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The technological evolution of trucks

Technology, as in all areas of society, has become a fundamental aspect of modern trucks. It makes day-to-day life easier, and provides us countless benefits and comforts. The same is true of the transport sector, and the trucks that it entails. We will now analyse how these vehicles, and everything related to them (safety, design, […]

Tips for cargo transport

When embarking on a route, many factors must be taken into account to ensure a problem-free trip in the greatest possible safety. One of the most common causes of accidents in cargo transport is the load coming loose due to improper securing. This can also lead to damage to the material being transported, or to […]

How to achieve more efficient routes

Before starting a transport route, it is important to accurately plan it and organise in advance to ensure that it is efficient. Optimisation of transport routes can have many benefits for your company: Shorter duration of the routes Improved organisation of delivery times More time available in case of unanticipated events Reduced fuel consumption Tips […]

What to do in the event of a blowout or puncture

Issues may arise on a haulier’s journey. The quality of modern tyres means that a blowout or a puncture is a rare event. However, they can happen, for various reasons. Andamur tells you why blowouts and punctures occur and how to solve these situations to ensure the maximum possible safety for everyone. Why it happens […]


A tree for a tank 2022

Refuelling and contributing to the improvement of the environment is possible! At Andamur we are committed to this idea, so we are celebrating Environment Day with the “A tree for a tank” campaign. For each vehicle refuelled in our Station Network on Sunday 5th June, we will plant a new tree in the Andamur Forest. […]

Buying a new or used lorry: advantages, disadvantages and tips

When buying a lorry, it’s important to take into account a few different things: whether it’ll be a new or second-hand lorry, what is going to be transported, what it must have before deciding which one to go for… At Andamur, we help you to take this significant step in your career so that you […]