In a different year in which we gradually got back into the new normal, we were delighted to be able to take part in face-to-face events once again.

2021 has been a year of change and adaptation, but it has also given us the opportunity to see each other face-to-face again and to get closer to our customers and suppliers. Some of the events we actively participated in and which are worth highlighting are:

  • ATFRIE VI National Congress and XLIV General Assembly, which was held in Huerto de Santa María, in El Puig, Valencia, on 23rd and 24th September.

Two full days in a wonderful location where the main problems and challenges facing the transport industry of today were discussed. The event, which was held under the slogan “for the dignity of the industry, towards a sustainable economic and social future”, was attended by experts in the field. As well as multiple activities for attendees and companions alike, the event included an outdoor exhibition where we showcased our emblematic truck.

  • Truck Talks. On 30th September, at Restaurante Andamur, at the Pamplona Transport Hub, we held, together with Michelin and WTransnet, an interesting event on sustainability, efficiency and collaboration. With a single objective: to foster a more efficient and sustainable road freight transport. The event was attended by renowned names from the transport industry and the field of sustainability. Truck Talks sought to provide a showcase that, far from overwhelming attendees with the regulations and investment required, would allow them to get excited about the idea of being part of the change.
  • The VIII National Congress of Tanker Transport Entrepreneurs took place on 19th and 20th October at Villa Laureana, Madrid. The event dealt with two important aspects within the transport industry: “the economic situation and future prospects”, where, among other things, they assessed the main concerns of Spanish transport entrepreneurs; and “the future of mobility”, looking into the new fuels available and the Government’s position with regard to encouraging demand. Throughout the two days, we had the opportunity to get a little closer to our customers, as part of our sales team came to meet them at our stand.
  • XX ANTRAM Congress. The Algarve Congress Centre, at the Salgados Palace Hotel in Albufeira, hosted the National ANTRAM Congress (The Portuguese National Association of Public Road Transport Congress), on 29th and 30th October. Our sales team from Portugal was present at a stand where they got the chance to get a little closer to their customers and to showcase the important innovations that Andamur presented.
  • WConnecta, a renowned networking event aimed at road freight transport professionals, which took place on 12th November 2021 at the Barceló Sants Hotel in Barcelona. A fantastic opportunity to meet companies in the industry that our sales team was able to take advantage of at our stand, as well as through quick interviews or speed networking in the areas set up for this purpose.

As well as attending these events, we participated in many others, at regional, national and international level, whether at round tables, presentations, by attending events, etc. We are rounding off 2021 on a high and we are eager to start organising our 2022 calendar.


At Andamur, we are committed to society and strive, on a daily basis, to play our part in building a better world. With this in mind, Andamur is launching the solidarity campaign, “You decide”, for the second time.

Our customers are at the heart of this campaign, as they choose the NGO or non-profit organisation to which Andamur will donate a total of €30,000. The donation will be split into 6 x €5,000 donations to the six most voted NGOs.

Customers who make use of any Andamur service (refueling, using showers, consuming something in the restaurant, secure parking…) in the Andamur Service Areas can vote for a national, regional and local solidarity project from 1 to 15 December.

Votes will be cast on tablets in the Andamur Service Areas, with the exception of AND GO La Junquera Turismos and La Junquera-Llers, where voting will only be possible through a QR code from the customers’ cell phones.

The result will be published on 20 December and, in the days thereafter, the donation will be delivered to the most voted organisations.

These are the NGOs and non-profit organisations that our customers can vote for:

Andamur San Román

National scope: Red Cross. Aid to those affected by the La Palma Volcano.

Regional scope: Cáritas Diocesana de Vitoria (Álava).           Project to bridge the digital divide in primary and secondary education.

Local scope: Adsis Foundation. To deliver training and provide employment opportunities to young people in vulnerable situations.


Andamur Pamplona

National scope: Red Cross. Aid to those affected by the La Palma Volcano.


Regional scope: ANFAS. Navarre Association for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their Families. Services where our people live.

Local scope: Green heart Animal Sanctuary. Rescue abused and abandoned animals.


Andamur Guarromán

National scope: Red Cross. Aid to those affected by the La Palma Volcano.

