Challenges for the transport sector in 2019

The transport sector is going through a good time. Although it represents 2.9% of the national GDP, 2018 finished with a promising growth figure: the world freight transport market grew 4.1%.

The new consumption models are demanding that we adapt to the new needs of international trade, to a larger stock rotation and an increase in transport services. And it looks like the sector is doing well. But the swiftness of the market forces us to remain vigilant.

These are some of the challenges that the sector faces in 2019. Among them, we find automation, connectivity, electrification and emission reduction:

  • The sector will intensify its efforts to reduce its environmental impact, generating further commitment and responsibility. In addition, efficient resource management will be essential.
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles will gradually become more important compared to those using traditional fuel, since they bring about many advantages to be taken into account.
  • Technology will burst into the sector. In an increasingly digitalised environment, the transport sector will evolve towards important changes both in roads and warehouses.
  • The customer will remain at the centre. Although this trend was observed some years ago, as time goes by, the customer has become more demanding, so the sector must be offering more and more.

In order for the transport sector to continue accounting for the good figures it represents now, fostering the opportunities offered by technology and their adaptation to the market is essential.

Andamur introduces two new service stations associated to its Spanish network in Villanueva del Rey (Seville) and Beneixida (Valencia)

Andamur continues working to fulfil its commitment to growth by offering its customers new stations. For this reason, as of today, our users have two more associated stations in strategic locations in order to improve and continue fostering professional transport.  These two new stations are located in Villanueva del Rey (Seville) and Beneixida (Valencia).

The first one offers users around the clock service, shop, restaurant and Diesel A fuelling. As for the second one, it offers around the clock service, showers, fax, shop, Diesel A, Diesel B and Adblue. They both offer the quality, security and service guarantee provided by Andamur in all its service areas. 

With these two new stations, Andamur reaches a total of 20 service stations located in the Spanish territory and more than 170 within its international network. All of them connect with the main European roads and routes.

At Andamur, we continue growing always focusing on making drivers’ lives easier: contributing improvements and comfort to the transport sector while working on offering drivers solutions to their needs. This way, we continue growing both at a national and international level. 


Andamur launches #WeLookAfterWhatMatters, a CSR plan safeguarding lorry drivers’ wellbeing

At Andamur we want to provide added value to professional drivers, that is why we are launching a Corporate Social Responsibility plan: #WeLookAfterWhatMatters. This is the motto of our CSR plan and with it we wish to provide added value to and take good care of drivers, enabling them to work out, follow a healthy diet, focus on driving ergonomics, get some rest or have a good time. In addition, with this CSR programme we intend to give back to society what it contributes to us as a company, without forgetting Andamur’s four other main sustainability pillars: Environment, People, Civil Society and Transparency and Communication.

This CSR plan was initiated at the end of 2018 when we opened the Andamur La Junquera gym, the only one located in a service station in the whole country; with it we wanted to offer lorry drivers the opportunity of working out. 

Throughout 2019, #WeLookAfterWhatMatters will address different areas of lorry drivers’ health to help them improve them. 

We started offering them the possibility of following a healthy and balanced diet. We are aware of how difficult it is for professional drivers to find healthy food in their routes. In addition, the number of hours the spend sitting while driving leads to many of them suffering from cholesterol, overweight, cardiovascular or digestive system problems.

At Andamur, we are committed to reducing this problem and we have worked on different actions to provide access to healthy food in road routes, vitamin intake through fruit consumption, or to raise awareness on the importance of following a balanced diet by sharing tips and useful content on how to improve eating habits in routes in our social media channels.

All this will become a reality through specific actions in February and March. Pay attention to the details!

Why driving and stress are a bad combination

The lorry, your loyal travelling companion who travels with you for thousands and thousands of miles, is sometimes the first one to be affected by your state of mind. Because this is directly related to the way you drive. Stress is the main cause of physical and emotional strain on industrial vehicle drivers. 

According to available data, 76% of drivers are stressed out while driving. A significantly high percentage that triggers situations of risk and that causes impulsiveness, impatience and even aggressiveness on the driver while driving. And the worst thing is that stress makes you have a lower risk perception.

Regardless of the reason of your stress, we help you reduce it following a series of tips:

  • Healthy lifestyle. Be aware of the importance of having a good diet, resting for the necessary hours and avoiding the road when necessary. It may sound like a cliché, but health comes first. 
  • Plan your routine in advance. It is essential to be flexible with your schedule and not to stick to a timeline in a very strict way, since unexpected circumstances may arise and cause stress. You have to accept that there might be setbacks and you need to adapt to them. 
  • Prioritise your aims. You need to identify the most important parts of your routine and set yourself objectives to carry them out. Embrace your daily plan and follow it in an organised way, this will help you reduce your stress level.
  • Music, your best ally. Enjoy your favourite songs while driving; these have a strong power over your state of mind.

