At Andamur, we are committed to promoting healthy living and sports. That is why we take actions that are focused on caring for drivers and for our customers, such as offering quality healthy food in the restaurants of our Service Areas, making sport available to our customers by providing facilities such as the gym in the Andamur La Junquera Service Area, and offering tips for exercising in the cab of the truck.

Supporting local sport is essential to demonstrate our commitment to health. For this reason, Andamur is sponsoring 6 local sports teams close to each of our service areas this year.

  • Andamur La Junquera: U.E La Jonquera
  • Andamur Lorca: C.B. Lumbreras LUA
  • Andamur El Límite: Huércal Overa C.F
  • Andamur Guarromán: Íberos Rugby Linares
  • Andamur Pamplona: CD Ibararte
  • Andamur San Román: Agurain Kirol Elkartea S.D Salvatierra

In addition to the 6 sports teams, we also sponsor 3 sporting events held in Lorca and Llers:

  • Peña Rubia Trail Lorca
  • Media Maratón Lorca
  • Carrera BTT LLERS, Gerona

Our commitment to the community and healthy living

Through these actions, Andamur supports the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3, on Good Health and Well-being, – ‘To ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages’.

In addition, we are committed to society and every day we aim to build a healthier world. This action is part of our CSR Plan #WeTakeCareOfWhatMatters, where we demonstrate our social commitment.