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The Best Apps in 2022 for Truckers

We can all agree that apps on our smartphones make our lives easier. Not only can they be used to make purchases, chat with friends and family, or enjoy all kinds of entertainment from anywhere in the world, but they can also be very useful for professional drivers. If you are one of them, take […]

Eurovignette, Everything You Need to Know

The Eurovignette is a toll system for heavy goods vehicles and it gets its name from the sticker that is attached to the windshield. With its latest reform, the idea is to gradually replace the tariff calculated based on driving time with other factors that better reflect the vehicle’s ecological footprint, such as distance or […]


Andamur presents its 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

The report brings together all the actions carried out by the company as part of its commitment to achieving the SDGs Andamur presents its second Corporate Social Responsibility Report in collaboration with the Cátedra of CSR of Murcia. This report brings together all the actions, achievements and commitments made throughout 2021 set out in the […]

Checklist of Documentation That Your Truck Fleet Must Carry

The transport sector is fully regulated and requires special documentation depending on the type of goods being transported, the type of vehicle or whether the destination is national or international. At Andamur we understand the huge responsibility that drivers take on when transporting heavy or dangerous goods. For this reason, we want to help all […]

What you need to know if you want to become a haulier

If you love the open road, you enjoy travelling and visiting new destinations, you don’t mind spending time away from home, and you like to be independent, a career as a haulier may appeal to you. Have you stopped to think about what it takes to perform this job? In order to dedicate yourself to […]

Smart tachographs in trucks

The tachograph is an essential tool for hauliers. It records the data relating to the speed and distance of a journey, and its use has been mandatory in heavy goods vehicles since 1986.  There are two types of traditional tachographs: analogue and digital. Use of the latter has been mandatory since 2006 in all newly […]