Transporting doesn’t consist on carrying cargo from one place to another

The truck driver profession is not always as we imagine, there are those who even say that being a trucker is more than a job. Specially nowadays, because of the development of new technologies, drivers can perform an easier and more professionalised job that will improve their quality of life on the road.

In this sense, transportation has become an area where there is a place for sports, healthy diets, personal growth or family tradition. Transporting doesn’t consist on carrying cargo from one place to another, it is a complete life philosophy.

There is the preconception that the truck driver’s job always means terrible working conditions, that you can fall into this profession, but not choose it. However, there are plenty of truckers that have a true passion and vocation for their life on the road, and not only are they proud of their jobs, but they simply cannot see themselves doing anything else for a living. 

Life on the truck can become an alternative lifestyle to what we are used to. Waking up everyday in a different place, meet new people in every service station and a lot of time for themselves are some of the peculiarities that enrich this profession.

The truck world is also suffering their own transformations and trucker’s life habits are changing as a consequence of that. Doing exercise is a more common practice among drivers. There are many who use their obligatory breaks to go for a run or pass by the gyms that are placed in some of the service stations like the one in Andamur La Junquera station.

In 2019, it was celebrated in Madrid the Farinato Race, a competition with crossfit trials exclusive for truck drivers that proves that being a trucker is totally compatible with a healthy and active lifestyle.

New technologies have also made easier for drivers to have a healthy diet. The company Wtransnet, for example has created the website “The trucker recommends”, a guide for restaurants on the road where drivers can find all kinds of information about food type, prices and menu offers. In it, you can find restaurants like the one in our Andamur Guarromán Station rated with 5 stars.

This restaurant like all of our station’s establishments offer a Healthy Menu created by nutritionists specifically to help truckers eat healthier with the vegetable, fruit, protein and hydrate intakes adequate for the driver’s activity. 

In Andamur, we want to promote this sort of healthy conducts among truckers and erase the stereotypes that follow their figure. Life on the truck, as we have seen, it in not excluding of a physical and mental wellbeing. Even more, this alternative lifestyle can be really nurturing for a lot of people.