Andamur opens borders; it grows both its stations network and the services provision of to the professional companies of road transport. In addition, increases in the volume of business and number of workers.

The company is facing a new stage in which continues its strategy of expansion and business growth, in this respect, the creation of this new body of corporate governance also implies, changes in the organizational structure of Andamur.

On the one hand, Mr. Juan Carlos López becomes leading this new stage as Chairman of the Board of Directors. For his part, Mr. Miguel Ángel López is facing the General Management of the company as Executive Director. Furthermore, the Board of Directors shall be composed of the entire family owner and the External Advisor Mr. Francisco José Sánchez-Montesinos García.

It should be noted that this External Director holds a PhD in Economic and Business Sciences by the Granada University (UGR). Currently develops, on one side his activity as a teacher and researcher in different educational institutions such as ESIC, Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) and UGR. On the other hand, he combines teaching with the performance of the post of external Director in several companies of different industries. Throughout his professional career he has held top management positions in strategic sectors.

In order to communicate to their employees for the establishment of its new Board of Directors, the company organized  an Internal Communication day, in which the team was able to gain first-hand knowledge of both the organizational changes how the strategic objectives of the Company for 2018.

The event culminated with an experiential outdoor formation of Team Building, in which the Andamur team actively participated in various activities promoting values and core competencies in the business environment such as communication, team work, cohesion and the pride of belonging.

Andamur customers already count on all the services offered by the French Station Marck of Calais, after the agreement of collaboration reached by the company and the Group C4T.

Strategically located  on the routes in connection with the United Kingdom, Andamur incorporates this area to the more than 160 service stations located in 8 countries in Europe. This station also offers significant advantages in terms of refuelling and parking access.

“Strategically Located  on the routes in connection with UK”

It should be noted that the location of Marck is essential, as Calais is considered a key point in the itineraries of international transport in your journey to the United Kingdom, specifically in respect of E40/A16 & E15/A26.

Security parking, with a capacity for more

than 300 parking spaces, has systems such as: automated access control by license plate recognition, security controls with loading seal and 24 hours video surveillance camera. In addition, Marck station allows a dynamic refuelling thanks to its 14 high-flow diesel pumps and 4 of Ad Blue; being accepted on both services the payment by your Andamur ProEurope card.

Pizzeria Restaurant, FREE WIFI, rest room, showers and laundry area; are some of the complementary services offered.

Without a doubt, a great value for Andamur clients.

Andamur, in collaboration with the Regional Federation of transport Business Organizations of Murcia (FROET), have reached an agreement to provide different training courses in their line of business. This training project, focused on professionals and entrepreneurs of transport, serves the strategic needs that currently requires the sector.

The subjects, ranging from how to implement a strategic plan in your company up to a day for the practical handling of the thermograph , mainly take place in the Business Center of Andamur (Lorca), with two subsections which will develop at FROET building (Murcia) and  at the headquarters of Transportes San Ginés respectively.

The courses  to be held in the Business Center Andamur are:

The contract of carriage of goods.  Law15/2009“. Date: 20 February

Leader coach. How to get your team commitment“. Date: 9 and 10 March

How to implement a strategic plan in a company“. Date: 20 and 21 April

Practical Course of handling thermograph. Temperature control of the goods” shortly.

It should be noted, that two of the courses, in particular Leader Coach and Strategic Plan , will be taught by the teaching team of ESIC , one of the leading business

schools specializes in marketing and commercial management in Spain.

All enrollments are made directly with the Formation Department of FROET.

At Andamur we are committed to a specialized sector, with a Training Plan focused on knowledge; a means to provide the highest quality service; at the same time that we facilitate the day to day of our professionals.

At the forefront in terms of quality and professionalism, offering an excellent customer service; the restaurant Andamur Guarroman has been recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, with the distinctive “Commitment to Quality Tourism”.

The distinctive “Commitment to Quality Tourism” is the support that certifies the fulfilment of the requirements established in the SICTED methodology (project for the improvement of the experience and satisfaction of the tourist – promoted by the State Secretary of Tourism), a recognition of the effort and commitment to quality and continuous improvement, at the same time that distinguishes the establishment against the competition.

