Los talleres auguran un futuro excelente

There are numerous myths in the automobile sector that are frequently debunked. This is the case of the myth ensuring that thousands of garages would shut down in the next few years. Not only was this statement proved wrong, but the future predicted for garages is actually excellent. The data of the Spanish Federation of Automotive Entrepreneurial Professionals (Conepa) verify this, showing the increase in the number of such facilities in the last few years.

Another statement pointing the finger at the future of garages said that the number of repairs was going to be significantly reduced. However, this was debunked once again since the activity of garages has increased in the last few years. This, further stimulated by the more than one million new combustion engine cars that have been registered, predicts more than ten years of activity in traditional car repairs.

In addition, the New Royal Decree regarding vehicle technical inspections (ITV, according to its Spanish acronym) has pledged a firm commitment to continue repairing and maintaining vehicles and has toughened up vehicle inspections. As a result, this will affect the activity of garages, which will be increased.

It is a fact that garages will evolve more and more due to the number of new vehicles that have appeared in the market. It is obvious that the technology used in the automobile sector today is different to that used ten or fifteen years ago. This has directly affected the way in which automobiles are examined and repaired and it increasingly requires deeper and more updated knowledge.

Furthermore, the appearance of new electric cars and lorries has demanded garages to meet new needs. The brilliant future awaiting garages is just mere new evidence proving that the automobile sector is booming.