Andamur at the FROET Assembly: A Key Meeting for the Transport Sector in Murcia

Today, Thursday 30th May, we are enjoying a pleasant day at the Casón de la Vega, during the General Assembly of the Regional Federation of Transport Business Organisations (FROET). This event, year after year, brings together the main players in the transport sector in Murcia and provides us with a favourable space for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and the creation of synergies that strengthen our industry.

Following the reception and presentation of the authorities, we will experience a highlight of the day: the awards and recognitions ceremony for companies, conducted by Eva Melenchón, Vice President of FROET. Additionally, a gold badge will be presented by Mr. Pedro Díaz Martínez, President of FROET, to Mr. José María Albarracín, President of the Regional Confederation of Business Organisations of Murcia (CROEM).

Our participation in the FROET Assembly underscores Andamur’s firm commitment to the transport sector. We understand the importance of being present at these meetings, not only as an opportunity for dialogue with other professionals but also to stay updated on the main innovations and trends in the sector. We are convinced that through participation in these initiatives, we can continue to offer innovative solutions and high-quality services that meet the needs of our clients and the market.

Once again, we will continue to demonstrate our dedication to this essential sector, collaborating and learning in this enriching event, and reaffirming our commitment to work together for a more promising future for transport.