The company GP LÍMITE ANDAMUR, S.L with address at Polígono Industrial Saprelorca, 3rd floor, mailbox nº 280, C.P: 30817 Lorca (Murcia), with CIF B-30424762, is organising the CSR Campaign «Tú Decides» (You Decide).

In this campaign our customers are the protagonists, as they are the ones in charge of choosing the NGO or non-profit organisation to which Andamur will allocate 6 donations of 5000 euros. Voting will take place in our Service Areas of San Román, Pamplona, Guarromán, Lorca and El Límite. In the case of La Junquera, AND>GO La Junquera Turismos and La Junquera-Llers, the three stations will be counted as one due to their geographical proximity. In other words, Andamur will allocate a total of 30,000 euros to this solidarity action.

This campaign is aimed at all customers who make use of an Andamur service (refuelling, use of showers, consumption in the restaurant, security parking, etc.), in any of the Andamur Service Areas.

In this campaign, customers will be able to vote for a national, regional, local or international charity project in each of our Service Areas.


Customers will vote with tablets placed in the service areas to this end. Or through their mobile devices by scanning the Qr that appears on the campaign posters. In addition, the legal bases of the campaign will be provided for those who wish to obtain additional information.

The campaign will take place from the 1st to the 15th of December at 23:59 hours, when voting will close.

The results will be published on 20 December and on the following days the most voted entities will receive the donation.


Non-profit organizations Directory which could choose to the donation


National Level:  ACNUR. Population affected by the war in Ukraine

Regional Level:  Red Cross Almería. Project: Aid to Homes at Greater Risk of Poverty and Exclusion.

Local Level: Association of Alzheimer’s and Other Age-Related Dementias in Huércal-Overa. Programe to mesure memory in patients.

ANDAMUR LA JUNQUERA / AND > GO La Junquera / Andamur La Junquera-Llers

National Level: ACNUR. Population affected by the war in Ukraine

Local – Regional Level: Leisure Center El Dofí (Figueres) Summer Camp Project; Leisure for Children, Youth and Adults with Disabilities.

International Level (Poland): Children Foundation “Help on Time”


National Level:  ACNUR. Population affected by the war in Ukraine

Regional Level: Ask me for the Moon. Association for Entertainment Activities with Oncology Children of Jaén. Project Music Therapy Workshops for Children of the Pediatric Palliative Care Unit.

Local Level: Association of Attention to People with Psychomotor Treatment Montilla Bono (Andújar). Project Multidisciplinary Treatments for People with Special Needs


National Level: Red Cross. Help to those affected by the Palma Volcano

Regional Level: Caritas Region of Murcia. Caritas Diocese of Cartagena. Accompaniment to Families and Children in the Region of Murcia.

Local Level: El Buen Camino Lorca Association. Host House


National Level: ACNUR. Population affected by the war in Ukraine

Regional Level: ADACEN. Brain Injury Association in Navarre. Project for the Promotion of Autonomy in People with Brain Damage.

Local Level: EUNATE.Families of Deaf People Association in Navarre. HARVI Project Hearing Rehabilitation Therapy in Noisy Environments Through Virtual Reality.


National Level: ACNUR. Population affected by the war in Ukraine

Regional Level: ARENE. Neuromuscular Patients Association in Álava. Physiotherapy Project for Affected People.

International Level (Portugal): Solidarity Portal. Daily Food Aid for People without their own Means of Subsistence or People in Greater Need.


Participation in the campaign means accepting all of these rules, which can be consulted by participants on the website

Participants are required to read and know the rules to be able to participate in the campaign.

The awarding of the prize to the winning NGO will be carried out after verification of compliance with the requirements demanded by the organizing company, which would be the issuance of a certificate of donations and a responsible declaration of the person in charge, stating that the donation will go to the agreed project.

The organising company reserves the right to withdraw the considered suspicious or fraudulent voting.