Transporting goods involves great risks for professional drivers due to the large number of road accidents. Andamur explains some of the most common lorry accidents and some tips on how to avoid them.

The most common lorry accidents

  • Scissor-truck accidents. A scissor accident occurs when the driver loses control of the vehicle and trailer when making a sharp turn for various reasons (to avoid an obstacle in the road, slippery roads, wind, unstable loads, bends or driver error).
  • Cargo accidents. Whether the load is lost, not properly secured or too heavy. Cargo accidents are not only harmful to the driver, but also to all the vehicles behind them.
  • Accidents due to driver fatigue and tiredness. Accidents due to these causes are the most common in freight transport. Fatigue and tiredness increase the likelihood of losing control of the vehicle, falling asleep at the wheel, losing reflexes, colliding with other vehicles or veering off the road.
  • Accidents due to distraction. Getting distracted whilst driving is one of the most common causes of accidents, whether it involves trucks or other vehicles. Long-distance routes require increased concentration from the driver. If the right amount of stops are not made, the driver will not be able to concentrate and, as a result, will get distracted behind the wheel.

Tips on how to avoid accidents

  • Take frequent rests. Stopping and resting will help you to be less tired and to recover from the stresses of driving.
  • Respect the speed limit. Driving for long hours and experience make drivers feel overly comfortable and safe behind the wheel, which leads to an increase in speed. Drivers must respect the highway code for their own safety and for the safety of the other vehicles on the road.
  • Check the cargo. Before starting out on a route, you must check that the load is safe, it is the right weight and that it meets all the legal requirements.
  • Comply with traffic regulations. Don’t use your mobile phone whilst driving, don’t overtake when it isn’t permitted to do so, don’t speed…


At Andamur we are aware of the risks of working in freight transport and we care about the health and well-being of professional drivers. Following these tips will be beneficial for you and for other drivers. Take care of yourself behind the wheel! #WeCareForWhatMatters