At Andamur, in addition to our commitment to people, we take our responsibility towards our surroundings and the future of the environment seriously. We’re already taking a lot of action to reduce our environmental impact.

One of the issues that most concerns us is the creation of forests. Which is why we planted the Andamur Forest in 2019, in partnership with the Bosqueo2 association. The initiative involves planting a variety of tree species such as wild olive, Mediterranean buckthorn, black hawthorn and mastic in the Andamur Forest to see it grow each year.

In 2021, for the third year running, we remain committed to our forest. However, because of the pandemic, we haven’t been able to hold our usual team-building days and just a few colleagues were able to attend to represent the whole Andamur team.

Andamur’s fight to protect the planet and improve our surroundings is possible thanks to everything that the Andamur Forest brings to the environment:

  • It absorbs 5.6 tons of CO2 a year to offset emissions and improve our carbon footprint.
  • It combats the desertification of the land by planting tree and shrub species that protect and regenerate the soil.
  • It benefits the biodiversity of the environment thanks to the range of species planted.
  • It increases the presence of wildlife.
  • It improves the availability of food for wildlife.
  • It generates seeds that can spread naturally and expand the plant life to the surrounding area.
  • It improves the land’s resilience and ability to regenerate in the event of future episodes of drought, pests or fire thanks to the reforestation carried out with various native species. The Andamur Forest is ready to combat the climate change that threatens us.

This initiative is part of our CSR Plan #TakingCareOfWhatMatters, aimed at protecting the environment. The environment is everyone’s business, and the benefits that the Andamur Forest brings show us that every step we take contributes to its protection. At Andamur, we want to continue to do our bit to ensure the best possible future for our planet and to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and SDG 13 Cimate Action in particular.