“Greater product accessibility and improving customer experience have been the main objectives of Andamur in this new project.”

At Andamur, we introduce a completely renovated store concept that promises to change the shopping experience for our customers. With a focus on accessibility, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, this initiative aims to revolutionize the experience of drivers and travelers who make stops at these areas, offering them a wide and diverse range of products and services.

Specifically, three of our stores have already implemented this new concept: Andamur Pamplona, Andamur La Junquera-Llers, and finally Andamur Guarromán, whose inauguration took place last week. This event featured tastings of typical local products, raffle of a basket of local products, and various giveaways for all attending customers.

One of the most notable features of this new design is greater product accessibility. We have completely redesigned the layout of some of our stores with an intuitive and clearly defined arrangement so that customers can find what they need quickly and easily.

The new store designs have been carefully planned to optimize customer flow, minimize wait times, and ensure a seamless experience from the moment the customer enters until they complete their purchase.

This new image brings more brightness and spaciousness to our stores. Spaces have been designed to make the most of natural light, creating a more welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.

In addition to traditional products and services, Andamur stores also include a wide variety of products specifically for professional drivers. With a specific section that offers truck and driver accessories, kitchen utensils, products to improve ergonomics while driving, and generally everything they may need on their long routes through Europe.

This new store concept represents an exciting challenge for us as we seek to redefine standards in Service Areas primarily intended for heavy transportation. It’s not just about improving operational efficiency but also about the stay of drivers during their stops and breaks on the road.

With this project, Andamur not only reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in service but also continues to consolidate its position as a benchmark in the Service Areas sector.