Having a good state of mind and getting rid of stress in your routine will enable you, your family and your loyal travelling companion to feel more relaxed.

Tips for driving in bad weather

We’re gradually getting to the colder months. This means there can be rain, snow and fog, something directly related to road condition and to the way we should drive. Even if you’re an experienced driver, you should always remember the following tips when driving your lorry in bad weather:

  • Caution on wet roads. The rain makes tyres lose grip on the road, so it would be convenient to increase the safety distance with the car in front of you and reduce your speed. If it starts raining very intensely, you are recommended to turn on your headlights or even your fog lights if it starts raining more heavily to increase visibility. Strengthening these recommendations in case of fog or snow is a key factor to be borne in mind when visibility is reduced.
  • Careful with the first raindrops. The first raindrops are also dangerous, since they mix up with materials and substances on the road surface creating an extremely slippery coating. Doubling your braking distance will contribute to your safety.
  • Anticipation. Remain vigilant at all times, especially with adverse weather conditions. Observe your surroundings very carefully looking into the forward road-scene as further away as possible to widen your field of vision, this will enable you to “see without looking”, increasing your peripheral vision. In addition, we recommend you check the weather forecast for the route you are going to follow.
  • Get your driving compartment ready. Driving comfortably has a bigger impact than one might think. The ideal temperature in your driving compartment should be 20º-22º, both in summer and in winter. A higher temperature could make you feel sleepy and tired, reducing your response capability.

Thanks to the campaign #YourEffortMultipliesBy3, 1083 kg of food were donated to Cáritas

Thanks to the campaign Your effort multiplies by 3, 1083 kg of food have been collected since last 29 November and were donated by Andamur to the Cáritas food bank. 

This very morning this non-profit association has visited our facilities in order to collect the food. This is the end of the campaign Your effort multiplies by 3 with which we committed ourselves to multiplying by 3 the effort made by our clients with two aims: to promote exercise among drivers and to carry out a social action.  Thus, for every client that entered the Andamur gym at La Junquera, we have donated 3 kg of food to the Cáritas food bank. To take part in the campaign, drivers only had to use their fuelling or security car park receipt to access the gym facilities free of charge. A scoreboard kept track of the number of people entering the gym to obtain the number of kg that Andamur was to donate at the end of the campaign.

This action is included within Andamur’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme #WeLookAfterWhatMatters with which we wish to provide added value to drivers, enabling them to work out, follow a healthy diet, stay calm while driving, get some rest or have a good time. Likewise, with this initiative, at Andamur we wish to collaborate with social and environmental actions as a way of giving back to society what it contributes to us as a company. At Andamur, we show this way our commitment to making drivers feel at home while they are at our service areas.

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Andamur presents the first gym in a service area

Yesterday we officially opened up a gym in our Andamur Service Area of La Junquera, which has become the first station with this offer in the whole country.

These new facilities are a clear example of the commitment we have acquired to make drivers’ lives healthier. It is an important improvement in our service proposal aiming to make them feel at home.

A group of Andamur workers opened up the facilities of the new gym yesterday and the event was attended by the athlete Rubén Morán and Andamur CEO, Miguel Ángel López.

To quote the athlete and creator of Farinato Race, Rubén Morán, who has been linked to the transport world for many years: “I think what Andamur is doing for drivers is very positive, offering them the possibility of working out in a gym in its own Service Area is not only new and innovative, but also proves Andamur’s concern for lorry drivers”.

For his part, Miguel Ángel López, Andamur CEO, considers that opening up this new service is: “A first step within a set of actions we are carrying out to help drivers have a healthier life and be able to make the most of the time they spend in our service areas”.

By opening up these facilities, Andamur has started the campaign Your effort multiplies by 3. Until 21 December, at Andamur we commit ourselves to multiplying by 3 the effort of our customers with two aims: to foster exercising among drivers and to carry out a social action. Thus, for every person entering the gym at Andamur La Junquera, we donate 3 kg of food to a food bank. To take part in this campaign, drivers will only have to use their fuelling or security car park receipt to access the gym facilities free of charge. A scoreboard will keep track of the number of people entering the gym that will be multiplied by 3 to obtain the number of kg that Andamur will donate at the end of the campaign.

It is worth highlighting that this action is included within Andamur’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme #WeLookAfterWhatMatters with which we wish to value and take good care of drivers, enabling them to work out, follow a healthy diet, enjoy ergonomics when driving, rest or have a good time. This CSR programme also intends to be a way of giving back to society what it contributes to us as a company, and this way collaborate in social or environmental actions.


