Keeping the lorry in good condition is essential to ensuring the safety of fleets and transported goods. Inadequate vehicle maintenance can be the cause of accidents and other unforeseen events while driving.

We at Andamur want to give you 6 tips to keep your lorry in perfect condition and prevent any issues at the wheel. Keep reading!

  1. Inspect the tyres

Tyres on lorries transporting goods bear heavy weights. That’s why checking that they have the right pressure, and cleaning and inspecting them will help to detect any problems or damage to the tyres, such as stones in the treads, cuts, cracks…

As well as checking them, they must be changed when necessary to avoid accidents and other problems on the road.

  1. Check and change the oil when necessary

Checking the oil level often and changing it when indicated by the manufacturer is essential. This will help extend engine life, improve lorry performance, achieve improved fuel economy and protect the emission system.

  1. Check the trailer insulation

Checking the trailer insulation is essential to prevent rain or wind from damaging the load and causing other problems for the vehicle. To do this, the walls, floor, doors and roof of the lorry should be thoroughly inspected before setting off on a journey.

  1. Keep the lorry clean

Besides the importance of cleaning it to take care of its outer appearance, washing the lorry extends the life of the paintwork and prevents dirt from accumulating on the underbody of the vehicle, thus avoiding rust.

  1. Look after the braking system

Bad brakes can cause a lorry not to stop when it needs to. That’s why keeping the brakes in good condition is one of the most important tasks for any vehicle.

Maintaining the brake system must be taken care of down to the last millimetre. It is therefore important to check the fluid level and change discs and pads when necessary.

  1. Examine the engine

Checking the engine frequently for damage can prevent accidents and costly repairs. It is important to check connectors, cables and the various fluid levels: coolant, engine fluid and oil.

  1. Remember to run check ups

Although it seems obvious, it is important to follow the instructions from the professionals and to go to the workshop to have the lorry completely overhauled. Also, remember to check when you have to pass the MOT.


At Andamur #WeTakeCareOfWhatMatters. For this reason, the professional driver’s safety is of paramount importance to us. Take care of yourself at the wheel!