At Andamur, we have become active members of the Spanish Association for Quality, one of the most important quality associations in Spain gathering over 1700 companies in different sectors and with more than 50 years of experience.


By joining AEC, Andamur aims to stay at the forefront of Quality Standards, as well as regarding Customer Experience, Information Systems and Technologies, Innovation and Occupational Risk Prevention. In addition, being part of AEC will give us the opportunity of taking part in specific committees addressing the latest relevant trends, tools and information in our sector.


One of Andamur’s first actions as new member will be the creation of a Total Quality Management System Plan, already in progress, in order to be granted two important certifications in the next few months: Service quality for small retail trade (UNE 175001-6) and Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2015).


The Spanish Association for Quality has been working since 1961 for companies to introduce this important concept as a strategic element, and through an integrating approach apply it to all the pillars of their respective businesses. At Andamur, we are aware of the fact that Quality is going through a transformation process to manage to adapt itself to new customer’s needs, technology and the important role that companies shall play within their community. To this end, we want to continue strengthening our commitment to quality, adapting ourselves to the new challenges and following the latest trends to be better every day.

Continuing with its commitment to growth and international expansion

Andamur, in the course of the company internationalization, incorporates- to its almost 160 service stations (present in 8 countries of the continent) -6 areas strategically located on the main roads of France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

In this way, the tree countries, which already had numerous associated stations, add to its network of service areas new possibilities on route to the Andamur customers. Andamur offers significant advantages in relation to the refuelling (AdBlue/Diesel), and with the convenience of being able to make the payment through the professional card Andamur ProEurope.

France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Slovenia, are the countries that make up the Andamur international network, and where the clients with the ProEurope card, single one for all countries, will be attended with the guarantee of quality, safety and customer care of Andamur.

Andamur keep growing, with the sole aim of providing facilities to the customer and solutions to the needs of the sector, also beyond our borders.

Gaining in competitiveness to face large power companies


From the Past 1 June, Andamur is already a member of the European Association of Independent Oil (UPEI), which will enable the company to establish synergies with other members, identify market opportunities and participate actively in the new challenges of the sector; as well as the search for better solutions, benefits and services for their clients.

Focusing on the transport sector and the defense of fair competition, UPEI represents  nearly 2,000 wholesalers and distributors of independent energy, using its own infrastructure and flexibility to supply more than one-third of the European energy demand. In addition, through a high quality service, underscores a commitment to energy efficiency and reduction of polluting emissions.

With the Andamur ProEurope card and its 160 service stations throughout Europe,  the strategy of international expansion  of Andamur goes very much in line with the UPEI proposal, through A sustained growth that involves continuous improvements in services, with the sole aim of giving facilities to the customer and  solutions to the needs of the sector.

By placing the driver as a key piece of the business strategy

The Murcian company Andamur has participated, along with other specialists in the field, in  the I Transport Conferences 2018, which has been discussed, among other topics of interest,  the value of the sector and the study of new challenges ; serving as a meeting point between the main companies of the Region.

The Conference, organised by “La Verdad” and the Town Hall of Molina de Segura, has been inaugurated by Antonio González, General Director of “La Verdad”; Esther Clavero, Mayor of Molina de Segura and Patricio Valverde, Development Advisor for the Regional Council of Region of Murcia; counting on notable speeches as that of Manuel Pérez, General Secretary of Froet or José Ramón Díez de Revenga, General Director of Transport.



Andamur, from Miguel Ángel López, Managing Director and CEO of the company, has been part of the round table “Success Cases of transport companies”. In which, Miguel Angel  has highlighted the figure of the professional driver, committed to their well-being as a key piece of the process, making companies to be more competitive” .

This Day, held in this edition in Molina de Segura, promises to be a reference in the annual road map of companies, institutions and professionals of this sector.

Covering all the exits of the border through Irun

Andamur clients may have, from 1 June, of all the services offered by the Noil station of Bera de Bidasoa (Navarra); being a strategic location to 10 km from the border with France.

With the addition of this station, along with those of San Román, Pamplona and the associated Gexa, covered all the exit points of the border of Irun.

Noil Bera de Bidasoa allows diesel refuelling  and Ad Blue, being accepted the payment by the  Andamur fuel cards.


In addition, customers of Andamur may benefit from other services such as:


  • Parking (Free when refuelling)
  • Free showers
  • Laundry service
  • Truck Washing area
  • Shop


Andamur incorporates this area to the more than 160 service stations located in 8 countries in Europe; a network of stations provided in connection with the main roads and European routes.




Industrial park Zalain, 18 A, 31789, Zalain (Navarra)

Tel: 948 630138➡️

43.27669 N

-1.7007 E


One year since the implementation of the new Business Center

The Andamur Business Center is not only a work space, but much more; we speak of a three-storey building, modern and innovative character, with adapted facilities to offer a full range of services, providing even of a space dedicated to training.

In March 2017 Andamur began to take steps to become what it is today – creating the new Business Center of Lorca- a modern building, with endless possibilities and symbol of the company’s commitment to business growth, international expansion and adaptation of new services in each of its areas; in short, to go in the future and continue to be at the forefront an integral solution for professionals and transport companies, at the national and international level.

That commitment also carried with it the creation of new departments, new jobs and a restructuring of the team; without a doubt, an infrastructure that would enable them to carry out the great project of Andamur.


Internationalization, growth and professionalization

The enterprising character of Andamur, in addition to the need for its customers to grow internationally, boosted the growth strategy.

