In Europe, in many of the motorway and dual carriageway are charged fees or tolls by the State or by the concessionaires, and there is no uniformity on the amounts nor the method of payment in these.

In your routes throughout the European continent, whether you’re a transport company or individual, you must take into account the existence or non-existence of tolls; a service that offers greater comfort, safety and speed of travel.

In the field of tolls, Andamur count on solutions tailored to each client, that will allow you to travel the roads of a more dynamic and with the most competitive prices in the market. With the toll devices of Andamur you can simplify the management of your fleet, receive a single periodic payment, recovering the VAT of your expenses in Europe.

Let’s know the peculiarities of each country on this matter.



The network of great ways in Spain is divided into highways and motorways. The first concession can be toll or free; while the latter are free to use and free of charge, in charge of the State or of each Autonomous Community. Its network of high-capacity roads makes Spain the 11th largest country in the world in number of kilometers.

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But what happens in other European countries:



In France almost all the highways and motorways are toll roads, with costs that depend on each route measured in kilometers. The cost for trucks or trailers exceeding 2m in height is greater, applying an increase on the base fare, although it is a required step in the routes that are directed to the north and east of Europe.

If your company runs frequently the Gallic country, more convenient and faster is the payment by a toll device, to carry out the process automatically.

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In Portugal, the pass through the majority of the motorways, expressways and some tunnels and bridges has to be paid, combining two types of tolls, the traditional ” road-segment ”  and at the same time a modern toll system, specified with a large sign that reads  “only electronic toll collection”.

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Almost all motorways in Italy are tolled. The amount of the rate depends on the distance and type of each vehicle.

The selection of the form of payment is by means of the choice of lane that will take you to the determined wheelhouse where a color code indicates its type: White for the payment in cash, blue for credit card payments and yellow for drivers who use the automatic payment system. If you are frequent your routes by the country, the most effective method is to hire a toll device, which  will allow you greater dynamism and many other advantages, such as the benefit of discounts paid by the State based on the volume of consumption and type of vehicle.

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Austria has a system of tolls for heavy vehicles based on the mileage, with rates that depend on the number of axles and emissions. Payment is made through the automatic device “Go-box”.

The device is placed on the inside of the windshield, registering automatically the distance travelled and the corresponding toll.

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In Belgium highways and motorways management is regional and without tolls, less in the regions of Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia, which apply a rate for road maintenance.

On the other hand, tunnel of Liefkenshoek of the city of Antwerp also carries with it certain charges. The fee can be paid either by credit card or electronic system on board, with an amount that depends on the height of the vehicle (less than 2.75 mts or greater than 2.75 mts).

The most economical rate for both is the electronic system on board, in contrast with the credit card and the payment by cash; in which considerably increases the amount to pay.

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Polish motorways are mandatory payment, then you will have to make it in each of the toll stations that make up the track, which can be made by cash or by credit card.

Vehicles  with a weight over 3.5 tonnes cannot use this toll manual payment system; must use an automatic payment system.




Not all European countries charge a fee for using its road network: pointing out countries such as Holland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the United Kingdom. However, that does not mean that, in certain circumstances or specific points in the network do not have to pay a toll.

With its offer of toll devices, Andamur puts at the disposal of companies and professionals transport all the facilities and solutions on the road. In the same way, whatever your itinerary (Spain, France, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria and Poland), you will gain in security, efficiency and speed.