Regional scope: ASPACE. Jiennense Association of Attention to People with Cerebral Palsy and Associated Conditions. Therapeutic Intervention for children with cerebral palsy.

Local level: Carmelo Seglar Association. Linares. Actions to Improve the Well-Being of Inmates.


Andamur Lorca

National scope: Red Cross. Aid to those affected by the La Palma Volcano.

Regional scope: Cáritas Murcia Region. Cáritas Diocese of Cartagena.

Accompanying Families and Children in the Murcia Region.

Local scope: El Buen Camino Association Lorca. Shelter.


Andamur El Límite

National scope: Red Cross. Aid to those affected by the La Palma Volcano.

Regional scope: Almería Acoge. For an inclusive future. School support and education in values in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

Local scope: Astea Huércal-Overa. Autism Spain. Early detection of autism and improvement of the quality of life of people with autism.


Andamur La Junquera, La Junquera-Llers and AND GO

National scope: Red Cross. Aid to those affected by the La Palma Volcano.

Regional scope: Open Arms. Protects people at sea who are trying to reach Europe fleeing war, persecution or poverty.

Local scope: Altem Foundation. ALTEM Private Foundation, is a non-profit organisation that has been supporting and accompanying people with disabilities and at risk of exclusion for more than 50 years.


This campaign is part of our CSR Plan, #LookAfterWhatIsImportant, within the Social Commitment policy. With this action, we are showing commitment to society and to organisations that contribute to social causes and fight for social welfare. We also foster the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) ”End poverty in all its forms everywhere”.

Planning out your road transport route can save you time and money, as it will allow you to optimise the entire process of delivering goods. Fully aware of this, at Andamur we work hard every day to be able to offer new geostrategic points, both in Spain and beyond our borders, that make it easier for our customers to fill up their tanks so they can avoid detours and get to their destination faster.

On this occasion, there are 18 partners joining our Network and that we can add to the recent opening of our new Andamur La Junquera-Llers station. A trucks-only service area, which will provide an agile and efficient service to transport companies that want to quickly refuel and continue on their way.

At the international level, we have already surpassed a total of 700 stations with the incorporation of 14 new ones. In our commitment to sustainable transport, it is worth noting that 11 of them are multi-energy stations.

  • 9 stations in Belgium, of which 6 of them have multi-energy:
    • Lokeren (LNG)
    • Gent
    • Meer
    • Oostrozebeke
    • Kallo (LNG y CNG)
    • Heverlee (LNG)
    • Tessenderlo (LNG)
    • Londerzeel (LNG y CNG)
    • Ranst Zuid (LNG)
  • 5 stations in France, all of them multi-energy:
    • Fos-sur-Mer (LNG y CNG)
    • Saint-Quentin-Fallavier (LNG)
    • Saint-Martin-de-Crau (LNG y CNG)
    • Plan-d’Orgon (LNG y CNG)
    • Dourges (LNG y CNG)

In Spain, we will have 4 partner stations that have a strategic location along the roads through our country:

  • Empresoil in Gijón, Asturias
  • Ribera Norte and Ribera Sur in Ribera de Cabanes, Castellón
  • Grupo Caliche in San Javier, Murcia

With these additions, we have now added 64 stations to our national network.

At Andamur, we will continue to grow and work hard to be close to our customers and be able to supply them with the highest quality products and services and an extensive network where they can fill up their tanks and cover all their needs while on the road.

At Andamur, we are committed to our surroundings and to the future of the environment.

We are involved in a wide range of actions to reduce our environmental impact. One of our main concerns is sea pollution.

Members of our team, as well as their families, have taken part in cleaning several beaches within the Cope-Calnegre Regional Park in collaboration with the Association for the Care of the Natural Environment Nature and Citizen Action, Naturactua.

This action is part of our CSR Plan #WeLookAfterWhatMatters and Andamur Ever Green, in the section on other measures to support the environment, together with the Andamur Forest. Included in the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  • SDG13 – Climate Action
  • SDG14 – Life Below Water
  • SDG15 – Life on Land.

At Andamur, we want to contribute to making our Mediterranean Sea that little bit cleaner!

In our effort to constantly offer our customers the best service and to be able to cover all their needs while on the road, we strive, day after day, to cover new locations all across Europe and to expand our international network of service stations.

