The transport sector is moving in an increasingly competitive environment. Professionalization and process optimization are no longer a possibility but an obligation. Every part of the supply chain must be analysed and measured in detail. It is nothing new to say that the use of technology has allowed great improvements in terms of quality of customer service and cost savings.


The importance of correctly designing and planning transport routes sometimes goes unnoticed. However, they are one of the most important points in the logistics chain, which can also improve efficiency with the help of these technologies. Here are some tips to achieve their optimization:


  • Real-time planning. There are many tools that allow us to know the state of the traffic, unexpected cuts in the roads,… and, with it, the fastest route at every moment.


  • Intelligent tachograph. It provides a multitude of information to the central office, such as working and rest time, kilometres travelled or speed. With this information, the control centre can provide the driver with information about possible traffic controls and detours to avoid delays.


  • Domotics for trucks. Although its use is not yet common, it is becoming increasingly frequent to see devices that allow the driver to check, without having to be on site in the truck, the closing of the doors or the temperature.


  • Trucks connected to the Internet. More and more fleets are connected by Internet facilitating communication between drivers.