28 new strategic points in our network of stations

For Andamur, it is a joy and pride to announce today the expansion of our network of stations in Spain. We understand that, for the optimization of routes, both in time and fuel, it is crucial to have strategic refueling points on the main highways for freight transport. Therefore, today, 28 new stations are part of our network, and another 18 will be added in the coming weeks.

With the addition of these new stations, we now offer more than 100 supply points in Spain and total over 900 across 9 European countries. These new stations are distributed throughout the Iberian Peninsula in Spain, spanning across 14 different provinces. They are strategically located very close to highway exits to prevent deviations in routes and facilitate easy access.

At Andamur, we strive to always be close to our customers and accompany them on their journeys, improve logistics, and facilitate fleet management. The expansion of our network enhances the operational efficiency of these transport companies by providing more possibilities for their stops, both for refueling and to meet the needs that arise for truckers during their stops, without significant detours.

Furthermore, by having service stations available in strategic locations, travel times are reduced by avoiding extended travel to access essential services. This improves logistical efficiency and reduces operating costs.

Being able to expand our network so substantially is a new goal achieved for us in providing the best treatment and service to our customers, helping them meet deadlines and optimize costs. This is especially important in the freight transport sector, where efficiency and punctuality are crucial.