One of our key objectives is to expand our network in Poland which, as of today, has 7 new service stations, bringing our total number of service stations to over 700.

The new Polish stations are located in the provinces of Dolnośląskie and Lubuskie:

  • Zgorzelec in Dolnośląskie
  • Zgorzelec 2 in Dolnośląskie
  • Siechnice in Dolnośląskie
  • Lipiany in Dolnośląskie
  • Stok in Lubuskie
  • Kąty Wrocławskie in Dolnośląskie
  • Iłowa in Lubuskie

These partner stations, known as Dyskont Paliwowy, specialising in fuel and services for transport fleets, have a wide range of services with a view to offering a comprehensive and quality service to hauliers. These 24/7 stations strive to be there for drivers and transport companies whenever they need them.

At Andamur, we strive, day after day, to forge a closer relationship with our customers and offer increasingly improved services as well as a wider network to cover all their needs. With that in mind, we have expanded our National Network of partner stations, with two new points in Spain, specifically in Pontevedra, both accessible from the N550:

  • Sertuy, in Tuy, right on the border with Portugal
  • Carburantes El Sol, in Mos

With these two new partners, Andamur now has 59 partners in our network throughout Spain.

We are constantly adding new locations to our network, with a view to offering the maximum geographical coverage to our customers. Furthermore, all of them have a wide range of services adapted to the needs that may arise while out on the road, such as cafés, restaurants, showers, Wi-Fi, laundromat, etc.

On top of this is our firm commitment to multi-energy systems and the environment. In fact, two of our partners have added LNG and CNG service at their facilities. These are the Renova Oil Incoenergy and L’Hospitalet de l’Infant stations, both in Catalonia. That brings the number of multi-energy stations in our network to six.

Our goal is to be able to respond to all the needs of transport companies and haulers, making their long journeys easier and more optimal.

<<Through an innovation workshop, we showed them our RD&I programme, iAndamur, and how it’s possible to grow and improve with new models based on innovation, networking and creativity>>

The first iAndamur Workshop for Start-Ups took place last July at our headquarters in Lorca. Start-ups from various sectors participated:  ihelpU, Sevensystem, Yohumanize, Reparaciones Técnicas del Plástico, Nivimu, ClimaticCo, APPCC-CONTROLLER and bodies like the INCOOVA programme of the CROEM (the Regional Confederation of Business Organizations of Murcia) and the CEEIC (the Cartagena European Business and Innovation Centre).

The main objective of this workshop was to stimulate innovation in these startups, so we began by explaining our iAndamur innovation programme, which, among other things, includes:

  • The way in which we capture our team’s business ideas, through Design Thinking exercises to stimulate creativity
  • Recognition of workers who transmit their innovative ideas to us
  • Relationships with other innovation organisations
  • The methodology that we’ve created for developing innovative projects is based on Lean Startup and falls within the framework of Standard UNE 166002

The workshop consisted of explaining our own innovation methodology, delving into how to apply it in practice and some of the main mistakes made when developing innovation projects.

We talked about the 4 recognitions that Andamur awards to employees who transmit the most innovative ideas, and we proposed 13 possible recognitions that the participants could use in their own companies.

We also discussed the potential of connecting with a good network of innovation organisations, which help us develop our company’s RD&I. These partnerships multiply a company’s innovative potential.

Finally, through a Design Thinking exercise, we explained how to identify business ideas, looked at some techniques for defining customers’ needs more clearly and the different variants that can emerge from an idea to meet a need, and we created a prototype of the ideas that we came up with throughout the day.

The workshop was guided by our innovation managers: Director of Services, Quality and Innovation Gabriel Veiga Dopico, and Head of Innovation Pedro Núñez del Castillo.

This first iAndamur Workshop for Startups is another example of our commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation, and we hope that all attendees can apply the methodology in their startups.

>> In cooperation with the University of Murcia CSR Department, Andamur has completed a full structure cycle in the form of a materiality assessment, CSR Plan and statement via this report.

Andamur has presented its first Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019-2020 in cooperation with the Murcia CSR Department. The report outlines the company’s commitment, actions and achievements over the last two years resulting from the implementation of its #TakingCareOfWhatMatters CSR Plan, centred on five areas of activity: People; Taking Care of Drivers; The Environment; Corporate Governance; and Leadership and Future.

