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Andamur Team at the Farinato Transport Race: Commitment, Involvement and Improvement

4,000 people participated in the Farinato Transport Race held on 13 and 14 April in Intu Xanadú (Arroyomolinos). On this second edition of the competition, we wanted to be present by sponsoring and fostering this sports event devoted to the Transport sector in order to promote sports among transport professionals and to highlight the importance of having healthy lifestyles, one of the pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility Plan #WeLookAfterWhatMatters

Special attention should be drawn to the participation of the #AndamurTeam in this competition, and as a company, we wish to recognise their great teamwork, collaboration and help to each other throughout the race. We believe it is a great representation of our daily work at Andamur, where we all collaborate to achieve aims and implement projects.  



It was a fascinating competition and project that covered two routes of 13 and 5 kilometres full of obstacles where contestants had to go through a snow track, mud pools, slither under a truck and a bus, climb nets, walk on suspension tubes, etc.

At the end of the competition, we gave a special Andamur award acknowledging Logiberia Trans for its commitment, involvement and improvement. The team was made up of eight women and showed great talent and effort throughout the race.

Key factors for efficient driving

Driving efficiently provides more advantages in itself than we actually think. This is an ideal tool for drivers and companies to improve competitiveness. But, what does efficient driving exactly mean? This involves a series of adequate techniques to be adopted by drivers when they are in route and they depend on both internal and external situations affecting the vehicle.

It is essential for truck drivers to apply these measures in their daily routine, since not only will they reduce the cost of fuel, which could be reduced up to 10%, but they will also be very beneficial to them. We will now analyse some key factors to keep up efficient driving in commercial vehicles:

  • Considering the engine of the vehicle. Knowing its power will help us adapt to it. In addition, it is recommended that vehicles are started without stepping on the accelerator and waiting for one minute.
  • Gear change. Gear change should be made at the engine RPM for peak torque, i.e., in the green area on the tachometer.
  • Skipping gears. Gears may be skipped both in the acceleration and deceleration process, if necessary.
  • Keeping an even speed. The best thing is to avoid speeding up and braking all the time. It is also recommendable to make the most of the vehicle’s momentum.
  • When stopping or parking the car for more than two minutes, the best thing is to turn the engine off. However, for those vehicles depending on their engine for similar services, it is recommended not to turn it off.
  • Foreseeing and anticipating traffic. To do this, it is essential to keep a safety distance with the car in front of you to avoid slamming on the brakes unnecessarily and, therefore, jeopardising your safety.
  • And last, but not least, having a good attitude when driving in order to optimise your driving style.

Garages predict an excellent future

There are numerous myths in the automobile sector that are frequently debunked. This is the case of the myth ensuring that thousands of garages would shut down in the next few years. Not only was this statement proved wrong, but the future predicted for garages is actually excellent. The data of the Spanish Federation of Automotive Entrepreneurial Professionals (Conepa) verify this, showing the increase in the number of such facilities in the last few years.

Another statement pointing the finger at the future of garages said that the number of repairs was going to be significantly reduced. However, this was debunked once again since the activity of garages has increased in the last few years. This, further stimulated by the more than one million new combustion engine cars that have been registered, predicts more than ten years of activity in traditional car repairs.

In addition, the New Royal Decree regarding vehicle technical inspections (ITV, according to its Spanish acronym) has pledged a firm commitment to continue repairing and maintaining vehicles and has toughened up vehicle inspections. As a result, this will affect the activity of garages, which will be increased.

It is a fact that garages will evolve more and more due to the number of new vehicles that have appeared in the market. It is obvious that the technology used in the automobile sector today is different to that used ten or fifteen years ago. This has directly affected the way in which automobiles are examined and repaired and it increasingly requires deeper and more updated knowledge.

Furthermore, the appearance of new electric cars and lorries has demanded garages to meet new needs. The brilliant future awaiting garages is just mere new evidence proving that the automobile sector is booming.

Traffic changes to be borne in mind in 2019

Being well informed about the latest changes affecting our daily routines is essential to optimise fleets’ and drivers’ resources and work. 2019 has brought many modifications that have already been implemented and that are going to be explained in this article.

