The new regulation on driving and rest times for transporters of goods on Spanish roads will be in force until 31 May.

To avoid confusion, we at Andamur will explain the new regulation, which must be taken into account by all truck drivers,  from now on

1-Daily driving – A maximum of 11 hours per day is established. Driving breaks must be every 4.5 hours and mandatory daily breaks are set at 9 consecutive hours of driving (instead of 11).

2- Weekly rest – It is established that every four weeks at least two normal weekly rests of 45 hours must be taken, and consequently the other two reduced rests of 24 hours may be taken, either in continuous or alternate weeks, and without the need to compensate for the reduction not taken.

Furthermore, it is maintained that whatever the length of the rest, it may in any case be taken on board the vehicle provided that it is adequately equipped and the vehicle is parked.

3- Limit on weekly and bi-weekly driving hours – The obligation to carry out a maximum of 56 hours of driving per week and 90 hours per two-week period continues.