if you use airCODE and you suffer any credit card

cloning fraud, we will commit ourselves to reimburse

you the corresponding amount.

This is the new airCODE, the only system ensuring TOTAL SECURITY when refuelling, preventing possible fraud at the time of supply by means of verification via sms linked to:





airCODE is a breath of fresh air for transport employers and proof of our commitment to security across all its strands.

New demeanour for your company through an app that works in a very simple way:

  1. Initially, the truck driver is about to refuel in any Andamur service station; whether it is one of Andamur’s own service stations or an associated one, in Spain or in the rest of Europe.
  1. The driver requests his/her airCODE linked to one single card, one single vehicle, one single operation and one single driver.
  1. The code is immediately received; it will be valid for a limited period of time and will only be used at the station where it has been requested.


What is the cost of using airCODE?

airCODE is a completely free service exclusive to Andamur customers.

Where can I use airCODE?

airCODE is valid at the more than 650 service stations that Andamur places at your disposal, in 9 European countries.


The user has access to the network of Andamur service stations in the same app. You can even plan your route.

What are the options for drivers to request an airCODE if they do not have the details on their smartphones?

  • Option 1: Connect your device to the service station WiFi and request an airCODE via the app following a normal procedure
  • Option 2: A notification appears from the app informing you that there is no Internet connection. The driver must follow the steps indicated by the app to immediately receive a text message with the airCODE after prior verification by Andamur. The driver will have 30 minutes to perform the operation
  • Option 3: Contact your fleet manager and request an airCODE. The fleet manager can send your airCODE via the Andamur Private Area

How do you send an airCODE to your driver from the Andamur Private Area or Administrator App?

    • Access the Andamur Private area or Administrator App (same login details)
    • Select registration number of the vehicle you want to refuel
    • Change the driver’s phone number if necessary
    • Request airCODE
    • The driver receives a text message with the airCODE



What should we do if the driver changes lorries?

First, the fleet manager must link the new vehicle’s card to the driver’s phone, either through the Andamur Private Area or the Administrator App.

Second, the driver must enter the card number in the app. Finally, the driver must request an airCODE using the usual procedure, selecting the card that will be used for refuelling.

IMPORTANT: The new vehicle card must be linked to the driver’s phone. The fleet manager can amend the details via the Extranet or Administrator App.

Can the app be used on the driver’s personal mobile phone?

Yes, provided the driver’s employer authorises it.

Can several cards be linked to the app?


Absolutely. When drivers request an airCODE, they will select the card they want to refuel with

Is it necessary to request two codes to refuel with two different products?

Diesel A and AdBlue may be refuelled with a single code, as long as both operations are performed within the 30 mins allocated for the airCODE in question. If it is not possible to perform the two operations within the 30 minutes, the driver must request a new airCODE for the new operation.

Can I refuel with Diesel B using airCODE?

Yes, as long as you’ve added your Andamur ProBon card to the airCODE app. In this case, you’ll need to request an exclusive code from this card and for this operation.

Can drivers check their balance in the airCODE app?

Yes, by selecting the “See Details” option. Drivers have access to their current balance, card expiry date and recent transactions.

Should drivers carry their Andamur ProEurope cards?

Yes, the payment method is still their ProEurope card.

airCODE is the system that guarantees complete security in refuelling. It is valid as long as it is accompanied by the ProEurope card.

The service station staff will first request the ProEurope card to check that there are funds and then, if everything is in order, enter the amount for the transaction in question and ask the driver to enter an airCODE to conclude the transaction successfully.

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