The report also sets out Andamur’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, viewing them as an opportunity – a way of conducting our business activities in a more responsible way.

For Andamur, the presentation of this report isn’t just another activity – it’s a cause for celebration. Accordingly, on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 July, head office started the day filled with colourful balloons, corresponding to the colours of the 17 SDGs.

In addition to the Andamur family, representatives of the University of Murcia’s Corporate Social Responsibility Department attended the presentation event: Ana Jimenez- Alfaro, researcher and lecturer in the University of Murcia CSR Department and CSR and equality coordinator at BNFIX; Roberto Fuentes, the CSR Department’s head of communication and researcher; and Longinos Marín, the University of Murcia vice chancellor for social responsibility and transparency, and director of the CSR Department, who also spoke about the importance of CSR in businesses, and its relationship with the SDGs.


In the words of Longinus Marín: “Andamur has completed a cycle: it has undertaken a materiality assessment that consists of determining the aspects we must work on in the future; it has drawn up a CSR Plan for the future; and thirdly, it has produced a document that summarises everything it’s working on. It’s a very complete cycle – very few businesses in the Region of Murcia have done everything”

For his part, Andamur CEO Miguel Ángel López highlighted his family’s stance on CSR: “For us, CSR is something that’s in our blood – my parents and siblings have been doing it for 34 years in the company. Social responsibility is nothing more than what they’ve always told us we must do, setting the example. Helping in our environment, being dependable, being responsible and doing right by all our stakeholders


Staff had a chance to play a game in which they could demonstrate their knowledge of Andamur’s activities within the CSR framework and their relationship to the SDGs. There were four winners, their prize a €500 donation to a charity of their choice. A total of €2,000 will be donated to the 4 initiatives chosen by the winners of the workshops: Fundación Theodora, Astrade,Apandis and 9 Vidas Berian.


Finally, Andamur has created a CSR page on its website where you can download or view the report, find out about its CSR activities and watch a video of the presentation event:

At Andamur, self-improvement is one of our core values: we work every day with enthusiasm, ambition and talent, adapting to new scenarios to achieve our goals and aspirations. We’re a company committed to quality, safety and innovation in products and services. Our main goal is to offer our customers a comprehensive, high-quality service.

As part of this commitment, we created our Training School, a project born from the partnership between Andamur and AT Academia del Transportista.

We share the same philosophy and values, and we’re both established companies with extensive experience offering friendly customer service based on a relationship of trust.

At both Andamur and Academia del Transportista, drivers and transport companies are at the centre of our work and philosophy. They are what keep our organisations going and drive us to improve every day. Which is why their role is essential to our goals and we’re committed to providing training for them and giving visibility to professional drivers.

The Training School has been conceived as a space where drivers can make use of their breaks from their routes to undertake online training, thanks to the launch of our multi-device digital platform.

With this partnership, we want to add value to transport companies and drivers, enabling both to benefit from the opportunities that the Training School offers them.

Benefits for transport companies

  • Training adapted to the needs of drivers and transport companies.
  • Multi-device training, adapted for smartphone, tablet and PC.
  • Free and premium training.
  • Add value and improve company image through employee training.

Benefits for the driver

  • Improves work-life balance with training undertaken during breaks on routes.
  • Multi-device training to suit the driver’s schedule and resources.
  • Wide variety of courses.

One of our cornerstones is the principle of #TakingCareOfWhatMatters, focusing on professional drivers and taking a step further in our commitment to adding value for our customers, whether companies or drivers.

Andamur now has 57 service stations in its national network. With six new additions this June, we have significantly expanded the locations where we’re available to our customers.

Our six new stations are:

  • Nanclares de Oca in Vitoria
  • La Isla in Dos Hermanas, Seville
  • Hospitalet De L’Infant in Tarragona
  • Two new stations in Navarra: Tudela and Pamplona
  • Logroño in La Rioja

At Andamur we know that you spend a lot of time on the road, and we want to be by your side on your journeys to offer you the best products and services.

To find out their exact location and all the services they offer, check out our Online Interactive Map.