Businesses and services that hold or wish to choose the certificate “Commitment to Quality Tourism” are subject to certain controls, a way as to ensure the satisfaction of the clients, their safety and installations comfort; work groups to develop proposals for improvement to the destination, as well as assessments that measure the adequacy of the company/service to the standards of quality.

From Guarromán to La Junquera, passing through the Limit, San Román and Pamplona; Andamur service areas offer a comprehensive service to professional haulier, following the highest quality standards.

Andamur and Tesla, the company manufacturer of 100% electric vehicles, have reached an agreement to install a Supercharger for electric cars in the Guarromán Service Area.

With 10 chargers, this station allows owners of Tesla vehicles models S and X, to load their vehicles 24/7, providing them with up to 120 kilowatts of power.

In this way, during the 30 minutes of recharging, drivers can enjoy the services offered by Andamur Guarromán: restaurant, bar, children’s play area, terrace, shop, Wi-Fi connection, etc.

The Superchargers are located strategically, thus allows travelling by making the minimum stops.  So, Andamur Guarromán is already a stop point for drivers of Tesla vehicles.

New Andamur ProEurope Card allows customers to pay for fuel in 8 European countries
Andamur opens a new network of service stations across Europe. Andamur ProEurope Card gives access to 160 stations strategically located in 8 European countries, in addition to the existing Spanish network. The network, as well as the ProEurope Card, will be launched officially in TransPoland, International Transport & Logistics Exhibition, which will take place in Poland from 8th to 10th November. During the event, Andamur representatives will be available for any requests in stand F6.

With 30 years’ experience in the industry, Andamur believes in a strong internationalization strategy that aims at providing services beyond the Spanish borders.

France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Slovenia are

the countries forming Andamur’s international network, where Andamur ProEurope Card will, from now on, give access to reliable services under Andamur’s quality standards and customer support.

Moreover, Andamur offers additional services such as tolls and VAT refund, helping international transport companies with fleet management. This wide range of services, in addition to the company experience, the cutting-edge security technology, a customized customer support, and high-quality products and services, make Andamur the comprehensive solutions provider for transport companies.

Find Andamur sites nearby here.

Andamur Cumple: a road show taking Andamur’s 30th Anniversary across its service stations in Spain. Andamur’s truck will drive through secondary roads towards each service station, where it will stay for a week.

2017 is a year of celebrationfor Andamur, our 30th birthday. The company, specialist in fuel supplies and related services, has organized a road show to celebrate it. The event, under the hashtag #AndamurCumple, will take Andamur’s 30th Anniversary to all the service stations the company owns in Spain.

Andamur’s truck will be the key element of the celebration and will travel through Spanish roads to Andamur’s service stations, where the vehicle will spend a week. In this “30th Anniversary” truck, customers will have the opportunity to celebrate with the company this relevant moment of Andamur history. There will be presents, a raffle -giving away a Mediterranean Cruise-, and  games. Customers will have a fun and relax in a friendly atmosphere.

However, #AndamurCumple not only refers to the company’s birthday. Andamur “Cumple contigo” (complies with your requirements) due to its cutting-edge security systems and the premium quality of its products and services.

“Andamur truck” will start the road trip in Guarromán (jaén) and will stay there from 10th to 15th October; next stop will be San Román (Álava) from 17th to 22nd October; followed by Pamplona (Navarra) from 24th to 29th October; and, finally, La Junquera (Gerona), from 31st October to 4th November. The event will be over in Andamur’s brith places: Lorca (Murcia), from 7th to 12th November, and El Límite, Huércal-Overa (Almería) from 14th to 19th November.

Nevertheless, this is not the first event organized to celebrate the 30th Anniversary.

The party started last 22nd June, with the opening of the new Andamur business centre (Centro de Negocios Andamur), located in Saprelorca, the industrial area in the city of Lorca (Murcia). The company’s headquarters were the first place where the celebration was held; a mass event to which customers, suppliers and Andamur’s friends were invited.

However, Andamur  did not forget about its stations and end customers, the drivers, so the company will drive along with them by means of this special road show.

In addition to advertising the road show in social networks, Andamur has designed a particular web to inform about the event, post videos, photos, news, etc. Find more at