The goal was going to be, in addition to being able to serve its customers in Europe, offer differentiated services for which routes were easier to manage by the transport company, as well as more comfortable for the driver.


Approved Training Center

From the change to the Business Center, Andamur already has certified facilities for teaching Froet CAP courses.

In this way it has been possible to bring training to professionals and companies of transport located in the Guadalentín Valley and neighboring areas of Almeria.

New Board of Directors

The establishment of the governance body meant changes in the organizational structure of Andamur.

Juan Carlos López  was named Chairman of the Board of Directors, while Miguel Ángel López faced the General Direction of the company as CEO. On the other hand, the Board of Directors was consisted of the entire family owner and an External Advisor, Francisco José Sánchez-Montesinos García.


New departments and jobs

The Business Center of Andamur led the implementation of new departments, also the professionalization and new strategies in other existing, increased the number of employees (a total of 16 new positions).




  • Professionalization of the Financial Department

Economic/ Finance Officer: Bartolomé Benítez

  • Department of Business Development

Director: Antonio Alcaraz

  • Marketing Department

Marketing Manager: Ángeles Ruiz

  • Department of Retail

Director: Miguel Ángel Quiñonero

Department of Quality and Processes


Por todo ello, Andamur se ha convertido en referencia dentro del  tejido empresarial de la Región, colocándose en el  puesto 21 del ranking de empresas de la Región de Murcia.

With the aim of offering to professionals transport different options at the same point-of-sale, by optimizing the time of refuelling/ recharge


The strategic policy of Andamur, within its framework of growth, sets as a priority objective the evolution toward a “multi-energy” model in its service areas.


To this effect, Andamur Service Areas will incorporate into traditional fuels and its current offer (car parks, restaurants, supermarket,…), new alternatives such as the supply of VNG (CNG and LNG) and electric charging points (P.R.E’s). In this way, the company evolves, within the transport and mobility market, toward new energy sources; also focusing on other emerging markets, such as hydrogen.


For all these reasons, and in order to know in-situ these new development projects, Mrs Esther Marin Gomez, the Director General for Energy, Industrial and Mining Activity of the CARM, has visited The Andamur Business Center. During that visit, Marin has been able to echo of our business model and the level of efficiency in services which characterizes us, after more than 30 years taking care of thousands of vehicles daily.


With the implementation of “multi-energy” Service Areas,  Andamur continues to be at the forefront in solutions to heulier and transport companies, both of the Region of Murcia and the rest of Spain.



Bringing the training to professionals and companies of transport located in the Guadalentín Valley and neighboring areas of Almeria


The Regional Federation of Business Organizations of Transport (FROET) will  provide training for Professional Certificate Competence, to obtain, after a strict administrative process, the approval of its new center cap of Training, located in the facilities of Andamur in Lorca.

The objective is to diversify geographically the course of CAP, within the joint bid that Froet and Andamur carry out for the training, as the strategic pillar for adequate preparation of the sector; covering the Guadalentín Valley and neighboring areas of Almeria.

The courses provided by Froet are widely accepted and in great demand ; so much so that, only in 2017, were held in 34 courses Froet CAP of recycling, which was attended by some 500 drivers.

The Regional Federation of Business Organizations of Transport (FROET), has awarded to Andamur the Special Mention of the “Froet Awards 2017” in its XVI edition.

Through these awards, Froet recognizes the work done by the companies that carry out some of the activities which are grouped in the Federation, valuing the trajectory and the efforts of those who, during the year 2017, notably for improving its activity and thus promote the growth of the transport sector in the Region of Murcia.

In this edition, Andamur is rewarded by its magnificent collaboration with Froet-services, in the supply of fuel Froet-Gas in its service stations at La Jonquera (Girona), Pamplona (Navarra) and San Román (Alava), For the Froet partners engaged in international transport.

In the words of Miguel Ángel López, Executive Director of the company, “From Andamur we work every day to offer a comprehensive service, both to transport companies and professional drivers; and, without a doubt, this Mention will be of great motivation to face a new phase of expansion and growth, in which, with a more competitive structure, we`ll keep up with the New Markets”

Andamur has more than three decades of business evolution, both social and technological, focused in recent years to the reduction of costs in all areas of transport activity.

This is a prestigious awards, in which are present the main entities and companies of the sector; for this reason,  from Andamur  we want to thank Froet for this Mention;  but above all to you, those who rely -day by day- on our work for the development of your professional activity.

We hope that many more recognition of this kind are to come!

Andamur and the Foundation Jesus Abandonado have signed a collaboration agreement, by which the company has been in charge of the purchase of all the bread that is consumed during the month of April, in the two dining rooms that manages the social institution, for a total amount of 2,700 euros.

In addition, the Board of Directors of Andamur, formed by the family who owns this company, has done a day of corporate volunteering in the Dining Room Social Center of Murcia.

As explains Juan Carlos López, President of the company, “From Andamur we have made contributions to various entities that offer their help those most in need”.

For this reason, “being aware of the great performance that takes place from the Foundation Jesus Abandonado, we feel compelled to do our bit to this great social work, in which volunteering has special relevance”.

For his part, José Moreno, President of the Foundation, stress the importance of the collaboration of regional companies as Andamur, “very useful and necessary”, in this case to cover the amount of a basic service as is the bread, “and know, through this journey of corporate volunteering, the reality of the people we serve.”