These are some of the changes that the Spanish Directorate General for Traffic (DGT) has made in its general traffic rules for 2019:

  • The companies will be provided with data regarding the penalty points of hired drivers. The express consent of workers for their penalty points to be known is, therefore, withdrawn.
  • Higher penalty for the use of mobile phones while driving. While the penalty imposed used to be of three points, now it has been doubled, sanctioning those using their phones with six penalty points. The amount to be paid remains the same, though, EUR 200. Thus, this penalty is put on the same level as that for reckless driving, driving under the influence of drugs or doubling the maximum permitted blood alcohol content, among other.
  • Higher fines for exceeding the speed limit. Since last 2 January, driving at 80 km/hour in roads limited to 30 km/hour will entail a fine of EUR 500 and six penalty points, and will be considered as a serious infringement. Since the same date, the speed limit in secondary roads is reduced 10 km/hour, setting the maximum speed at 90 km/hour, 80km/hour for lorries, buses and vans.
  • Not using a seatbelt will be sanctioned with four penalty points, one more than before the change in legislation.

Andamur participates in the “Engine and Sustainability” discussion forum at the Motortec Automechanika Trade Fair

The future of traditional fuel combustion engines and their constant progress are at the heart of the debate within the sector. Therefore, on the occasion of the Motortec Automechanika Trade Fair that is being held in Madrid this week, Andamur CEO, Miguel Ángel Sánchez, has participated in the “Engine and Sustainability” discussion forum organized by GreenChem, one of the biggest AdBlue producers and distributors in Europe.

In his presentation ‘Andamur: integrated service for professional drivers’, Miguel Ángel Sánchez has talked about the work that Andamur carries out to look after professional truck drivers and their experience while driving. 

Today and tomorrow, 14 and 15 March, Motortec Automechanika 2019 is being held in Madrid. This trade fair gathers many companies and representatives of different groups, all of which are aware of the importance of mobility and how the new energy systems that are changing it are forcing the market to adapt to them.

At Andamur, we know that the sector is immersed in a constantly changing process and it is essential to provide efficient solutions that safeguard sustainable mobility in the different social, environmental and socioeconomic areas.

Participating in events like this one, we aim to continue growing and to gain knowledge that enables us to keep up with the sector. We always have a clear objective in mind: to continue offering our customers the newest energy systems and to look after them in their daily life. 

The commercial vehicle market keeps on growing, especially in Spain

The transport sector is at its peak. And proof of this are the figures provided by ANIACAM (Spanish National Association of Car, Lorry, Bus and Motorbike Importers) that show that 2018 was a year of persistent growth in the commercial and industrial vehicle market. The number of registered vehicles increased up to 3.2% in the European market.

And while countries like Italy (-4.1%) and United Kingdom (-1.9%) reduced their demand, the Spanish market accounted for a more beneficial figure (+6.5%), as it was the case with Germany (+4.6%) and France (+4.9%). Thus, Spain becomes the main standard-bearer in a sector that once again has proved that it has a lot to offer.

And not only that, the beginning of the year has brought encouraging figures about. Although we were talking about a significant increase regarding the previous year, the month of January 2019 alone has revealed impressive data: the number of lorries registered in Spain has increased in 11.8%, accounting for a total amount of 2,542, to be more precise.

Moreover, of all commercial vehicles, those that have increased to a larger extent regarding the number of vehicles registered in the first month have been heavy goods vehicles of more than 16 tonnes. 2,152 units were registered, accounting for an increase of 12.2%.

These figures predict, indeed, a good year for the transport sector that continues aiming high. Data do not lie, and the fact that 2018 was the sixth consecutive year in which the number of commercial vehicles registered continued to grow proves that the sector is ready for whatever may come. There is no doubt that the future will bring new challenges to be faced by this sector. But it is clear that it is ready to confront them with no fear at all.


Andamur offers a Healthy Menu in all its restaurants

As of today, all of Andamur service stations will offer healthy menus in their restaurants in order to look after drivers’ diets. All of them have been studied and prepared by a nutritionist expert in the matter so that drivers are offered more complete and healthier options. From today, 1 March, the new menus are available in all of Andamur service stations that have a restaurant, together with their usual menus, and they will be different in each of the restaurants.

At Andamur, we are aware of how difficult is it for drivers to have a healthy life. They spend many hours driving their trucks, sometimes at night time and for long periods of time, so we think it is very important to provide them with this type of services. By offering them the possibility to follow a balanced diet, we try to promote healthier habits in their routes.

