia) and their colleagues from the headquarters.  Therefore, by the end of the year, we will have several Andamur Forests around the country.

This initiative is part of our #WeLookAfterWhatMatters CSR Plan, which strives to protect the environment. Protecting the environment is everyone’s business; and the benefits of the Andamur Forest are proof that every step we take counts.

At Andamur, we are striving to continue doing our bit to ensure the best future for our planet and play our part in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular SDG 13 Climate Action and SDG 15 Life on Land.

35 years ago, the Andamur Family started providing hauliers with everything they needed while driving around Europe.

This year, we are celebrating our 35th anniversary. 35 years in which commitment, complicity and improvement have been constant in every step of Andamur’s journey. A journey we set off on in 1987 and in which we have undertaken to ensure the safety and well-being of hauliers at every turn, at every stop.

To celebrate these 35 years, throughout 2022 we’ll share a total of 35 reasons to place your trust in Andamur in video format. This year, we’ll be giving a voice to everyone that accompanies us on this special journey. Founders, customers, partners, employees, associations, etc.…

Our history

Our journey got underway in 1987 with the El Límite Service Area in Huércal-Overa (Almería) opened by Mª Dolores  Sánchez  and  Fulgencio  López, together with their son Juan Carlos López.

In 1996, we expanded to La Junquera (Catalonia), setting up what is now believed to be the most strategic enclave on international road transport routes with a wide range of services such as secure parking, supermarket, showers and even the first Service Area to have a gym. Here we created a real ‘home away from home’ for professionals of all nationalities and cultures.

Around the same time, we launched the Andamur Card: the first private bank card for professional hauliers.

Slowly but surely, the Andamur brand branched out to other strategic national and international locations, with the aim of providing the best service and accompanying our customers on their journeys. Currently, our network has more than 700 service stations in 9 European countries.

As a company, our secret is to remember where we came from by holding onto the values and essence of our origins.

At Andamur, we recognise how tough road transport can be and demonstrate this every time a driver refuels, buys a product or uses one of our services. We have one purpose in mind: to make our drivers feel at home at Andamur.

We’ve recently opened Andamur La Junquera – Llers, the largest Service Area for lorries in Europe where hauliers can make the most of their time. It has 36 multi-product lanes with 6 hoses so several lorries can refuel with different products at the same time which, in turn, cuts down on waiting and refuelling times.

At Andamur, Every Trip Matters and, over the course of the last 35 years, there have been many reasons that have united us with those who accompany us day after day along the way.


#EveryTripMatters   #35ReasonsThatUniteUs

<< Andamur La Junquera-Llers is strategically located and designed in order to reduce refuelling times and optimise transport itineraries>>

At Andamur, we are committed to giving our customers everything they need on each of their journeys, as well as providing them with a wide range of haulier-oriented services across a network of more than 700 service stations.

This is the objective which drives our daily efforts and which led us to develop one of our most ambitious projects, the creation of the largest truck service area in Europe Service Area Andamur La Junquera – Llers (Girona).

In 1996, we established one of our flagship stations at La Junquera and now, 25 years later, we have fulfilled our dream of creating a unique Service Area with special features, designed with the aim of optimising travel for professional truck drivers.

With this new venture, Andamur has managed to ensure that, in a specific geographical area in the province of Girona, in two locations in close proximity to each other, our customers will be able to choose between two completely different service area options.

Andamur La Junquera provides a multitude of services to meet the needs of drivers during their stops: security car park, restaurant, shop, supermarket, laundry, showers and gym, among others.

On the other hand, when they need fast, optimal and efficient refuelling, and do not require the use of additional services, at Andamur La Junquera-Llers they can refuel quickly and continue on their way.

Strategic location of Andamur La Junquera – Llers .

The new Andamur Service Area is located at a point of particular interest for professional transport: 20 kilometres from the French border, just 12 kilometres from La Junquera and 200 metres from Exit 3 of the AP7 toll road.

Andamur La Junquera – Llers will have a total of 36 multi-product lanes by 2022. As of today, 16 lanes are operational.

What’s more, Andamur La Junquera-LLers boasts a system with six simultaneous lines, which means several products can be refuelled at the same time, thus reducing waiting and refuelling times to a minimum, allowing a lorry to be refuelled in approximately eight minutes (Fast Service).

