Andamur present at the 19th CETM Congress

The Feria de Congresos de Ciudad Real has become the epicentre of the transportation sector this week with the celebration of the 19th Congress of the Spanish Confederation of Goods Transport (CETM).

The event, which began yesterday, May 22nd, with an inaugural ceremony, saw the participation of Ovidio de la Roza, president of the CETM, Carlos Marín, president of the Federation of Transport Companies of Castilla-La Mancha (FETCAM), and the mayor of Ciudad Real, Francisco Cañizares.

Andamur’s participation in the 19th CETM Congress underscores its commitment to development and innovation in the transportation sector. At Andamur, we place paramount importance on active listening, which enables us to understand and address the needs of our clients effectively. We are accessible and open, always ready to understand the difficulties and requirements of our clients in order to assist and accompany them on their journey.

This type of event not only strengthens relationships among different groups but also drives the exchange of ideas and crucial solutions to face present and future challenges. Collaboration and dialogue are essential for continuing to progress towards significant improvements in transportation. At Andamur, we firmly believe that the key to a more efficient and sustainable transportation lies in constant and effective communication with all stakeholders in the sector.

Once again, the CETM Congress consolidates itself as an essential appointment for transportation professionals, providing a meeting space for the sector. The presentations held so far have highlighted the importance of transportation as an engine of the economy, a generator of employment, and a fundamental pillar for social welfare.