This action is included in the Corporate Social Responsibility plan #WeLookAfterWhatMatters and places drivers at the core in order to look after them and their working environment. This is another action aiming at making drivers’ daily routine easier and it adds up to the initiatives recently launched by the Andamur team. These initiatives always focus on drivers’ health, such as the opening of a gym at Andamur La Junquera or the provision of free fruit corners in its service stations.

All these actions seek to achieve the same aim: to continue making drivers’ lives easier on the road. Drivers will not have to worry about the calories consumed in their route, since Andamur offers balanced diets safeguarding their health with this new action. This important improvement in the service proposal offered aims at making drivers feel at home in the Andamur service areas.


Andamur has planted a forest

At Andamur #WeLookAfterWhatMatters, and that is why we are aware of the major challenges our society is facing. A critical matter is taking care of the environment and the importance of preserving and creating forests, since they are the ones that better protect our environment.

To this end, the whole Andamur team wanted to do something big for the environment. That is why we have planted an Andamur Forest.  Last 23 February, Andamur workers and their families went to Finca Pública de los Halagüeces, within the municipality of Lorca (Sierra Espuña) where, in collaboration with the association Bosqueo2, we planted dozens of Wild Olive Trees, Black Hawthorns and Mastic Trees.

The Andamur plantation will be able to absorb 2.8 tonnes of CO2 a year in the medium term in the Southeast of the Iberian Peninsula. Precisely in the geographical area facing more aridity problems in Europe, we are contributing this way to the fight against desertification, protecting the soil from flooding episodes, improving biodiversity, landscapes and, more importantly, acting as a lung and turning into a carbon sink.

Following this action, the Andamur team completed a hiking route at the gorge Estrecho de la Arboleja, finalising a great day together with a meal for all participants.

This action, included within the CSR plan #WeLookAfterWhatMatters, safeguards the protection of the environment. At Andamur, we are aware of the importance of taking care of drivers and their environment, so this action adds to those already carried out aiming at achieving this aim.

Thus, we are sure that we will continue enjoying a future full of good and numerous experiences together, such as our commitment to look after our planet.


Andamur offers free fruit corners at its service stations

Following the launching of the Corporate Social Responsibility plan #WeLookAfterWhatMatters, which aims at providing added value to and taking good care of drivers, we have started the month of February with specific actions to help lorry drivers follow a healthy diet. In addition to posting nutritional tips on our social media profiles, these actions also involve offering our customers fruit corners for free in all our service stations from today until the 1st of March.  

With this action, which is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility plan, we wish to challenge a problem that lorry drivers usually encounter: following a healthy diet while driving. If we add this to the number of hours that drivers spend sitting while working, the result is that there are many health problems that can affect their health. With this plan, we wish to fight against overweight, cholesterol or cardiovascular problems.

With #WeLookAfterWhatMatters we intend to take care of drivers enabling them to work out, get some rest, have a good time, follow a healthy diet and focus on driving ergonomics. This is the second special action of this campaign following the opening of the Andamur La Junquera gym, and in the months to come we will continue carrying out new actions with the same aim in mind. Stay alert!

Cabin systems to improve lorry drivers’ rest

In spite of the fact that lorry drivers spend hours and hours driving, sometimes they do not enjoy the best resting conditions. But innovation in this sector is starting to speed up and a growing number of cabins offer multiple advantages for professional drivers to feel at home.

Aware of the importance of looking after transport professionals’ rest, the market has developed systems that significantly improve their resting hours. We are going to go through some of them:

  • Spacious cabins, with more and more customisable features, offering maximum comfort in the resting area. These are conceived to improve driver’s experience and habitability.
  • Cabin access panel. Located near the bed, it gives access to the cabin lights, sliding roof, power windows and central locking system. There is also an alarm clock and USB access, without leaving the bunk bed.
  • Sound isolation systems. They play a really important role: they reduce noise to about 30% and ensure greater peace inside the cabin.
  • Cooling systems while parked. They have the ability to keep the inside of the cabin at the desired temperature throughout the night to provide greater rest.
  • Electric drying wardrobe. This is exactly as it sounds. If you need to dry your clothes, towels or shoes quickly, you can do so with this quiet system. You can put it away easily; it takes up very little space and consumes little energy.
  • Air quality sensors. Thanks to the filters they have, the air is purified before reaching your lungs. Thus, currents are eliminated and greater quality air is produced with this system.
  • Energy-saving lighting. Completely customisable, it adapts to drivers’ preferences during working and resting hours.