This minimum refuelling time is possible thanks to the fact that at Andamur we are aware of “The Value of Your Time”, the value of the time of each of our customers, of the transport companies and of the hundreds of drivers who cover distances of thousands of kilometres.

 Optimise journeys.

 The main objective of the short refuelling times at Andamur La Junquera -LLers is to optimise our customers’ journeys, which has a positive effect on professional drivers as they can continue on their way with greater peace of mind, make the most of every minute of their time and devote the time left over to other things of their choosing.

The benefits that stops at Andamur La Junquera-LLers can bring also extend to transport companies, where the reduction in refuelling time is directly related to more efficient and shorter journeys and the faster arrival of goods at their destinations.

With the aim of providing our customers with everything they need on their journeys, Andamur La Junquera – Llers provides a 24-hour service, seven days per week.  Payment at the station is automated for greater convenience. Free wi-fi is also available.

At Andamur, we understand that every journey matters and we are aware of the value of our customers’ time. With this in mind, Andamur La Junquera-LLers was created, where ‘The Value of Your Time’, of our customers’ time, is the most important thing.

<<Draw to be in with a chance of winning a trip to Disneyland for truck drivers and their families>>

At Andamur, we are aware of the difficulties that professional drivers face in their day-to-day life: time away from home, tiredness, stress, not being able to spend time with their families while out on the road…

That’s why, this Christmas, the Disney Trip Draw that we ran in 2018 is back. This is a way to spoil our professional drivers: a draw for a trip to Disneyland Paris for 4 people, half-board for 4 days and 3 nights.

The draw is open to all truck drivers who are Andamur customers and use any of our services (refuelling, showers, drinks in the restaurant, security parking…) in the Andamur Service Areas (El Límite, La Junquera, La Junquera-Llers, Guarromán, Lorca, Pamplona and San Román).

From 23rd December 2021 to 5th January 2022, all drivers who avail of an Andamur service can enter into the draw. As well as the requirements of having to be a professional driver and an Andamur customer, they will have to fill in a survey on tablets located in the service areas or by scanning a QR code.

On King’s Day, on 6th January 2022, Andamur will contact the winner and agree on the date to hand over the Travel Voucher at the Service Area of the winner’s choosing.



The 10 Commandments of the Healthy Driver

As part of our commitment to the well-being of professional drivers, in 2019 we created the ‘10 Commandments of the Healthy Driver’ which we use to carry out activities and actions to improve their healthy habits while on the road.

As part of our commandment ‘Avoid stress by keeping in touch with loved ones’ we came up with the initiative of the Disneyland draw, with the aim of giving drivers the chance to rest, unwind and spend time with their families.


At Andamur, #WeLookAfterWhatMatters by showing an interest in the well-being of our customers and all professional drivers. Spending time with your loved ones and resting are key to your well-being. Look after yourself!



During the first fortnight of December, Andamur has carried out the ‘You decide’ campaign, a solidarity project thanks to which we have donated €30,000 to various Spanish NGOs that carry out solidarity projects for different groups.

From 1 to 15 December, all those people who have used any Andamur service in our Service Areas have been able to vote for a solidarity project through tablets installed in them. Thanks to all those people who wanted to take part in this project, which has had almost a thousand votes. That is why our customers have been key to this campaign.

These are the NGOs among which 30,000€ have been distributed and which have received 5,000€ thanks to this initiative:


– Red Cross. Aid for those affected by the La Palma volcano (Andamur El Límite and Andamur Lorca, for which they will receive €10,000).

– Adsis Foundation. To provide training and employment opportunities for young people in vulnerable situations (Andamur San Román).

– Greenheart Animal Sanctuary. Rescue of mistreated and abandoned animals (Andamur Pamplona)

– ASPACE. Asociación Jiennense de Atención a Personas con Parálisis Cerebral y Afines (Jaén Association for the Care of People with Cerebral Palsy and Related Conditions). Entertainment activities for oncology children (Andamur Guarromán).

– Altem Foundation. The ALTEM Private Foundation is a non-profit organisation that has been supporting and accompanying people with disabilities and at risk of exclusion in their life projects for over 50 years (Andamur La Junquera, La Junquera-Llers and AND GO).

At Andamur we are committed to society and every day we do our bit to build a better world for everyone. With this action, we show our commitment to society and to organisations that contribute to social welfare. This action is part of our CSR Plan #CuidamosLoLoQueImporta, within the Social Commitment axis.

