At Andamur we organised the 1st Forum for Women and the Transport Sector, reaffirming our commitment to real equality in logistics and mobility

An event that has brought together businesswomen and transport executives at the national level, thus promoting equity in the sector

Added to the long history of actions and campaigns that we at Andamur promote in a push for equality and that we began in 2019 with the campaign: I’m a Female Truck Driver “Strong, Capable, Truckers: WOMEN”, this forum represents a turning point to help give more visibility to women in a predominantly male sector.

Fortunately, more and more women are choosing this sector to develop their professional career. According to data from the European Commission’s Women in Transport-EU Platform for Change, 22% of transport professionals in Europe are women and this number is on the rise.

This reality was made even more evident at the 1st Forum for Women and the Transport Sector, which highlighted the fundamental role that women play in a field that, as has been shown in recent years, is vital for the functioning of our society.

The event began with the presentation by Miguel Ángel López, CEO of Andamur, who wanted to make it clear that the dream with which his company was born would not have been possible without the work of his mother or without the values of equality that have always been present in his family, thanks to his grandmothers.

Later, it was time for an emotional interview with María Dolores Sánchez, founder and fundamental part of the business and family-oriented success of Andamur: “the biggest sacrifice I have made in my life has been not being able to spend more time with my children because of my work, but thanks to everything my mother instilled in me, I knew that it would be worth it in the end. That is the message that I would like to see reach the women in this sector: in the end, it is all worth it.” This interview, conducted by Amanda Aquino, Director of Elite Murica, showed the beginnings of the Andamur family in the sector, told in first person by a great businesswoman.

The full interview here.

This was followed by the event’s first round table – Current Affairs of Women in the Transport Sector”, moderated by Azucena Marín, Head of the Communications Area at Grupo Zambudio, with the participation of Myriam Otero, General Secretary of Apetamcor; Ana Largo, Purchasing Manager at TXT; Eva Melenchón, Vice Secretary of FROET; and Mercedes Climent, Purchasing Manager at CCT Safor. During this debate, the participants were unanimous that despite the fact that equity is increasingly present in positions of responsibility, the percentage is very small in the rest of jobs related to the transport and logistics sector. However, various initiatives and actions were proposed that could be carried out to promote the presence of women in this world, such as the implementation of work-life balance measures, the general adaptation of services areas for use by the female public and, above all, the promotion of the necessary cultural changes so that society stops perceiving the world of truck drivers as a masculine sector. 

The full round table here.

“Women Entrepreneurs in the Transport Sector: Origins” was the title of the second round table at the 1st Forum for Women and the Transport Sector. Composed by Mercedes Pérez from Miratrans; Loli Salas, Manager of the Salas-Águila Group; Raquel Parrilla, CEO of Transportes Miguel Parrilla; and Isabel Sánchez CEO of Grupo Disfrimur, the event was led by Beatriz Salazar, journalist and presenter. On this occasion, the participants recounted their history and trajectory in the transport sector, making it clear that although the road has not been easy, looking back it is difficult to express in words the pride they feel. Finally, they wanted to encourage women to join a growing sector that, with the latest advances, is equally accessible to men and women alike and that is, above all, very rewarding.

The full round table here.

“Strong, Capable, Truckers: WOMEN”

And seeing how this situation not only affects the senior management of transport and logistics companies, since 2019, on the occasion of March 8th, Working Women’s Day,  at Andamur we have launched the “Strong, Capable, Truckers: WOMEN” campaign to make the work of female truck drivers visible; yet another example of our great commitment to equality and the visibility of women in the workplace.

A campaign that offers different actions at our Service Areas for a whole week. Just like every year at Andamur, we put together a personalised gift for female truck drivers and, to this end, this year two major brands have joined the campaign – Alter Ego Italy (Spain and Portugal delegation), dedicated to professional haircare, and Perfect Beauty Professional, focused on comprehensive beauty for women.

At Andamur, we are doing our bit so that the path to real equality in the transport sector is increasingly shorter. 

The full event here