Andamur and Molgas present the first Network of Multi-Energy Service Stations

Andamur has signed an agreement with the company Molgas to set up a new company with the aim to build and operate this network of refuelling stations of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG), in addition to fuel. The new company is going to have a pioneering role responding to the demands of fleets of trucks and light vehicles that may refuel any kind of fuel at the so-called Multi-Energy Service Stations.

This new service will be provided as of the beginning of 2019 in the Service Areas located in La Junquera (Gerona), Guarromán (Jaén), Pamplona (Navarra) and San Román (Vitoria). More than 500,000 trucks are refuelled at our stations every day, and those companies may now include natural gas in their fleets, thus anticipating market trends and being able to obtain an increased competitive advantage.

Miguel Ángel López, Andamur CEO, has expressed his satisfaction with this agreement: “At Andamur, We look after what really matters, and with this initiative not only do we help clients to anticipate market trends, we also provide sustainable alternatives for light and heavy vehicles, promoting the reduction of CO2 emissions”.

In addition, he wanted to highlight the importance of collaborating with the company Molgas, “to achieve this, we have set up a partnership with Molgas, leading company in the natural gas market. Their deep knowledge in this field together with our experience in managing Service Areas and Services to Drivers are a perfect combination to be successful”.

These new refuelling plants will be built at the beginning of 2019.

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Andamur Guarromán and La Junquera renew their shower and toilet facilities

Fully aware of the importance of providing our users with the best services while they travel by road, we have carried out an integrated renovation process in the shower and toilet facilities at Andamur Guarromán and La Junquera service areas. These facilities are very much frequented, so with these alterations we want to optimise our clients’ experience as much as we can.

With this project we aim to provide road users with a much newer, larger and comfortable area which adapts to their needs as much as possible. In this renovation process we have increased the number of available showers and we have remodelled all facilities to offer a completely new shower and toilet area. In addition, at the Andamur Guarromán facilities, we have included a new exclusive zone for our female customers with an independent shower for women.

The construction of these new facilities shows our firm commitment to offering drivers all the services they may need throughout their route enabling them to take a break, eat, wash themselves, wash their clothes, have their security guaranteed, etc. This means an important improvement in our service proposal that we keep improving on a daily basis


Do you use commercial diesel? We offer you fuel cards adapted to your needs

Each transport company has different needs in terms of commercial diesel depending on many factors: total number of kilometres travelled every month, routes followed, type of vehicles, etc.  That is why it is necessary to adapt the fuel offer to each type of fleet. At Andamur, we see it every day in our petrol stations and in our relationship with companies; therefore, we have different fuel cards adapted to their needs. All of them offer multiple advantages that will allow you to manage your fleet in an easier and more profitable way while they offer security and guarantee. For instance:


  • Each card is linked to a vehicle/driver.
  • They have a PIN-based payment system.
  • There are restrictions on cards according to drivers’ needs.
  • They can be immediately cancelled if required.


All Andamur temporary diesel cards are free and have no monthly fees, and enable you to have thorough purchase control with detailed invoices by license plate. This is how each one of them works:


Andamur Proeurope Fuel Card

  • This is the only fuel card for transport companies enabling to refuel in more than 160 petrol stations in 8 European countries.
  • You can use it in Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Slovenia and Belgium.
  • There are two payment methods: Andamur ProEurope, payment on credit by bank draft and Andamur ProEurope Cash, by means of online recharging.
  • VAT recovery with special conditions for Andamur clients.
  • It enables you to request the Spanish Tax Agency bonus on commercial diesel across the Spanish territory.
  • You can pay with it in shops and security car parks across our petrol stations.



Andamur Eurogas Fuel Card

  • Its use enables the commercial diesel statement of supplies in Spain.
  • You can request it at Andamur or at a Cajamar office.
  • It offers discounts in fuel.
  • Simple payment through bank draft.
  • Valid throughout the Andamur Spain petrol stations network.
  • You can pay with it in shops and security car parks across our petrol stations.



Andamur Probon Fuel Card

  • Card to be exclusively used for Red Diesel.
  • Simple payment through bank draft.
  • Monthly invoicing on credit.
  • Valid in all Andamur petrol stations and in the associated ones.



Andamur Mastercard Fuel Card

  • You can refuel in more than 160 petrol stations in 8 European countries.
  • Immediate availability of cash in any cash dispenser.
  • No formalities, risks or bank account involved.
  • 0 cost: no fees in terms of issuance, maintenance, recharging or payment.
  • Valid for payment wherever MasterCard is accepted.
  • You can pay with it in shops and security car parks across our petrol stations.



Andamur Discount

  • This card is used for cash payment.
  • It offers direct discounts in fuel.
  • Invoice valid from a fiscal point of view.
  • Valid in all of Andamur’s own petrol stations across the Spanish territory.



Choose the card which is best suited to your needs and manage your fleet the best way possible. Which one is your card?