On 20th November, on World Children’s Day, we held “Breakfast with a Smile”, a solidarity initiative in which Andamur provided its service areas and business centre teams with coffee and fresh fruit for breakfast. In return, Andamur employees were encouraged to make a voluntary donation to charity.

The NGO to which the donation was made was chosen last year by the Andamur work centre that raised the most money in last year’s solidarity action: the Andamur San Román Service Area (Álava). Andamur set out to double the amount raised by its staff. So, today we have donated €1,200 to ASPANAFOA, the Association of Parents of Children with Cancer of Álava.

The donation ceremony was attended by the Association’s President, Mikel García, and the Andamur San Román team, representing all the company’s workers.

ASPANAFOA is a non-profit association founded in 1990 whose main objective is to improve the quality of life of children with cancer and their families. Furthermore, it strives to raise awareness about childhood cancer; foster associative movement; inform, guide and advise on childhood cancer, foster and support scientific research; and coordinate with all entities to overcome social barriers that hinder the personal and social development of children with cancer and their families.

Through this initiative, which is part of the CSR Plan, #WeLookAfterWhatIsImportant, Andamur shows its commitment to society and organisations that work day in, day out, for social welfare while fostering the achievement of the End Poverty in all forms and dimensions goal within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


In a different year in which we gradually got back into the new normal, we were delighted to be able to take part in face-to-face events once again.

2021 has been a year of change and adaptation, but it has also given us the opportunity to see each other face-to-face again and to get closer to our customers and suppliers. Some of the events we actively participated in and which are worth highlighting are:

  • ATFRIE VI National Congress and XLIV General Assembly, which was held in Huerto de Santa María, in El Puig, Valencia, on 23rd and 24th September.

Two full days in a wonderful location where the main problems and challenges facing the transport industry of today were discussed. The event, which was held under the slogan “for the dignity of the industry, towards a sustainable economic and social future”, was attended by experts in the field. As well as multiple activities for attendees and companions alike, the event included an outdoor exhibition where we showcased our emblematic truck.

  • Truck Talks. On 30th September, at Restaurante Andamur, at the Pamplona Transport Hub, we held, together with Michelin and WTransnet, an interesting event on sustainability, efficiency and collaboration. With a single objective: to foster a more efficient and sustainable road freight transport. The event was attended by renowned names from the transport industry and the field of sustainability. Truck Talks sought to provide a showcase that, far from overwhelming attendees with the regulations and investment required, would allow them to get excited about the idea of being part of the change.
  • The VIII National Congress of Tanker Transport Entrepreneurs took place on 19th and 20th October at Villa Laureana, Madrid. The event dealt with two important aspects within the transport industry: “the economic situation and future prospects”, where, among other things, they assessed the main concerns of Spanish transport entrepreneurs; and “the future of mobility”, looking into the new fuels available and the Government’s position with regard to encouraging demand. Throughout the two days, we had the opportunity to get a little closer to our customers, as part of our sales team came to meet them at our stand.
  • XX ANTRAM Congress. The Algarve Congress Centre, at the Salgados Palace Hotel in Albufeira, hosted the National ANTRAM Congress (The Portuguese National Association of Public Road Transport Congress), on 29th and 30th October. Our sales team from Portugal was present at a stand where they got the chance to get a little closer to their customers and to showcase the important innovations that Andamur presented.
  • WConnecta, a renowned networking event aimed at road freight transport professionals, which took place on 12th November 2021 at the Barceló Sants Hotel in Barcelona. A fantastic opportunity to meet companies in the industry that our sales team was able to take advantage of at our stand, as well as through quick interviews or speed networking in the areas set up for this purpose.

As well as attending these events, we participated in many others, at regional, national and international level, whether at round tables, presentations, by attending events, etc. We are rounding off 2021 on a high and we are eager to start organising our 2022 calendar.


At Andamur, we are committed to society and strive, on a daily basis, to play our part in building a better world. With this in mind, Andamur is launching the solidarity campaign, “You decide”, for the second time.

Our customers are at the heart of this campaign, as they choose the NGO or non-profit organisation to which Andamur will donate a total of €30,000. The donation will be split into 6 x €5,000 donations to the six most voted NGOs.

Customers who make use of any Andamur service (refueling, using showers, consuming something in the restaurant, secure parking…) in the Andamur Service Areas can vote for a national, regional and local solidarity project from 1 to 15 December.

