Through the solidarity campaign You decide, carried out in December, we have managed to donate EUR 30,000 to different Spanish NGOs. This action is part of our CSR Plan #WeLookAfterWhatMatters, within our Social Commitment pillar, where our customers have been the main actors.

Using tablets placed in all our stations to this end, our customers have voted for the local, regional or national NGOs where they wished that the money would be donated to. Our customers selected a total of six NGOs to which Andamur would hand over cheques amounting to EUR 5,000. That is to say, a cheque on behalf of each of our Service Areas. (La Junquera, San Román, Pamplona, Guarromán, Lorca and El Límite). A total amount of EUR 30,000 to be used in solidarity projects.

Thus, last week we handed over those cheques to the following organisations:

– Association for People with Disabilities Virgen del Río (Andamur El Límite)

– ANA. Association of Autism of Navarra. Summer School (Andamur Pamplona)

– Fundació Oncolliga Girona. (Andamur La Junquera)

– APANDIS. Association of Parents with Children with Intellectual Disabilities in Lorca. (Andamur Lorca)

– APAEM. Provincial Association of People with Mental Illnesses and their Loved Ones. (Andamur Guarromán)

– Fundación Aladina. Comprehensive support for children and adolescents suffering from cancer and their families. (Andamur San Román)

All of them, together with the rest of NGOs that were eligible for the donation, carry out solidarity projects of special interest to different groups in society.

We grow thanks to our customers and that is why we wished to get them involved in this action. This way, at Andamur, we wanted to show our gratitude and commitment to all users.