Tyres are an essential part to be able to drive in optimum safety conditions. They are very important for the safety of road users and the protection of transported goods.   If you do not pass the necessary inspections, this may result in problems such as loss of control, increased breaking time and lack of response.

The tread is the external rubber stripe of the tyre and it is meant to be in contact with the ground. Not only does it help drain water in case of rain and contribute to improving the grip, but it is also an element of protection against the thousands of objects that may be found in the road. Tread loosening is one of the most common problems that tyres in bad condition face, due to excessive speed, load overweight and rubber pressure.

Correct tyre maintenance will have an impact on your safety and efficiency when driving, and if you follow these preventive measures you will also be able to prevent tyres from loosening and this will enable you:

  • To brake properly.
  • To maintain steering alignment.
  • To check tyre pressure.
  • To ensure the correct condition of axles.
  • To regularly control the tread pattern wear.
  • Not to overload the vehicle exceeding the specific weight set at the factory.
  • To choose a tyre model that is suited to the truck’s characteristics.
  • To check the angles of the wheels.
  • To keep the rims clean.