Votes will be cast on tablets in the Andamur Service Areas, with the exception of AND GO La Junquera Turismos and La Junquera-Llers, where voting will only be possible through a QR code from the customers’ cell phones.

The result will be published on 20 December and, in the days thereafter, the donation will be delivered to the most voted organisations.

These are the NGOs and non-profit organisations that our customers can vote for:

Andamur San Román

National scope: Red Cross. Aid to those affected by the La Palma Volcano.

Regional scope: Cáritas Diocesana de Vitoria (Álava).           Project to bridge the digital divide in primary and secondary education.

Local scope: Adsis Foundation. To deliver training and provide employment opportunities to young people in vulnerable situations.


Andamur Pamplona

National scope: Red Cross. Aid to those affected by the La Palma Volcano.


Regional scope: ANFAS. Navarre Association for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their Families. Services where our people live.

Local scope: Green heart Animal Sanctuary. Rescue abused and abandoned animals.


Andamur Guarromán

National scope: Red Cross. Aid to those affected by the La Palma Volcano.

Regional scope: ASPACE. Jiennense Association of Attention to People with Cerebral Palsy and Associated Conditions. Therapeutic Intervention for children with cerebral palsy.

Local level: Carmelo Seglar Association. Linares. Actions to Improve the Well-Being of Inmates.


Andamur Lorca

National scope: Red Cross. Aid to those affected by the La Palma Volcano.

Regional scope: Cáritas Murcia Region. Cáritas Diocese of Cartagena.

Accompanying Families and Children in the Murcia Region.

Local scope: El Buen Camino Association Lorca. Shelter.


Andamur El Límite

National scope: Red Cross. Aid to those affected by the La Palma Volcano.

Regional scope: Almería Acoge. For an inclusive future. School support and education in values in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

Local scope: Astea Huércal-Overa. Autism Spain. Early detection of autism and improvement of the quality of life of people with autism.


Andamur La Junquera, La Junquera-Llers and AND GO

National scope: Red Cross. Aid to those affected by the La Palma Volcano.

Regional scope: Open Arms. Protects people at sea who are trying to reach Europe fleeing war, persecution or poverty.

Local scope: Altem Foundation. ALTEM Private Foundation, is a non-profit organisation that has been supporting and accompanying people with disabilities and at risk of exclusion for more than 50 years.


This campaign is part of our CSR Plan, #LookAfterWhatIsImportant, within the Social Commitment policy. With this action, we are showing commitment to society and to organisations that contribute to social causes and fight for social welfare. We also foster the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) ”End poverty in all its forms everywhere”.

Planning out your road transport route can save you time and money, as it will allow you to optimise the entire process of delivering goods. Fully aware of this, at Andamur we work hard every day to be able to offer new geostrategic points, both in Spain and beyond our borders, that make it easier for our customers to fill up their tanks so they can avoid detours and get to their destination faster.

On this occasion, there are 18 partners joining our Network and that we can add to the recent opening of our new Andamur La Junquera-Llers station. A trucks-only service area, which will provide an agile and efficient service to transport companies that want to quickly refuel and continue on their way.

At the international level, we have already surpassed a total of 700 stations with the incorporation of 14 new ones. In our commitment to sustainable transport, it is worth noting that 11 of them are multi-energy stations.

  • 9 stations in Belgium, of which 6 of them have multi-energy:
    • Lokeren (LNG)
    • Gent
    • Meer
    • Oostrozebeke
    • Kallo (LNG y CNG)
    • Heverlee (LNG)
    • Tessenderlo (LNG)
    • Londerzeel (LNG y CNG)
    • Ranst Zuid (LNG)
  • 5 stations in France, all of them multi-energy:
    • Fos-sur-Mer (LNG y CNG)
    • Saint-Quentin-Fallavier (LNG)
    • Saint-Martin-de-Crau (LNG y CNG)
    • Plan-d’Orgon (LNG y CNG)
    • Dourges (LNG y CNG)

In Spain, we will have 4 partner stations that have a strategic location along the roads through our country:

  • Empresoil in Gijón, Asturias
  • Ribera Norte and Ribera Sur in Ribera de Cabanes, Castellón
  • Grupo Caliche in San Javier, Murcia

With these additions, we have now added 64 stations to our national network.

At Andamur, we will continue to grow and work hard to be close to our customers and be able to supply them with the highest quality products and services and an extensive network where they can fill up their tanks and cover all their needs while on the road.